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    Harry Westwood

    Looks like I get to write up Russia again, since it was deleted.

    Season 1 – Race 4 – Sochi
    My second ICE durability upgrade came through, so I can finally begin working towards some more pace in this car.

    Shortening qualifying report because it was quite easy for me. Easy banker lap got me through to Q2, while a solid lap on supers put me through into Q3. Once in Q3 I took provisional pole with my first run, but mistimed yet another quali run, and started 4th. I felt the AI were too easy so I upped the difficulty to 98.

    Of the top 10 runners, only myself and the ferraris were starting on supers, so I knew I needed to beat the mercs out of turn 2. I got a good start, and got pinched into the wall a bit by Hamilton, but the straight opened out and my momentum carried on, we went three wide into turn 2 (which was nerve wracking to say the least) but I took the lead of the grand prix! Poor Bottas went from 1st to 5th and sustained minor wing damage, with Vettel 4th, Raikkonen 3rd and Hamilton slotting into 2nd somehow.
    I tried to pull away, but it just wasn’t working. I ran wide on the exit of turn 4 on lap 3, and Hamilton drew level. I managed to get a switchback on him through turn 5 and took the lead back into turn 6, leaving him just enough room. However, it was only the next lap where he managed to get a good run through turn 1 and got up my inside at turn 2! I tried to fight back but Lewis had spotted his line beautifully and I had to get out of it, running off track and being forced to surrender the place afterwards.
    It wasn’t long before Raikkonen fancied his chances however, and on lap 7 he got a good tow through turn 1. I learned from my mistakes and went defensive, so Kimi just drove around me at turn 2, with a fantastic overtake. However, the kerbs affected his traction into turn 3, Which gave me a run on him culminating in a close move into turn 4! We were banging wheels on exit but I had the inside and Kimi gave up the challenge for the time being.
    Around lap 9 was when Hamilton pitted for softs, followed on lap 10 by Vettel and Bottas (softs and supersofts respectively) and finally on lap 11 Kimi made a stop for some soft tyres. He apparently had also sustained front wing damage, so I had a small advantage over him and Valtteri. I basically tried to put in some consistent times while conserving the tyres as well as I could until my pitstop on lap 15 where I fitted a nice set of ultrasofts. However, the undercut had done wonderful things for my competitors as I emerged in 7th place. It became 5th at the end of the lap due to drivers having finally pitted, and I wasn’t sure how able I’d be to catch Bottas. Luckily I was closing on Bottas as he in turn reeled in Raikkonen. I caught them on lap 19 but couldn’t find my way past until Valterri had a poor exit from turn 2 on lap 21. Sensing a chance I’d regret not taking, I tucked in as much as I could before launching an aggressive move on the inside at turn 4. There was contact but I came out of it with 4th position, now bearing down on Kimi. I was able to bide my time and wait until lap 22, where I completed the move before turn 2 with the aid of DRS.
    I set about chasing 2nd place but Vettel’s outright pace was just too good for me to hope to challenge. I ended up just creating a 3 second gap back to 4th (which was now Bottas) and just going easy on the engine until the finish, for my third podium on the bounce!

    Round Four Standings
    A strong win for Hamilton saw him take the lead of the championship.

    Drivers Top 10:
    ^(1) Hamilton – 73
    v(2) Raikkonen – 65 (-8)
    v(3) Westwood – 65 (-8)
    ^(4) Vettel – 42 (-31)
    v(5) Ricciardo – 38 (-35)
    ^(6) Bottas – 34 (-39)
    v(7) Verstappen – 24 (-49)
    ^(8) Perez – 18 (-55)
    ^(9) Grosjean – 12 (-61)
    v(10) Ocon – 12 (-61)

    ^(1) Mercedes AMG Petronas – 107
    v(2) Scuderia Ferrari – 107 (-0)
    ^(3) Williams Racing – 76 (-31)
    v(4) Red Bull Racing – 62 (-45)
    -(5) Force India – 30 (-77)
    -(6) Haas – 12 (-95)
    -(7) Toro Rosso – 7 (-100)
    -(8) Renault – 3 (-104)
    -(9) McLaren – 0 (-107)
    -(10) Sauber – 0 (-107)

    Not thrilled for Spain or Monaco and may wait to get a new wheel to do those with :/

    Bradley Downton

    Race 11: Hungary
    Qualifying: 18th – Race: 6th
    Was beaten by Fernando in qualifying after struggling to get a decent lap together, but a good start gained me a few places. I made the decision before the race to risk a one-stop, starting on the Soft and switching to Supers, though was advised this wouldn’t work. I quickly found the tyres were barely wearing at all and would easily make the one-stop so I carried on and also found myself in a bit of a gap. Hardly battled anyone all race because as soon as people closed up they made their stops, and I got promoted to seventh. Made my stop and retook seventh as everyone else pitted for a second time, which became sixth when Raikkonen retired. Massa closed in towards the end but I held the position as he didn’t really attack, and behind me Fernando scored his first point of the year in P10.

