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    Anybody got the Chevy Impala SS for the Carb Cup? Oval racing is actually fun, I think you guys should try it.

    **Note this does not mean I support NASCAR in ANY way. I still think its a sport for rednecks. Its also boring to watch. But this is fun.** :D


    I’m not up to that level yet, but I have been driving the Street Stock on occasion. You’re right, though, it IS fun when the racing is close! When it’s not, though, it gets pretty boring.

    Once I get paid I wanna grab the FW31 so I can join you in Formula Fun. I might just get the Impala too while I’m at it :)

    EDIT: oh, duh. I forgot you said the Carb cup, which is everyone X|


    Joey, seeing as you asked, did you wanna find out how you go recommending someone so you can ‘recommend’ me? I’m guessing you’ll need my email address


    Sure! It’s pretty simple as explained at the bottom of this page: http://members.iracing.com/membersite/member/Promotions.do . Long story short, just enter my email into the “member referral field” when you buy it. It’s simply joe(AT)imaginaryaudience(DOT)com. Thanks a ton, man! :)


    Here’s a few names to look out for when you join up: ;)

    Dale Earnhardt Jr

    Scott Speed

    William Power

    Joey Logano

    Sean Edwards

    Justin Wilson

    Lewis Hamilton

    Oriol Servia

    Heikki Kovalainen

    Michael McDowell

    Tomas Scheckter

    Danica Patrick

    Takuma Sato

    Mark Blundell

    Nico Hulkenberg

    Luiz Razia

    Lucas di Grassi

    Timo Glock

    Esteban Manuel Gutierrez Gutierrez

    Mike Conway

    Marcos Ambrose

    AJ Allmendinger


    @ Joey. I’ve signed up, named you as my refferer, and have given it a go!

    It’s tricky to get used to, and I’m struggling to find my way round the member’s site, but I guess that’ll come with time.

    I started out by painting my helmet, cars and race suit (fetching shades of blue-purple, and an ecru for highlights)

    Then I set about taking my Mazda MX-5 (I forget which one) for a spin around Lime Rock Park. I’ve played many racing games, but this track has never featured in any of them before, so it was fun to try a new circuit. It’s a nice track, and those elevation changes really demand attention, Especially the 5th (i think) corner with the blind crest, where the car goes light on the exit. As most of the corners are taken with just a dab of brake or a slight throttle lift, they’re very difficult to get right, making the simple-looking track layout very deceiving.

    So after I’d bumbled my way around the track, trying to find the line, eventually managed a best time of 1:02.something, which I didn’t think was too bad. (and for a rookie rookie, it wasn’t, as when I joined a practise session for the nVidia Cup, the best time had been set by someone with an A licence and I was only a couple of seconds off.

    So it got to 12:55am (GMT) and instead of going to bed, I thought I’d try for the 1am race.

    This went very wrong as soon as the lights went green. Starting from 6th, the guy in 4th proceeded to go nowhere, and having left it too late to veer around him, slammed into the back of him, spun, and ruined the front left of my car. This meant the car veered to the left and to go straight I had to hold the wheel at 45 degrees. Having pitted for ‘repairs’ (which didn’t repair the car at all, to my annoyance… am I doomed to spend the entire race in a banged up car bcause someone didn’t realise that green means go?), I got a penalty for an ‘unsafe pit exit’, and then another for pit lane speeding whilst taking my penalty. It was the 5th lap by the time I actually passed over the starting grid for the first time since the green lights.

    For the rest of the race I spent struggling with the handling and trying to get out the way of the leaders, which is very difficult on that track… how they race LMP1 cars there I do not know. I ended the race 8th of 10, 3 laps down (9th and 10th retired/disconnected) and with 0.03 points knocked off my safety rating. *sad face*

    Better luck next time.

    So, with relation to the damage… do the pit stops not repair heavy damage to the car? I thought I read somewhere that there’s a reset button that you can use once a race if you wreck, but I can’t figure out how. Some tips would be lovely. Gonna have to add some of you guys too.


    Depending on the damage, certain repairs are not possible – as in real racing. They are re-working the damage to allow more scope for repair though. Also, good to see you within a couple of seconds of the pace setters, though keep in mind Lime Rock is very small, 2 seconds there will be much more elsewhere, and finding the extra time is no easy task. Practice makes perfect. ;)

    Finally keep an eye on your saftey rating, it will plummet if you’re regularly involved in incidents, plus it doesn’t matter whos at fault. You can refer people to the stewards but they won’t restore any rating losses either way.

    Edit: I almost forgot, have you tried the FW31 at Lime Rock? :p


    Coming in from rFactor (and I suppose F1 2010), I made the mistake of ‘learning’ Laguna and the Glen in the FW31. THEN I tried the MX-5 and I struggled big time!

    I’ve now started Lime Rock properly, in the MX-5 Roadster and my car control is much better. Whereas the F1 is all about perfect lines, the Roadsters help you learn to feel the track and understand the tyres (and how much you can push them). My best time is now (I believe) just under 1:00.900 which puts me mid-pack in an online practice session however I’m not sure where the top racers (58 second laps!) are getting their time from…

    Don’t be afraid to spectate the fast racers to pick up tips and lines!


    I’ve recently been doing the Nvidia Mazda Cup too, and out of 5 races, I’ve won 2, took second place once, third place once, and I had a DNF after a move for second didn’t work out as planned…. I’m doing 1:00.2’s on average, and my fastest is a 1:00.04. Mazdas are really fun to drive around, really agile, but braking for turn one on Limerock is quite hard for me as when I brake late, I have to hit the brakes harder and they lock up really easily, so I just brake earlier and smoother. But that, I’m afraid is whats stopping me form doing 59’s or better.


