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    Season 1 – Marussia: Monaco Weekend Quick Review

    No time set and a huge smash into Rascasse, where I locked the front right wheel, limited my session to 3 single-lap runs and several smashed front wings.

    Very similar to practice, only this this time it involved Webber.
    He spun at the chicane after the tunnel and I couldn’t avoid him.
    So we both ended in the barriers and out of Quali.Jules will start 16th and Rosberg was on pole.

    Very similar to Practice:
    It’s lap 6 and I lock the front right into Rascasse.So my season has suddenly faltered with a couple of DNFs and I hope to turn this around at Montreal.


    Season 1 – Marussia: Canada Weekend Quick Review

    I was the only person (except for Grosjean) who went out on Options.

    Finally my form had improved.Or so I thought…

    Stone-dead last.That’s where I was.Van der Garde was 35 seconds ahead of me in 21st.I would have been 21st as Seb retired on lap 16 (his lap 17) but as he had retired on lap 17 and I didn’t even make lap 17, (I was lapped twice) so I had o settle for the most disappointing race in the world.

    Next race will be Silverstone, my home GP, so maybe I can turn around this drop in performance there.


    Somewhere I missed the reports of Silverstone and Germany. Don’t know how. I finished somewhere at the back in both races.

    So basically, the season started extremely well with a few good finishes and one points race. then two retirements and a dead last.

    I don’t remember where I finished but I was about 18th ahead of the Caterhams, Di Resta and maybe (he may have passed me, but we had a great tussle) Ricciardo.

    I was again about 18th. But actually I was 19th. Bianchi was ahead of me and Sutil, Pic and Jenson (Button was DNF) were all behind me.

    So my form has improved from the sudden off-form earlier in the season.
    My form may have me consistently finishing at the back, but at least I’m actually finishing…

    Budapest report coming soon.


    Season 1 – Marussia: Hungary race review

    Simple story: Qualified last and stayed there.
    So I was in 21st after Vergne pitted but then my KERS fails and I can only manage laps of around 1:26s so I loseout to Vergne all too quickly.
    My KERS comes back with 2 lapos to go but a costly mistake on the penultimate lap had me dead last. Ithen realised that Vettel, Hamilton and Massa had lapped me so this was my last lap of the race.

    Spa is the next. One of my all-time favourite tracks, so maybe I can get back into rythm. Maybe.


    Just finished 17th at Spa.
    Just qualified 15th at Monza.


    Season 1-Marussia:Malaysia Practice
    Practice:The main plan for practice was to see how long each tyre compound would last.I was relieved to find that the weekend would be dry, despite ominous over the circuit…

    I managed 11 laps on the Primes and 7 laps on the Options.Whilst on my 8th lap on Options I spin off…Later that lap Rosberg spins in the middle of the circuit and WHOMP!!!!!Sepang practice ends in much the same way as Melbourne.

    Practice Summary:I finished 16th (Grosjean, Massa, Pic and I were the only ones on Options)Bianchi was 21st and Lewis was quickest from Seb and Fernando.


    Race 8: Great Britain
    Qualifying: 18th – Race: 9th
    Two sets of medium tyres still weren’t enough for me to get out of the knockout zone in Q1. The race was run in full wet conditions and that allowed me to reach 7th place on the first lap. In the round of pit stops on laps 6 and 7 I lost two positions, but soon after took one back thanks to Grosjean’s retirement. Massa overtook me on lap 12 after I lost traction when he tapped me from behind, but I held 9th place while Hulkenberg dropped down to 12th and, for the first time, failed to score points. Vettel scored a hat-trick and took the championship lead.