    Race 12: Belgium
    Qualifying: 18th – Race: 4th
    I thought I’d done a really good lap in qualifying but was bumped from P17 by a brilliant late lap from Ericsson to shade us all in the McLaren-Sauber battle. I got a good start but Fernando a better one, and we both slid up the inside of T1 to move into P11 and P12. We were both quickly overtaken by everyone on the Kemmel straight and slipped back, but I once again decided to risk a one-stop, Supers and Ultras. Unlike Hungary however they dropped off much quicker and I pitted on lap 10 for Softs, determined to stick to my one stop plan. The lap after I left the pits Ericsson pulled over and retired, which threw a Safety Car! I was about P16/18, but had no more stops to make.

    Nailed Magnussen and Stroll on the restart (both had completed all their stops) and with everyone else on the Supers I knew they’d have to pit again, which they did on the following laps, putting me into the lead! I held it for two laps before Magnussen slipped past, and then came under pressure from Ocon. Eventually Ocon got me too and I was left to fend off the two Mercedes’ and Ferrari’s.

    Held on for another few laps putting us within three of the end before Hamilton went past on the outside in Les Combes. Bottas tried to follow but went deep, spun back onto the track and got collected by Massa, putting them both out. I was then left to defend P4 from Raikkonen until Ocon pitted on the penultimate lap, putting me back onto the podium! I fought him hard and still held third coming into the final sector as Vettel pulled off and got disqualified, but while Raikkonen got stuck behind me Perez slipstreamed us both and went around the outside at the Bus Stop. It was a drag race to the line but he mugged me for the podium at the final corner to take third behind Hamilton, with Kevin Magnussen winning a crazy race!

    Race 13: Italy
    Qualifying: 17th – Race: 15th
    Put my first engine upgrade (and a gearbox durability) on post-Belgium and it successfully arrived in Monza, but still expected to struggle. Went with the highest top speed setup and was stunned to see I was only 0.086 from getting out of Q1, but still only P17. Gearbox had started playing up so I stuck a new one in and started last. Got up to P12 at the start but Monza was the worst race I’ve seen for how easily we lost positions. I fought Magnussen and Kvyat for a bit until the pit stops happened and then had a great scrap with the Ferrari’s, but it was never to last. I re-joined in P16/18 again with Wehrlein ahead, who I hunted down and overtook to finish a dismal but far from unexpected P15. Was rather close to Kvyat at the end but couldn’t catch him, nonetheless a few great results in recent races for me saw us draw the rivalry overall.


    Race 2 – China
    After a few strong practice sessions, where I was able to complete all programs, most of which to optimal standards, I was fairly confident going into qualifying. Unfortunately, that confidence was slightly misplaced and lost too much time in sector two relative to everybody else and started last.

    The race was wet from the start, as predicted, which helped me out to no end given I had been preparing for it all weekend. With everyone being so tentative in the sodden conditions, I made my way up to 13th in the first corner and set about trying to chase the point scorers. To my surprise, I was able to keep quite good pace, and made numerous moves, lap after lap down into the hairpin at turn 5.

    Suddenly, I found myself passing Stroll for 8th, when Kvyat retired and brought out the safety car. There were still 20 laps of the 28 lap race remaining, and with the wets about 25% worn, I decided to take a free stop for fresh wets. No-one else in the field seemed to have the same idea, so I came out in last and caught the pack just as the SC period was ending. So after 10 laps, I was right back to where I started.

    I set about trying to make gains on my fresh wets, but found it slightly more difficult than before. However, people were beginning to put a few laps into this new stint. After another few laps, and pit stops ahead of me, I was back in 10th, chasing down the the pack lead by Stroll conveniently, who was now in 6th, where I could have been had I not pitted.

    Just before I caught them, Vettel had caught me having pitted for inters. So I decided to jump in and do the same. Immediately I felt enough grip to push hard, though I feel many others would feel the same.

