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How’s your F1 2013 career going?

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    @Aish – It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s exactly how Webber would react should he ever play the game :P


    Race 2: Malaysia
    Qualifying: 6th – Race: 1st
    In a wet qualifying me and Nico reached Q2, but he was 11th and I was 9th, 0.8s quicker than him. But in Q3 it rained harder and despite being 2 seconds off the pace I was 6th. The race was dry and although I had to squeeze through two cars on the straight it wasn’t difficult for me to take the lead at turn 1, after starting faster than anyone else and using the entire KERS battery. I led without too many difficulties until lap 6 when I stopped, but Hamilton and Grosjean continued for a further lap. I pushed as hard as I could but I was a few tenths behind them when they exited the pits on lap 8. On lap 9 Grosjean attacked Hamilton at turn 1 and the two went side-by-side through turn 3: I used the whole of my KERS and their tow to attack both of them before turn 4 and take the lead of the race. From then on it was harder to stay in front especially on the back straight where I had bad exits from turn 14. I nonetheless handled the pressure, and went into turn 15 of the last lap defending on both sides from Alonso and Hamilton. The Briton, on the outside, was then overtaken by Massa as the two Ferraris joined me on the podium after my first win which also promoted me to first in the drivers’ standings. Hulkenberg finished 8th and Sauber now are tied on points with Red Bull in the lead of the teams’ standings.


    Race 1 | Australia | Expert difficulty

    After taking part in the second day of the Young Driver Test, I’ve signed for Marussia – didn’t really feel right jumping straight into a top seat! A quick bit of testing at Jerez (naturally) and we’re off to Australia for the first race of the season.

    Practice and qualifying:

    I spend the practice session getting used the new handling and relearning how everything works. There’s so much going on with these games – so much more than most other racing games with the constant frantic button pressing for DRS, KERS and brake bias adjustments, all the while trying to tell which corner you’re missing that half a second or doing the mental math for potential tyre strategies. Love it, great to be back in F1!!!

    In practice I’m initially about 5 seconds off the pace of Bianchi and getting a bit worried that I’ve been ambitious with the difficulty level. A lot of work on my set up and 15 practice laps later I’m just half a second behind Jules – I push slightly too hard on my final and bounce across the first chicane into the barriers, ending my session slightly prematurely and in P22.

    I head straight out in qualifying on the option tyres, the first lap is a bit scruffy and then the other cars start pouring out of the pits. Lap 2 is better, and lap 3 is going even better until the yellow flags come out as I’m full throttle between turn 11 and 12 – Rosberg is in the gravel and I have to take drastic evasive action as he rejoins the track right in front of me (very dangerously I might add!). I also run out of fuel and my fourth flying lap and had to creep back to the pits wasting tons of time.

    I’m still in 22nd, but not far behind the two Caterhams. My second run on fresh tyres is again disrupted by traffic – it’s really tough trying to put in a decent flying lap when you’re so much slower than the frontrunners. On my 3rd lap Sutil tries to overtake into turn 15, the idiot gets past but turns in on me pushing me off and spinning himself into the barriers. I’m still 22nd.

    Back in the pits I notice that my combined best sector time is better than Bianchi’s time, so I head back out for one last flying lap with renewed confidence. The lap is good, I avoid the traffic and manage to pop it into 20th place in front of the two Caterhams. Still a few tenths off Jules, but I’m very happy!

    Webber gets knocked out in Q3, starting in 18th. Hamilton is on pole, ahead of Massa and Vettel. Sutil picks up a penalty (I hope for his dumb move on me) which puts him to the back of the grid, meaning I start my first race in 19th.


    It’s forecast to be dry and sunny, and I’m looking forward to the race. As far as I can tell everyone starts on the option, and I decide to go for the prime instead. The suggested strategy is three stops, but I know I can do 11 laps on the prime and probably 7 on the option so I’m switching to a two stop (despite being told I’ll burn out my tyres, but I know I won’t be on the lead lap at the end).

    The start doesn’t go well, I’m going to need to work on those – every car behind me flies past before turn 1, perhaps a blessing as I can avoid the carnage ahead. At least two front wings burst into carbon fibre, but everyone is through the first turns. I’m still in last place heading down to turn 3, but a Williams without its front wing goes to deep and I’m past him. A Caterham bogs down out of turn 4 and I’m up another place.

    I chuck it up the outside of Vergne into 6, and make it out ahead of him in one piece. Gutierrez is fighting the other Caterham and I follow them closely through the rest of the lap until Gutierrez peels into the pit with a damaged front wing. I’m keeping up with Pic well, but can’t find a way past – he’s on the faster option tyre.

    The option-runners start pitting on lap 5, and I rapidly make up places even reaching P13 at one point. The frontrunners on fresh rubber make light work of me and for the most part I don’t bother fighting them off. At some point Webber retires, concluding his traditionally awful home race weekend.