    Omar R

    Hey guys, I see some of your got really addicted to the game! Well Keiths, my report is much smaller:
    (all of this playing with intermediate difficulty)
    YDT: I got what it takes to start my career at Force india. I really tried hard for Sauber but it was impossible for me)
    Season 1: some bad results at the beginning. On this game I have a Vettel-like campaign, I mean, I go slowly at first and then I finish so much better.
    Anyway, the Force India got me some finishing points, and my best was a 5th or 4th
    Season 2: I started strongly, with a win in Malaysia and another in Barhain. Then I struggled, but exactly when I needed it, I won in the Nurburgring. Sauber called me to drive right away. I got another win in India. Got a contract with McLaren for my 3rd season (YEAH!!!)
    Season 3: I rocked the car… I won Australia (finally, I was about to do it on Season 2 but my tyres didn’t resist and I finished 16th or something), podium in Spain, win in Canada, Silverstone (Wow that was great) Hungary made me trash again (I don’t know why I can NEVER even classify in Hungary, the tarmac destroys my tyres all the time) but my good streak makes me a place in Ferrari to start the next race, they say take it or leave it, so I take it ( it’s just a game, sorry Seb) and there comes the glory: Wins at Spa, Italy, JAPAN (my best win ever, it’s always been so hard for me to drive in Suzuka!!!) podium in India (and the championship!!!) and a superb rainy Victory in Brazil, to seal my contract with RED BULL!!! That was my goal. I didn’t play the 4th season because even when we are talking about F1, I got kind of bored to think about doing everything again. Nowadays I’m playing Split/Second and Burnout, great games, not really sporty but great!


    Having gone off form in the mid-season, I finally found some pace at Monza, where I was running in the points for absoloutely ages, but the safety car came out when Guti and Webber had a massive crash. I pitted under the safety car and planned to stay on Primes till the end, but it didn’t work and they were shot 3 or 4 laps before the finish. I managed to hold on for a 12th place finish.

    Suzuka was never going to go well for me, I always go off during the twisty section at the start. I qualified last and basically stayed there. RoGro retired on lap 7, that put me in 21st but in the end I jumped the gun and spun off at Spoon Curve in the most dreadful fashion, to end my race with only 2 wheels left on my Marussia!

    Korea was never going to go well either, but I struggled up to qualify 17th. Bianchi was 13th. The race went somewhat better, with a decent start I climbed up to 13th, Bianchi was 7th. Lap 7 and I pit for Options. They didn’t last a second, and so I managed to pit again and come out before Di Resta but that lasted a very short time and I spun to let about 8 people through.

    India was going well and I just pipped Jules to finish in 11th.
    After both of us qualified well (me in 15th, Bianchi 18th) I started awfully, the opposite to my team mate, who gained up to 11th place.
    This ended with some disastrous affects and we had some giant on-track battles whilst in 9th and 10th respectively. But during a battle in the closing stages of the race, I took too much kerb while overtaking Jules into the final turn, and I spun into Bianchi. We dropped out of the points, but at least neither of us had penalties.

    Abu Dhabi was probably my best race of the season, despite finishing higher at Austin. I just pipped Guti to 10th to take the second points of the season. The car is obviously working well for both of us at Marussia, as Bianchi was in 12th, only a few tenths behind Guti.

    7th. For me that’s a magic number, because that’s the position I finished in at Austin, which got me 9 points, 1 ahead of Giedo’s 8.
    The safety car came out on lap 8 when the Red Bull’s took each other off (I can imagine the disastrous after affects). This SC went in my favour as I had alredy pitted and most others hadn’t. Bianchi struggled to finish in 18th. That performance got me a contract offer from Sauber, that I immediately accepted.

    My last race for Marussia was kind of a death bed for me. Sao Paulo has always been horrible to me, and this time was no exception. I qualified in an inspired 9th (my first time into Q3) but when Jenson cut me up into the Senna S, I spun into the barriers, taking about 5 others with me.

    My first season had it’s ups and it’s downs, but I’m hoping to get a bit more consistent at Sauber, where I can hopefully make it into the points on a more regular basis.


    Season 1: Marussia – results

    Drivers Championship:

    1. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, 333 points
    2. Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 294 points
    3. Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, 225 points
    4. Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, 221 points
    5. Mark Webber, Red Bull, 169 points
    6. Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, 151 points
    7. Sergio Perez, Mclaren, 143 points
    8. Felipe Massa, Ferrari, 127 points
    9. Romain Grosjean, Lotus, 67 points
    10. Nico Hulkenberg, Sauber, 66 points
    11. Jenson Button, Mclaren, 36 points
    12. Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, 30 points
    13. Adrian Sutil, Force India, 16 points
    14. Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber, 12 points
    15. Spencer White, Marussia, 9 points
    16. Giedo van der Garde, Caterham, 8 points
    17. Pastor Maldonado, Williams, 6 points
    18. Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, 5 points
    19. Jules Bianchi, Marussia, 4 points
    20. Paul di Resta, Force India, 1 point
    21. Valterri Bottas, Williams, 0 points
    22. Charles Pic, Caterham, 0 points