    Now I was fighting amidst the pack I had been chasing and finally made my way passed Stroll for a second time, taking 6th. Hulkenberg in 5th, Grosjean in 4th, and whomever was in 3rd seemed a bit too far ahead for me to catch.

    To my surprise, Hulkenberg pitted, gifting me 5th, then the same with Grosjean two laps later. Suddenly, I was so close to the podium I could smell it. It was at this point I realised I was -0.4 down on fuel, with Massa pushing hard to get passed me.

    The next couple of laps passed and I found myself cruising passed the pits to take 3rd from whichever driver pitted at that time. Massa tried to take my glory at this point, but I held around the outside of turn 1 to keep my position. For pretty much the remainder of the race I had to try and save fuel, running lean mix everywhere bar the back straight to give myself the best chance at staying in front.

    Eventually Massa pitted on the penultimate lap and I could cruise home to take my first podium of my career and the first points and podium for Sauber!

    Sauber now sit fourth in the Constructor’s thanks to me, just behind Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull.

    Bradley Downton

    Race 14: Singapore
    Qualifying: 17th – Race: 7th
    Second engine upgrade was also successful and I was hoping there would be a chance to get out of Q2 in Singapore, but alas it wasn’t to be. Jumped up to P15 at the start before scything through a few people who appeared to be stuck behind a rather slow Stroll – and not for the first time this season! (Has anyone else had this? He’s now led trains in about half of my races at least.) I’d once again realised the tyres should be fine so risked a 1-stop, finding myself P6 ahead of Verstappen/ He easily breezed past with about 7 laps to go and Ocon was catching me, right behind for the final two laps. I held him back somehow before realising I was out of fuel around the final two corners, but miraculously he pushed me over the line rather than going around me!

    Bradley Downton

    Race 15: Malaysia
    Qualifying: 10th – Race: 9th
    Was disappointed that I could only just beat the qualifying programme in practice by one tenth, but thankfully it rained in FP3 and I was able to get a perfect score. The rain continued into qualifying and my pace came alive, and I was able to make Q3 for the first time! Unfortunately that was dry however, and I ended up 1.6 seconds away from Hulkenberg in P9. A few grid penalties put me into P7 at the start, which I held into T1. Spent the entire race using rich mix on straights and lean everywhere else in an attempt to keep people behind but it worked rather well, as I was still P8 come the final lap. Grosjean got me and I threw it back up the inside of T2 rather aggressively, forcing my way back ahead. I felt a bit bad so when he had a run out of the final corner I let him go, and accepted P9.

    Race 16: Japan
    Qualifying: 10th – Race: 3rd
    My pace in Japan was even worse, so I was very lucky to sneak through to Q3 again in another very wet qualifying session. This time Q3 was wet too, but I just didn’t have the pace. More grid penalties put me into P5 for the start, where I selected medium tyres to take me far into the race as rain was due around mid-distance. I got jumped by Palmer at the start but he got in too hot, hit Grosjean and span off, giving me P5 back. The rain came slightly earlier than predicted but those on Supers had already pitted so I was up to P3 when I switched to the Inters. The engine upgrades on the car were definitely making a difference as without DRS due to the rain, Hamilton and Ricciardo could only get alongside, not breeze ahead. They both took turns to overtake me into 130R, but compromised their lines and ran wide, so I’d back off through the corner slightly, cut back on them and breeze back through. They also tried into T1 but I kept covering the inside line and they ran wide on the outside of me. Hamilton eventually retired and I kept Ricciardo at bay for the remaining few laps to claim my second podium, at our engine manufacturers home race!

    I now have the first major engine upgrade going onto the car which should arrive in Abu Dhabi, and am hoping to get another major and my first ultimate upgrade before the end of the season, to arrive early next year and put us right into the midfield!


    So yeah, lost the rivalry to Hülkenberg, yet I’m on 34 points and he’s on a big fat 0.


    So I’ll start this by saying this is my first F1 game since F1 06, and I’m not generally great at racing games (at least when I start playing them). For this reason I set a few driving aids and the difficulty at 50, and I’ll adjust it until I find my level. I started out with McLaren and With Alonso as my team mate.

    Race One: Australia

    It did not start well. I crashed out of all 3 practice sessions, and didn’t complete a single practice programme. After this I qualified dead last, 1 second off the Saubers and nearly 2 off Alonso. The race started well as I leapt to 15th, just behind my team mate. However I got too close to Alonso and slightly dislodged my front wing. After this the handling became difficult, I lost a few places before sliding off into a wall.

