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How’s your F1 2013 career going?

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    I first started playing the new game on Friday and have completed the first race at Melbourne. I didn’t look online for a setup, so I came up with one myself which was decent enough. I use a controller and use no assists, except the racing line as unfortunately I dont have time to learn each track in depth.

    Season 1 – Sauber – Race 1 – Australia

    Quali – 12th

    I missed out on Q3 by 18 thousanths of a second with a 1:25.601. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmS9izVm3_Y&feature=youtu.be

    Race – 4th

    I’m not going to go too in depth with my race report, but it was enjoyable. Raikkonen spun at turn 4 on the opening lap which collected a few cars, including my teammate. I hit the Lotus, and luckily escaped with only a small amount of damage on my front wing. I think I made my way up to 5th at this stage, and managed to do a good first stint on the prime tyre, stopping on lap 18 for options. I made three stops in total, but on my final stint, I chose to use the option tyre again, but my team put on a used set, even though I had a brand new one left over. This made the final stint tricky, but I had a big 20 second gap or so to Sutil behind and so I eased the car home to take 4th place, a great result in my first race. Alonso did a 4 stopper, and won the race by over 30 seconds ahead of the two Red Bull’s.


    Race 2 | Malaysia | Expert difficulty

    I was in Malaysia just a couple of weeks ago – as some of you might know the Sepang Circuit is right next to Kuala Lumpor’s budget airline terminal, so I drove past it a couple of times and it’s great to get a nice little reminder of being amongst the palm trees again :)

    Practice and qualifying:

    The practice starts and it’s drizzling lightly, although it should clear up later on. The rest of the weekend is forecast to be dry.

    I haven’t driven in the wet in 2013 yet, so I head straight out on a pair of inters to put in some laps. It’s very light rain, and it doesn’t feel quite as difficult as wet driving in 2011 or 2012. I stay out putting in laps as the rain stops after around 20 minutes, hoping to keep going as the track dries but my tyres were dead before a dry line really started to appear.

    With only around 20 minutes to practice on slicks, I head straight out to see if I can improve my set up. After a run each on primes and options I’m pleased to see I’m around a second quicker than Bianchi.

    I’m able to take the same pace into qualifying, and after a pretty uneventful Q1 I qualify in 19th around 3 tenths quicker than Bianchi and the Caterhams on the last row of the grid. Hamilton picks up his second pole position of the season.


    I chose to go for the suggested 3 stop strategy this time out, and start on the option tyre. I’m feeling confident on the grid, and manage to get a much better start than last time out. One of the Caterhams still manages to pull ahead into the first corner. There’s very little contact between everyone through the first two corners, but it’s very crowded and several cars go wide.

    I pick up a few places during the first lap, and emerge onto the back straight in 15th. No one pits for a damaged front wing, which I’m pretty amazed about, and Pic is ahead of me. I’m able to reel Pic in over a few laps and when DRS is finally enabled I can breeze past into turn 1.

    My pace is good throughout the rest of the race, although it makes for a bit of a quiet drive as I’m consistantly between 0.2 and 0.8 seconds faster than Bianchi (who is in turn faster than the two Caterhams). Still I enjoy the race, it’s satisfying keeping up a consistent pace and not letting those blue flags cost me too much time. My nemesis from the last race, Bottas, emerges from a pit stop a few seconds in front of me during my last stint and I’m a bit surprised that I’m able to keep pace and even catch up with him. It soon becomes apparent that he has a problem though, as after I get past he slows enough that the other three backmarkers get past before he eventually retires.

    Bottas’ retirement means I finish 18th, meeting my objective again. Webber picks up the win. On to China!


    @kingshark I have the same issue, even if I feel like I have put the power down well and have had little wheelspin I loose so much ground to the AI in the acceleration zone. It gets worse if I notice that I’m down on top speed and take a bit of aero off and fiddle with the gearing, I just loose all traction.

    Has anyone else noticed that the AI seem to have a massive jump in the level of their performance between quali and the race? I’ve just done the Spanish GP and after having been consistently 5th fastest in my Sauber (5th in in FP, 5th in Q1, 5th in Q2, 5th in Q3…I thought it was pretty cool!) I was a sitting duck in the race and finished 15th…barely even managed to hold onto that. I had a similar thing in the Bahrain race. I can hold them off for 2 – 3 laps but then I just get swamped like I’m in a GP2 car. I got overtaken by 3 cars in the space of 2 corners at Catalunya without making a single mistake!

    Sri Harsha

    I haven’t played Career mode in 2013 but in 2012 i felt the same. Mostly it was due to engine wear and AI seems to be unaffected with that.


    I had the same issues in 2012 and it eventually caused me to stop playing the game. I’ll check the engine wear issue, I’d find it strange if it was that because I barely run any laps in FP and quali, just a few to get my eye in because I don’t have the time to pound round perfecting each corner.

    Sri Harsha

    No The Problem is the Calculation of wear is done by Distance and most importantly it wasn’t scaled for distance. So even if you do the Very less laps in FP and Q and even in Lean mix and only Mix2 or 3 in Q3 it doesn’t matter. The 100% race takes atleast 4 to 5 % of Wear per race opposed to 25% the wear was too little. So we will have Dramatic loss of Engine Power which the AI never faces.


    50% races season with Williams. After a few poor races I reach Monaco. Only 3 cars running at the end of practice.