    By lap 10 my tyres are rapidly falling away but I manage to hold out until my planned stop on lap 11. I fit the options and barrel back onto the track, into 21st place but just behind Van Der Garde. He’s on the prime and I’m able to gradually catch him over two laps, passing him via DRS into turn 1.

    Lap 16 and I find myself behind Bianchi emerging from the pits on options. He’s on cold tyres and I have to try and take advantage. I’m able to get alongside into turn 3 on the inside, but he gets the better line through 4 and I have to back out of it through the fast turn 5. I’m able to more or less keep with him through the rest of the lap, but his better pace and my degrading tyres mean I start dropping back.

    More pitstops and I make up another place, there’s debris all over the track so there’s been a coming-together at some point. Gutierrez is back in front of me, but my engineer tells me to ignore him as he has a drive through and, sure enough, he peels into the pits the next lap.

    I’m 6 laps into my option stint but the tyres still feel great so I press on as I remember how bad my primes were, target +1 for me. I suddenly notice I’m -1 on fuel so I switch the mix down to lean – it’s cool how even a neutral strategy requires some fuel management now :)

    I pit with 11 laps to go and emerge in 18th place – ahead of two Caterhams and Gutierrez. I’m in fuel and tyre saving mode for the moment, and the blue flags are starting to be shown as the front runners lap me. 9 laps to go (8 now that I’ve been lapped) and I pick up another place as Bottas pits, he emerges around 3 seconds behind me.

    I’m still saving fuel, but helpfully my engineer tells me Bottas is probably saving fuel too. He’s gaining on me by almost a second a lap and is soon right on my tail.

    There’s no way I’m letting him past though, 17th would be a great result for my first race. 7 laps of bumper to bumper racing ensue, but he doesn’t seem to have the straight-line speed to get past me. My tyres don’t feel too great, but his might be worse as he drops back noticeably on our penultimate lap.

    I finish a lap down from the winner, Hamilton, but I’m in an excellent 17th place. Bianchi picks up an even better 15th place, Vergne losing his front wing in the dying laps and dropping back. A positive first race for the team, a really enjoyable race and I’m looking forward to Malaysia!


    I have noticed in practice how much time I lost to the AI out of traction zones. Has anyone else had the same issue? Compared to the AI, I just can’t get the power down. I swear, they have TC, because they pull out some 7 car lengths on me on the exit of La Source alone.

    That being said, I have just finished a few rookie training sessions. I want to join Lotus when I can start my career, I’ve head that you can jump to Enstone right away (which is strange, considering that they are one of the top teams).


    @Kingshark – Yeah, if you get enough gold medals in the YDT day 2, then it will unlock Lotus as a team to start your career with.

    Bradley Downton

    Season 1: Race 1 – Australia

    Team: Sauber
    AI: Legend
    Distance: 100%

    Practice – 9th
    Went out straight away to see what I could do on the Primes. Kept getting blocked at turn one as idiots exited the pits and parked on the apex of the corner. Eventually I got a clean lap in which put me in 9th overall once everyone was finished. This was ahead even of teammate Hulkenberg. I knew this wouldn’t be the same in Quali however as the AI always seem to gain massively between the two sessions. Vettel never set a time, not sure what happened there, and Hamilton and Massa had a collision that took them both out of the session, although both escaped a penalty. I also did a stint on a 58 lap fuel load on the Options to see how long the tyres would last, and they lasted 12 laps. This will be an awkward race.

    Qualifying – 10th
    Went out in Q1 on Primes, hoping desperately to avoid having to use a set of Options. I set my time but then everyone started to go quicker, Bottas, Vergne, di Resta, Sutil and Ricciardo. Thankfully they were all on Options, but only a couple of tenths quicker. I did another lap and managed to best Ricciardo’s time. I knew this wouldn’t be enough however as two established runners fall in Q1. I trundled round to cool the Primes down and as I was about to start another lap I noticed yellow flags in the final sector. Rounding the final corner a Ferrari was in the wall minus the front left wheel. I passed it and it was Alonso, haven’t not even set a time, out in Q1 and starting in 22nd place. Halfway though the next lap I noticed the number of cars running had gone down to 20. I checked and saw that it was Ricciardo, what a stroke of luck! Knowing none of the new times would beat me I pitted and held the session out, into Q2 on Primes, brilliant!