    Quali: 20th Race: DNF

    Race Two: China

    This went much better as I was able to complete all practice sessions and especially did well in qualy pace. However I struggled to get the hang of the tyre wear or fuel use programmes (this’ll be important later). Qualifying went pretty ok, as I qualified 18th, 0.1 off of Alonso. Once again I got a good start, in my first wet weather experience ,rising steadily through the field to 14th behind Ocon. However I then made the same mistake and damaged my front wing. Luckily the safety car came out, and I was able to pit for a new wing and fresh rubber. After this I steadily rose through the field until I was 7th with half a lap to go. Then the fuel started running out on the back straight and I fell to 17th at the finish line, only ahead of Alonso because he had pit for inters on the penultimate lap.

    Ben Chalk

    Alright, reposting, because apparently my post got deleted (Probably due to my unprofessionalism and the fact that I wrote an essay)

    Scuderia Ferrari #93 – Teammate: Sebastian Vettel (95/100)

    Round 1: Melbourne

    Qualifying: 3rd – Race – 3rd Teammate – 2nd

    Started out okay I suppose. I used the practice sessions as a burner to get myself used to the new practice sessions and the new SF70H (Which I’ve nicknamed “Yoko” due to my undying love for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann). Managed to qualify 3rd ahead of my team mate and next to Hamilton in 2nd and Bottas on pole. It was a rather quiet race, aside from Vandoorne’s retirement (typical McLaren Honda stuff), and near the end of the race, I let Seb go, to ensure a Ferrari 2-3 ahead of Valterri.

    Round 2: Shanghai

    Qualifying: 3rd – Race – 2nd Teammate – 1st

    Note: For this race, I upped the AI to 100% and also made it into a 100% race distance.

    Went even better than Melbourne. Was confident in the car, not so much the track. Even so, I not only managed to get into the top 10 shootout with Soft tyres (Verstappen had the same idea as I did), but I once again qualified 3rd, ahead of Lewis Hamilton, with a rather stunning 1:33.901. Managed to beat him off the line too, but never got up to a fast enough tempo to keep up with Seb and Valterri. Bottas then retired from the race with a mechanical failure, which left me in second place. A late race problem for Max Verstappen meant that I was running my own race. As a result, we scored our first One-Two since Germany 2010. Honestly, Gina and Yoko are something else right now. Let’s hope for more of the same in Bahrain.


    Had a few interesting races lately.
    McLaren, full distance, difficulty around 80 (cant remember exact figure)
    Monaco- After performing teriibly in practice sessions I had absolutley no expectations for quali or the race. I also kept all my very worn power unit parts as well as gearbox as I thought I had no chance of points and also wanted to see the effects on the car for later reference… this turned out to be a massive mistake.
    Quali was very wet and for some reason I felt much more comfortable in the car. No idea how but I got my first pole postion beating HAM by a whiskar.
    The race was sadly dry and I decided to take the super rather than ultrasoft which everyone else took. My start was ok and I managed to hold my position. I was pushed every single lap by the cars behind for 20+ laps, there was a 10 car train behind me but they just couldnt pass. Then the problems started, my engine power went way down, the gearbox kept slipping- all sorts of things that made it impossible to concentrate and drive. After a small mistake Hamilton eventually got past. The other cars started pitting and the pressure went off a little but the car was pretty much undriveable. I wasnt enjoying it at all and was thinking to myself ‘you bought this game to have fun… are you really gonna finish all these laps?’
    I gave up thinking lifes too short, I was ready to total the car into the wall then remembered you can sim the rest of the race (which I had never tried before) to my amazement the results came up and I got 8th place! Great result for the team! Altough I felt a bit dirty using the sim I was quite happy with the result on a track I hate.

    Ben Chalk

    Round 3: Bahrain

    Qualifying: 4th – Race – 4th Teammate – 2nd

    Yikes. The planned power upgrade meant for this race failed, which meant I had to over drive Yoko to compensate for the weakness she had. Started in P4, and the first half was me essentially trying to drive at every meter to try and keep up with Valterri, but after botching a pit stop strategy in some illogical attempt to get the undercut on him, it guaranteed me outside of the podium. My genuine anger could be heard over the radio, which was summed up like this: “What a [censored by FOM] anticlimax! I’m very sorry guys”. It was a gigantic comedown to reality after such a strong 1-2 in China, and I got a rightfully deserved telling off from Maurizio Arrivabene after the race.