    Constructors Championship:

    1. Mercedes, 554 points
    2. Red Bull, 463 points
    3. Ferrari, 352 points
    4. Lotus, 218 points
    5. Mclaren, 179 points
    6. Sauber, 78 points
    7. Toro Rosso, 35 points
    8. Force India, 17 points
    9. Marussia, 13 points
    10. Caterham, 8 points
    11. Williams, 6 points


    Race 9: Germany
    Qualifying: 18th – Race: 10th
    I switched to a wet setup as there was a strong chance of rain for race day, so I qualified 18th, 2 seconds behind Hulkenberg who was 7th. Of course it was not raining at the start, so I picked the option tyres. I rose to 12th at turn 1, avoiding the Caterhams which had overtaken me at the start, then became 8th behind Hulkenberg. Nico retired in front of me on lap 3, but Perez immediately relegated me back to where I was. On lap 6 the rain was impending, but my tyres were worn out completely. I waited one more lap during which I fell back to my starting position, but it also started raining and I put intermediate tyres on. It was too soon and I wore them out a bit before they became useful, and I was 10th once the drivers ahead of me put the same tyres on as well, but it was their second stop as they had put on a new set of slicks before them. On lap 13 my engineer told me to put wet tyres on and I dived in the pits at the last second, as the track conditions and my tyres’ degradation would have made an extra lap catastrophic. I became 20th, but quickly overtook cars going at half of my speed. I avoided by a millimetre hitting Bottas who had collided with a Caterham, then overtook five cars in a lap and became 11th going into the final lap. Alonso, the three ahead of him and all those behind also put on wet tyres, and I overtook the Ferrari but Grosjean was a further 5 seconds ahead. The top 6 finished on intermediates with Rosberg leading them, whilst I salvaged a point despite quick decisions which ultimately did not affect the race outcome.


    Race 10: Hungary
    Qualifying: 12th – Race: 7th
    I struggled with pace on the prime tyres, but equalled Hulkenberg with the options though he was on primes. I still kept up to pace with him in Q1 on softs and ended P12, 8 tenths behind him, in Q2, as we were both knocked out of Q3. I decided to start the race on options just like him, and got up to P4; but even though I had promising pace my tyre degradation was so quick that on my in-lap I was only 1.2s faster than on my out-lap. Although I could’ve pitted once more without losing more time, the final laps of my stint allowed me to hold my rivals behind me instead of leaving room for them and I saved fuel for my second stint. I was 6th after everyone had stopped, and Hulkenberg behind me lost the place to Raikkonen after trying to pass me at turn 1, with me moving out of his way, actually, to let him through. I hold everyone behind again as half-a-dozen cars joined the battle. Hulkenberg dropped behind Raikkonen and Maldonado, but then got through at the final corner and beat me to the finish line although we set the same race time to the thousandth. I still managed to overtake Hamilton in the drivers’ standings and immediately accepted a contract offer from Ferrari to end the season replacing Massa, who was currently 7th ahead of Hulkenberg in the standings.

    Season 1 – Scuderia Ferrari #4 (AI Strength 4/5)

    Race 11: Belgium
    Qualifying: 17th – Race: 5th
    I got off to a good start in practice as I led the standings for a brief time. Eventually I got relegated to 19th, and afraid my new car was just a red Sauber, set off to improve my time. I got up to 8th, one tenth behind Hulkenberg, both on hard tyres, and sat out the rest of the session after completing the R&D task. In qualifying I took the lead but in three minutes I was in the knockout zone: I set off for a second stint on the same, old, prime tyres and with my second lap got up to 14th. After returning to the pits my mechanics repaired my car although it was perfectly fine so I did not have time to see that I had fallen back to 17th and leave for a final lap on softs. I was ahead of Vergne that had kept me out to start with, but behind both Saubers and Alonso, who was second by 2 hundredths and started fourth. He lost some positions at the start but took them back immediately, while I recovered with brave moves to take 5th ahead of Hulkenberg. I kept the pace of Rosberg, who had been passed by Alonso, while Hamilton robbed Vettel of the lead. I pitted on lap 5 and though Grosjean stayed out one more lap I stayed ahead with a perfect out-lap. In the final laps Perez and Raikkonen joined the battle and Hulkenberg dropped to 8th, with Gutierrez 11th. Alonso finished third and the result raised us to third in the teams’ standings, while I am in the same position in the drivers’ standings.