    I qualify 17th, last of the cars to set a time.

    Just started lap 13 of the race, safety car has been out 3 times already, and I’m the only car still running. I just hope to God I can keep the lead and pick up all 25 points!

    Has anyone else experienced the ridiculously high attrition rate at Monaco?

    Oli Peacock

    Race 4: Bahrain
    Qualifying: 10th – Race: 6th
    In practice I set a time equal to the tenth to Hulkenberg’s although I was on hard tyres and he was on mediums, and we finished 11th and 12th with him preceding me. In Q1 I needed two runs to get through, and improved by 9 tenths on my second lap of my second run, on hard tyres, and finished just over a tenth behind Hulkenberg in 12th place, again. I reached Q3 with a last-second attempt which put me 9th but inexplicably I was 3 tenths slower than Hulkenberg and ran out of new soft and hard tyres, so I stayed in the pits while Hulkenberg qualified 6th. Hulkenberg and I rose to 4th and 5th at the start and it was a good investment for my team mate as, starting on hard tyres, I was slower and allowed him to build a good gap on me and my rivals. I was quick on laps 7 and 8, the two laps after which the others had pitted and before I had to pit myself, but still lost a position to Jenson Button, while I battled with Rosberg to take 6th. The German overtook me on lap 12 and I resisted pressure from Webber and Perez to cross the line 7th, only to discover Rosberg had a 20-second time penalty and dropped out of the points. I have now dropped to 4th in the standings but Hulkenberg’s 4th place in the race allowed him to earn a position, as he is now 7th, and Sauber are 4th in the teams’ standings.


    Race 5: Spain
    Qualifying: 5th – Race: 12th
    I got 10th place in Q1 with hard tyres, and in Q2 topped the timesheets on my second flying lap on soft tyres. I was fractionally slower in the first two sectors but twice as fast in the third and beat Vettel by two tenths. Despite improving in Q3, I was 5th, 6 tenths slower than Vettel, and Hulkenberg was 9th, 1.3s down. I had two runs of one lap on new medium tyres, but my second lap was wasted. My strategy is to set two consecutive lap times on the same tyre (in Q2 I went from 9th to 1st by doing so) but in order not to ruin my tyres too much before the race I settled for a one-lap performance, and took 5th place. Only during the race did I realise my setup was destroying my tyres, so whilst leading the race I anticipated my pit stop by three laps and stopped on lap 5, putting on hard tyres. After seven laps on that compound, two less than planned, I went back to the mediums for the final five laps but came out 19th and stayed there. Rosberg and Raikkonen were disqualified, and five drivers ahead of me were handed time penalties, raising me to 12th place. Hulkenberg dropped from 3rd to 6th for the same reason.

    Race 6: Monaco
    Qualifying: 7th – Race: 1st
    I got through Q1 by only 5 tenths, but I was faster in Q2 and finished 7th behind Hulkenberg who was 5th, and the same result was achieved in Q3. I got up to 3rd behind the Mercedes of Hamilton, the polesitter, and Rosberg at the start, with Hulkenberg behind me. There was an accident at turn 16, the second of the Piscine chicanes, which included Vettel and the two Ferraris, and the race was red-flagged. At the re-start Rosberg and I overtook Hamilton who had a slow start and there was another red flag for an accident involving Massa, Webber and Button. At the re-start I was on pole ahead of Hulkenberg and Rosberg as the latter two had pitted for damage at the end of the second lap. As I led the race, another accident cut down the runners to eight, and the Safety Car came out on track for two laps. This continued as no one seemed able to get through a lap without crashing, and I led Hulkenberg with lapped cars in between. Nico himself, unfortunately retired, and at that point I only wondered who would’ve crashed last, rather than hoping someone else could finish the race. At half distance, I was the only driver left with Vergne, Maldonado, Bianchi and Hulkenberg already classified in positions 2-5. Van der Garde, Button, Rosberg, Ricciardo and Raikkonen completed the top 10, and despite none of them completing the required 90% of the laps the top 10 were all awarded points. I had time to set the fastest lap and pit twice, and some rain fell in the dying stages of this unbelievable race before I crossed the chequered flag.

    Despite how funn this race might seem, it’s rather worrying that 21 drivers all crashed at the same corner. I don’t remember editing the game’s database or downloading add-ons, so this gets me nervous. In Season Challenge, I always win at Suzuka as most AIs crash at the first corner. Is my game bugged? Have I bugged it? Have any of you experienced similar problems or know any way to fix this? I’m not sure I can re-install the game as I bought it online and don’t have the CD.

    Ben Furtula

    I had the same problem at Monaco at turn 1 where one car would spin and block the road the cars would just crash, crash and crash even some more. I think maybe that because I have a early version and maybe the early version is a bit bugged? Hopefully there’s a big patch soon :) @fixy

    Harry Westwood

    Just about to kick this off and make a series of it, one shot qualifying, no setups and 25% race. Marussia or Caterham? :P

    Harry Westwood

    Or Williams? ;)


    My preference lies with Marussia! But judging by my struggles in F1 2012 to get out of the lower two teams, @sirspuddington, you should get yourself a midfield seat while you can!

    Harry Westwood

    @fixy It’s between Marussia and Williams, Marussia is a lot more ragged, fun and I think a bit faster, but Williams has better tyre wear. I’m going for the Williams, first race to be recorded and uploaded hopefully within 24 hours :)

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