    Round 4: Russia

    Qualifying: 1st – Race – 1st Teammate – 2nd

    The telling off I got from Arrivebene suddenly made me go “Jesus, I better do something”. So, just to cover off any potential bad points, I decided to fit in a new power unit for Sochi. And it damn well worked! By the smallest of small margins (Literally .032 seconds ahead of Bottas), I had scored my maiden pole position! The race itself went just as well, too. Bottas once again suffered another mechanical problem which saw him down in 7th, and Lewis Hamilton retired from the race! Which capped off a horrific weekend where he had to start 10th through seemingly no fault of his own. Seb sadly got caught out by the first lap traffic jam, but he nonetheless sliced through the field and slotted himself back into second, ahead of the smiling assassin Daniel Ricciardo, and just 4.6 seconds behind me. But the big news is: At last, I broke the second drivers curse at Scuderia Ferrari and won a grand prix!

    Round 5: Spain

    Qualifying: 2nd – Race – 3rd Teammate – Retired

    It was… Not good, but not terrible, to be honest with you. While I was fastest in the final practice session, and even managed to out qualify my team mate to line up in 2nd, Yoko had been handling terribly all weekend, and I noticed it. Like, I cannot count the amount of times I’ve snatched my brakes throughout the weekend and the car suddenly going wayward as well. It wasn’t helped by the fact that Gina(aka Vettel), had a sudden engine failure on the second lap of the race. Still, I can’t complain about 3rd place in the race, just behind Valtteri in first and Hamilton in 2nd, especially when I pulled a pretty f’n tasty pass on Max.

    Ben Chalk

    Round 6: Monaco

    Qualifying: 1st – Race – 2nd Teammate – 1st

    Man, that qualifying lap time from myself. I managed to score my second career pole position ahead of my team mate Vettel by nearly 4 tenths of a second. My race pace compared to qualifying in Monaco however stunk, and dropped off so poorly, I ended up creating a gigantic Trulli train which lasted for the rest of the race, which allowed Sebastian to lap the entire field, even with a 3 second penalty! Still, another 1-2 for Ferrari with Seb recreating his Red Bull Racing days.

    Round 7: Canada

    Qualifying: 4th – Race – Retired Teammate – Retired

    The race where everything went wrong. Hamilton’s retirement from the race on lap 13 had caused a massive accordion effect, during which Sebastian had retired for the second time this season, and stupid me decided to pit under the very short VSC peroid. I chipped my front wing, then lost the entire thing shortly afterwards, and then thumped myself into the wall.

    Round 8: Snorefest

    Qualifying: 3rd – Race – 4th Teammate – 2nd

    Hamilton was just far too quick in this race man. Bottas on the other hand had an almost Mark Webber esque start and almost politely allowed me to steam up into 2nd place behind Lewis Hamilton. The rain came near the end of the race, and I rolled into the pitstops one lap earlier than everyone else, which allowed me to overtake Bottas and Ocon for 4th place. 1.8 seconds seperated me from joining Lewis and Sebastian on the podium. No good, but… Not bad either.

    Round 9: Austria

    Qualifying: 1st – Race – 2nd Teammate – 1st

    Lost the race at the first corner after I played it conservatively on lap 1. From there, it was pretty much a race long battle with Hamilton for 2nd place (which I actually manage to get after hounding him for quite some time). 4th 1-2 of the season for the boys in Red, and by now, making Mercedes AMG Petronas paranoid as hell.

    Round 10: Britain

    Qualifying: 1st – Race – 1st Teammate – Retired

    One of the strangest races I’ve ever had. My team mate had a puncture and then presumably got rear ended by Hamilton and pile driven by Perez soon after. Would have been a climatic battle between myself and Bottas in the closing stages… If Alonso didn’t park his car directly on the apex and take out Valterri. Still, you take what you can, and I certainly ain’t complaining about a 2nd career win for myself in Formula 1, and what a hell of a place to do it, in front of your own fans.

    Harry Westwood

    Anyone else still playing career mode? Lol
    I’m finding it enjoyable again, this is of course after trying pro career mode and failing miserably in the sauber! So I tried again on regular career with the Haas.

    Q – 20th
    A weak start, with an added challenge put in due to me ramping the difficulty way up to 110, I had my work cut out for me. It was a wet quali but dry race so I struggled on a dry setup. I waited until it dried up a bit and was the first on inters, setting a banker good enough for P10. However times were getting quicker all the time. I let everyone past and found some clear track on my cool down lap and tried again, being the last to cross the line. I instead binned it on the exit of turn two and somehow I ended up starting last!