    Out in Q1
    17. Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso)
    18. Max Chilton (Marussia)
    19. Jules Bianchi (Marussia)
    20. Charles Pic (Caterham)
    21. Giedo van der Garde (Caterham)
    22. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) – No Time

    Moving into Q2 I went straight out on Option tyres. My lap was a tad shabby but I managed to beat Vergne, although Vergne only. As I slowed on my next lap to save the tyres ahead of a second effort, I noticed a yellow flag in sector one. Rounding turn 5 there were two cars in the wall, both of Red Bull livery. I checked the Race Director which showed it was Vergne and Vettel, who hadn’t set a time yet! Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso crashing out in Qualifying – wow this game is unrealistic! I did another lap on fresh tyres and just pipped Sutil into 10th. Thankfully no-one else improved, and I made it into Q3.

    Out in Q2
    11. Adrian Sutil (Force India)
    12. Paul di Resta (Force India)
    13. Valterri Bottas (Williams)
    14. Pastor Maldonado (Williams)
    15. Jean-Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso)
    16. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) – No Time

    My fastest lap was a 1:26.2xx so I waited to see what the times were. In 9th was Grosjean on a 1:26.0xx, so I decided not to bother with a lap and save the tyres.

    Top Ten
    1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    2. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)
    3. Mark Webber (Red Bull)
    4. Felipe Massa (Ferrari)
    5. Jenson Button (McLaren)
    6. Sergio Perez (McLaren)
    7. Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus)
    8. Nico Hulkenberg (Sauber)
    9. Romain Grosjean (Lotus)
    10. Bradley Downton (Sauber) – No Time


    Season 1: Qualifying – China
    Practice was okay, I finally found a setup to suit me, but was only able to go a couple of tenths faster than Bianchi. Not that it mattered, because quali was wet as hell, and I had a dry setup. Fantastic.

    Went out and pretty much realised I was going nowhere. 2 seconds down on my team mate, in dead last. I even opted to try inters to see if there was any chance I could somehow luck into a better quali position. No luck.

    With 7 minutes remaining, and a bit of extra fuel, I went out, and gradually improved my time, until I had one more lap left, still in last, and Bianchi had just gone 4 tenths faster. I pushed my car to the limit on this lap, hoping that I wouldn’t out-brake myself at any point…it paid off. I finished the lap in 21st, a tenth ahead of my team mate. I’m happy with that.

    At least the race will be dry.

    1. Vettel
    2. Rosberg
    3. Hamilton
    4. Alonso
    5. Webber
    6. Raikkonen
    7. Massa
    8. Hulkenberg
    9. Button
    10. Grosjean
    11. Di Resta
    12. Perez
    13. Sutil
    14. Ricciardo
    15. Maldonado
    16. Vergne
    17. Bottas
    18. Gutierrez
    19. Van der Garde
    20. Pic
    21. Franklin
    22. Bianchi

    Harry Westwood

    I started a career mode with Caterham. in practice I was 16th, which was promising, but in quali I couldn’t get near the better cars. It was quite a scruffy lap and I was a few tenths ahead of Bianchi. Pic was half a second behind him and Chilton was a tenth or so off of Pic. I then got to the race and realised I had accidentally forgotten to switch from 25% races to 100% so had to make a new career mode.

    Nic Morley

    When 2010′ 11′ and 12 were released I purchased the games as soon as t hey hit the stores. However I haven’t been that interested in getting 13. Reading this thread, and other comments across the internet it makes me want to get f1 2013.

    So is the game worth getting, does it feature the same old bugs, and how does it rank compared to other Codemaster f1 games?

    I enjoy reading these by the way, interesting you can finally start your career in a decent race winning team. (Lotus)

    Harry Westwood

    @RoboCAT There are a lot of glitches but none so far with career mode… Game is definately worth the buy, the most enjoyable one I’ve played yet. Get DLC if you can as well, the 90s cars are fun. AI is a lot faster and a lot more aggressive. Say goodbye to the AI that wouldn’t attack with DRS if you just sat on the racing line, because this AI will just throw it up the inside. :D great fun


    Team: Force India
    AI: Legend
    Distance 100%

    For some reason I always struggle in Melbourne its the last sector I seem to be so much slower an as a result I ended up qualifying 18th with Di Resta 12th. For the race I started 22nd after picking a penalty in practice for hitting Massa who spun in front of me.
    My initial get away was woeful but I was helped by accidents into turns 1 and 3 and as a result I ended the first lap in 5th place. Perez quickly passed me and I spent most of the race defending from behind, I couldn’t live with the pace once they got in front of me and they just pulled away. After my final stop I was in 10th place behind the Marrussia of Max Chilton who had got as high as 6th at one point . I passed him with about 3 laps left and finished 9th with Chilton finish in 10th place out of 14 finishers having beaten Di Resta who finished 11th by about 20 seconds

    Bradley Downton

    Season 1: Australia – Race
    I got a poor initial start, falling to twelfth, although I made it back up to about eighth at turn one. I carried on to find Rosberg, Webber and Raikkonen had had a coming together at the end of the lap, promoting me to third behind Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez. With Vettel and Alonso starting at the back, Webber, Raikkonen and Rosberg having pitted and Grosjean and Massa having seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet, I was third ahead of di Resta, Bottas and Hulkenberg.