    Race 12: Italy
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    In free practice I tested various setups under the rain, and when it stopped I was one of the first to put on slicks and went fastest by 1.4s on hard tyres. I improved and Hulkenberg was only 2 tenths behind me. At the end of the session I had dropped to 6th, 1.1s behind Alonso who was first. I was 2nd in Q1 by 0.037s from Webber, and three tenths faster than Alonso, 5th. In Q2 I was 0.802s slower than leader Alonso, but the only one on the prime compound. I took my first pole in Q3 by beating Alonso’s time by 174 thousandths just as rain started falling, on my second stint on a new set of medium tyres I had saved in the previous qualifying sessions.
    I held onto the lead at the start and saved fuel in the first two laps as Hamilton, who had taken P2 from Alonso, had dropped back to 5s behind me, though he had nullified the disadvantage at the end of the second lap. On lap 4 Alonso spun at Ascari and on lap 5 it was Hamilton’s turn, as he tried to pass me on the outside of the Variante. I pitted on lap 6 with a lead of 5 seconds on Rosberg, and came out behind Hamilton and others. Hamilton became second after his stop and Hulkenberg had overtaken Rosberg; I used all my engine power to get within a tenth of the race fastest lap and extended my lead to 7 seconds. Vettel charged past Rosberg and Hulkenberg on the final lap as I preceded my two championship rivals, with the top three in the standings reversed on the podium.


    Race 13: Singapore
    Qualifying: 11th – Race: 2nd
    In Q1 I was 5th, 4 tenths off Alonso’s P1 pace and 2 tenths off Rosberg’s P3 pace. By only 0.028s I was knocked out of Q3 as I couldn’t find grip with my super soft tyres. I started tenth thanks to a ten-grid position penalty handed to Vettel, but the front row was occupied by Alonso and Rosberg.
    It was raining at the start but the track seemed wet and everyone apart from me started on super soft tyres. My decision to use intermediate tyres proved the right one when all the drivers pitted on lap 1: at that point I was second behind Alonso but pulled away from everyone else. I led Rosberg by thirty seconds though he was a couple of seconds quicker than me per lap at the least, and though I wanted to wait to see what others did I had to pit on lap 8 as I had lost all traction on the used tyres. Rosberg, and Webber in third place, pitted on lap 9 for the same switch of tyres. I was 10s ahead of Rosberg with 6 laps to go, 7.5s ahead with 5 left and 4.5s ahead with 4 laps remaining. The rain increased and on lap 13 I was over ten seconds slower than on my previous lap, meaning that if I continued and Rosberg pitted the German would have made up all of his disadvantage in the final two laps anyhow; as soon as I saw in my mirrors the Mercedes heading towards the pit lane, I dived in and put wet tyres on. I held Rosberg behind me for the rest of the race, until I made the most costly mistake at the final corner when, taking too much kerb, I had to lift off for a second and Rosberg went on the outside to win by 0.030s.


    Race 14: South Korea
    Qualifying: 11th – Race: 3rd
    Once more I was out of Q3 by a mere tenth and lined-up 11th; I had also risked being eliminated from Q2 as I finished 16th with only a tenth’s advantage on Gutierrez. Alonso started from pole and kept the lead at the start of the race, while I moved to P6 through turns 1 and 2. I used all my KERS to slipstream past Webber and Raikkonen on the back straight, and overtook Vettel and Rosberg, who ran wide and dropped to last, at turn 3. I passed Hamilton at turn 4 and settled behind the already-vanishing Alonso. I soon realised I had no hopes to catch him and set my engine on fuel-save mode for the last two laps of my stint. I pitted on lap 5 and came out 9th, while Hamilton wisely stayed out one more lap and jumped ahead of me. I was now facing opposition from Perez and Webber, but I easily fended off even on the straights when they had the advantage of DRS. I set my personal best lap on lap 10 with a 1:43.4 but Alonso’s fastest lap of the race was a 1:41.2. Alonso scored a Grand Slam and his first win of the season as I made it two Ferraris on the podium. Vettel was ninth and Rosberg 12th, which has made my championship situation better and we are now tied in second place with Red Bull, just six points behind the leaders.

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