    R – 8th
    This race was so wild! I was more confident in my consistency than my pace so elected for a 1 stop with the option to 2 stop. I was able to move up to 18th at turn one, then was right on the back of stroll, Vandoorne, and Ericsson. I snuck up the inside of a cautious stroll at turn 9, and was following the other two through 10. We went three wide into the high speed chicane and I took both places! Now up into 15th, I set about catching Palmer ahead.

    I realised that at 100% length rather than 50%, I’d have to up the pace a bit and tried my best to. I dispatched Palmer into turn 13 the next lap and easily took the place. Two laps later I made the exact same move on Sainz. Kvyat took another 4 laps to clear, doing so down into turn 3 on the inside. I caught Magnussen pretty quick and made my comfortable move into turn 13 again.

    By this point, I was catching Massa and Perez had retired, so I was feeling pretty good. I chose to stick with a one stop as things were going okay. Unfortunately I started racking up penalties for corner cutting, which would come back to haunt me.

    I struggled for pace on the soft tyres, pitting on lap 20 for them and upping the front wing. A VSC brought K-Mag out just in front of me, on US and he just left me for dead. After a pretty lonely stint, being repassed by Mag after his second stop, I had racked up 9 seconds of penalties. But I had a huge gap back to Palmer and was running 10th. Then Hamilton crashed out of a dominant lead, causing an SC!

    I chose to pit for fresh ultras on lap 48 and go for a sprint as I wouldn’t be able to do much on softs. At the restart there was a big clash of cars and I was promoted from 11th to 7th! I tried to gap Alonso but with the restart on lap 55 and only making it to lap 57 I had to settle for 8th place.

    All in all not a bad performance, with Raikkonen taking the win, followed home by Verstappen and Ricciardo. Looking forward to China!

    Harry Westwood


    Qualifying – 14th
    A slightly better showing, aced practice to get max points. I easily made it out of Q1, and tried to get through on softs in Q2 as it was due to start raining any minute. I unfortunately got held up by Palmer emerging from the pits after my banker lap and without enough fuel for a second run, had to end the session since the grip was gone.

    Race – 1st
    It started out dry and I was able to scythe my way up to 7th immediately. Then I took 6th from Kvyat rather forcefully after he repeatedly ran me out of road, the whole battle taking 7 or 8 laps. I began creating a gap back to Daniil and the pack while losing the guys ahead. Until there was a safety car! Strangely the guys in front pitted and I was left in second behind Raikkonen. The rain that had been forecast fell all at once when the safety car was due to come in so I made a last second dive into the pits. I ended up being held for 10 seconds due to traffic.

    Plenty of drivers spun out due to staying on dries and there were more retirements. I somehow ended up second around lap 20, and was catching Massa by about 3 tenths a lap. I followed him at about 2 seconds away for a good 5-6 laps before the rain started coming down harder. I stayed out a lap longer since I was feeling really good. And it gained me a lot of time so Felipe must’ve been held up!

    After creating a nice lead in the front of the pack there was a safety car about 5 laps later as the rain began to slow down. I pitted for inters and fell to 6th.

    Several drivers pitted under sc to fit inters putting me in third, while Alonso and Raikkonen ahead of me stayed out, and pitted when the sc came in. I inherited the lead and began building a gap once more. Around lap 40 I could feel the grip lessening and Massa was gaining rapidly. I pitted for fresh supers on lap 44 and had to make the last 12 laps on dry tyres with Massa, Magnussen and Ricciardo all closing in. They caught me with 3 laps to go.

    Massa tried around the outside at the sharp hairpin after the drs zone, and I hung him completely out to dry, denoting him to fourth, and my teammate up to second! Kevin didn’t have enough in the tank to pass me and I knew that, so I stayed close enough that he would have the DRS and slipstream to fend off Ricciardo’s attacks for 2 laps, while doing what I could to stay out of attacking range. We ended up bringing home a crazy 1-2 for Haas in a ridiculous Chinese Grand Prix!

    Ricciardo now leads the WDC with me a point behind on 29, while we are also in second in the WCC, one point off of red bull. Another fab race that was satisfying to complete, can’t wait to do the next! A front wing downforce upgrade is also scheduled for Russia so we’ll see how that goes!

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