    On Lap 7 Bottas used DRS down the straight and I moved to the very left hand side, leaving little gap, however this is the way Bottas went. He got two wheels on the grass, locked up and spun into turn turn, spinning di Resta too. As Hulkenberg approached the corner Bottas slid into him, and this caused the first two retirements of the season.

    Towards the end of the lap the Safety Car came out. My plan however was for 23 laps on the Primes, then another 23 laps on the Primes, then the final 12 on the Options, so pitted would not help me in the slightest. In fact, no-one pitted, until the safety car came in at the end of lap 9, when Hamilton and many others followed it in! On lap 11 I noticed another two cars had disappeared, and upon checking it appears Felipe Massa collided somewhere with Sebastian Vettel, eliminating them both. They weren’t the only ones, on lap 15 di Resta and Hamilton crashed, while the two McLaren’s collided on lap 19, causing all to retire.

    We were down to just 14 cars and everyone who had been in front of me had crashed out, leaving me in the lead of the Grand Prix – making one less stop than anyone else! On lap 23 Raikkonen disappeared and Webber also retired on lap 39, leaving us with just 12 cars, and both of the new teams with all four cars still in the running!

    As we entered the final few laps Vergne (who was running second) had made all of his stops and was running on fresh Primes 25 seconds behind. I had about 8 laps to go until I pitted and by the time I did on lap 46 he had reduced it to 15. I came out on Brand new Super Softs, compared to his older Primes, but was 8 seconds behind. I started to cut it down by 2.5 seconds a lap and eventually caught him and passed with ease to re-take the lead.

    I held on until the end to win my debut race for Sauber – although granted I lucked into it hugely – from Jean-Eric Vergne’s Toro Rosso and Pastor Maldonado’s Williams.

    Season 1: Australia – Result
    1. Bradley Downton (Sauber) – 25
    2. Jean-Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso) – 18
    3. Pastor Maldonado (Williams) – 15
    4. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) – 12
    5. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) – 10
    6. Romain Grosjean (Lotus) – 8
    7. Adrian Sutil (Force India) – 6
    8. Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso) – 4
    9. Giedo van der Garde (Caterham) – 2
    10. Jules Bianchi (Marussia) – 1
    11. Charles Pic (Caterham)
    12. Max Chilton (Marussia)
    Ret. Mark Webber (Red Bull) – Lap 39
    Ret. Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus) – Lap 23
    Ret. Sergio Perez (McLaren) – Lap 19
    Ret. Jenson Button (McLaren) – Lap 19
    Ret. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – Lap 15
    Ret. Paul di Resta (Force India) – Lap 15
    Ret. Felipe Massa (Ferrari) – Lap 11
    Ret. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) – Lap 11
    Ret. Valtteri Bottas (Williams) – Lap 7
    Ret. Nico Hulkenberg (Sauber) – Lap 7


    @RoboCAT – This game is good if you want to be challenged. In the previous games, you had to be fast to win, as you’d expect. Tyre wear was always there, but conservation wasn’t always that important. This game, though, it reflects the tyres very well. The need to drive in a way that conserves the tyres is very important. I thought setup would make a difference, and whilst I haven’t tested this yet, driving style definitely does. If you drive 100% every lap, pushing the car as in the other games then you will destroy the tyres.

    Also, as said before, the AI is much faster (I’m actually having to fight my team mate on legend now) and also the classic cars are fantastic.

    Oli Peacock

    Not Career Mode but my first experience of an F1 car rolling


    Race 3: China
    Qualifying: 12th – Race: 10th
    I had to use soft tyres in Q1 as everyone else in the midfield had done so, but I ended up 10th behind Hulkenberg who was on hards. In Q2 I was 15th with my old set of softs but improved to 11th with a new set, but since I was 8 tenths slower than Hulkenberg in front of me I gave up on a new lap. We were then both overtaken and dropped out of Q3. I got up to P4 at the start but found it harder and harder to keep my rivals behind as my tyres degraded very quickly, so much that I should’ve anticipated my pit stop, but decided against it because I didn’t want to be vulnerable at the end of the race. I was held stationary in the pits for a long time and only re-joined in 17th place. When others pitted and I passed Bottas it became 14, and 13th with a further stop by another driver. I overtook di Resta and Raikkonen while Ricciardo pitted to take 10th place behind Hulkenberg, but again my tyres degraded rapidly and I had no traction on corner exit. On the last lap Raikkonen passed me at turn 8 and I returned the move at turn 10, this time Grosjean overtaking me. However, the Lotus was slow on the straight and I overtook him again at turn 14 without DRS. I finished 10th but miles behind my team mate, and Hamilton won from Vettel, the pair jumping ahead of me in the standings.

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