    @ Polishboy808 – I find that too. Turn 1 I’m really struggling to find the braking point for, and the 2nd apex can be tricky to get right, but as Bernard says, practise will make perfect

    @ Bernard – Ahh, ok, it does make sence that bad damage would not be repairable, but it dented me (hah) somewhat that in my first ever race, the guy in front didn’t go and I had t ospend 22 minutes limping round. Looking forward to my next race though once I get home tonight

    I was happy with my 1:02.something, but my best time adding up my best sectors was just under a second quicker, it’s just a case of making sure they’re all on the same lap.

    And yes, I’ll try to stay on-track more. I lost a lot of points simply for going 2 wheel onto the grass, which is a little harsh, I feel. I just don’t wanna end up an ‘unsafe’ driver never being able to make it to the higher ranks!

    FW31?! nope, I’m not gonna bother buying that until I’m actually any good!


    Yeah, hitting the grass was always where I would lose points. And truth be told, the first jump from Rookie to Advanced Rookie took me the longest (mostly due to Laguna… *shakes fist*). I think it took me about 2 or 3 weeks. As you move up, you’ll find you make less of those mistakes as the cars require more perfection. For example, putting a wheel in the grass when exiting a corner in the Skip is more of a death sentence than it would be in the MX-5. So you’re forced to shape up if you want to finish!

    As for turn one, if I recall, I would use the number 2 marker for braking. I found if I eeeeeased into the brakes, but was still firm and quick on it, I could brake later than most guys. And since that turn is a double apexer, I’d just let it go a bit wide and then veer back in and be able to get hard on the gas just before the second curb. It’s honestly really helpful to learn for when you’re stuck behind a car that’s only a tenth or so slower because it’s more or less the only hard braking point at Lime Rock. Plus it’s more fun out-braking than out-accelerating someone feeling like you had bigger cojones ;).

    Also, holy crap, racing Spa in the Skip is NUTS. Sliding across Pouhon at 100+ is breathtaking!


    It’s worth bearing in mind at Lime Rock t1 the roadster is better on the brakes (I assume because of gear ratios), it loses out in other parts of the track though.

    I’m loving the skip at Spa, it feels just like an F1 car at 1/2 speed, it makes a change being able to throw the skip around a bit and having a curb to hit on the outside. Best lap is 2:51.something, but that seems to put me just below the Division 1 guys. It’s nice being able to take Eau Rouge at full speed without the fear of a massive crash too.


    Damn. I started from second and got lucky in that the pole sitter jumped the start and got black flagged. So by lap 3, I found myself leading by a good 3 seconds. Only thing is, the pole sitter was FAST. Within 7 laps, he caught me and passed me back up. Then built a lead of about 15 seconds by the end of the race. All that with a penalty to boot. The driver? Brad Davies. I didn’t stand a chance. He’s one of the guys who races at the highest echelon with the likes of Gregger Huttu in the iWRRC. That sucks because that would have been my first win in the skip :C


    I had a slightly more sucessful second day as an iRacing driver. I switched from the Mazda Cup to the Mazda Roadster, as I’ve found it much easier to handle and I think its gearing it better suited to Lime Rock. I also tightened my steering calibration. My wheel is pretty cheep and has far too much of a dead zone, so by setting full left and full right to only about 90 degrees either way, I found I had a much more precise steering input, which really helped.

    Did 3 races last night. The first was pretty good, ended up 5th and finally took my rating over the 2.50 it originally started at – up at 2.54.

    Second race started well, and after a large 1st corner crash involving about 7 out of the 11 cars, I found myself 2nd and doing fairly well. Coming past the pits to start lap 3 i realised many of the cars were in the pits, and so a lot ended up a lap down. Trouble is these guys were still just faster than me, and were insisting on trying to unlap themselves in places they really shouldn’t have been.

    So coming into the final corner, and rather than waiting to unlap himself on the main straight, someone lunged up the inside, which i avoided. What I couldnt avoind was when he jerked right into me, pushing me onto the grass and into the barrier. Race ruined after 6 laps. I sat in the pits for a while before getting bored and going back out to get some practise in, once again all be it with bent steering.

    3rd race went better and at one point I was running 2nd. ended up slipping down to 4th by the end, but that’s still my best official result so far. I’m good when following other cars, but when I’m in front I spend too much time driving in my mirrors and getting myself far too worked up and dare I say… scared, making mistakes left right and centre.

    So, so far I’ve had 2 8ths, a 5th and a 4th. Maybe a podium isn’t out of the question with the right opposition.

    I finished the day with my first go in the SCAA Spec Ford, which lasted 3 corners as I can’t get the thing to go anywhere without spinning… this game is going to require a lot of hard work, I can tell.

    Also, how do I go about adding any of you guys as ‘friends’. Joey, I know your name from the ‘about me’ page on your website (hope the video production is going well!), and I’ve searched for it in iRacing, but it comes up with no matches. So either you’re racing under an pseudonym, or you are you the Stig?


    I always have good starts and my last race started me in 7th, I jumped up to 2nd, and then moved into 1st on lap 4. After leading for 8 laps, I had to avoid an accident and ran into the wall, spun and hit another wall. i had to be towed away, and dropped to 6th after 40 seconds or so of waiting. I then worked my way up to 2nd in the last 8 laps, and had I had 3 more laps, I would catch first. Oh well, I now have 2 wins, 2 2nd, 1 3rd, 1 5th, and 2 dnfs. My safety rating is a low 2.28 though, because when i was younger I couldn’t drive for my life, and I succesfully dropped me down a whole .4 of a rating xD

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