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Is F1 2012 any good yet?

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    Just wondering, as I’m still playing 2011, and really want to update, but the number/severity of bugs in 2012 completely put me off. The damage is so bad that people on cm forums suggest to turn damage off, which isn’t an option for me, f1 without damage is pointless. The variable weather system is even more broken and is so bad it made it unplayable for me. There are a lot more bugs I can’t think of right now, cm forums are plagued by complaints. I thought I would wait till they fixed it, but went to their forum again yesterday and saw the same complaints, and even one post from a member saying he had given up hope of this game ever being fixed now they had announced a new game. I think its really sad that cm released such a poor game, and they seem to have given up fixing it. The point of this topic is to ask your opinions on the bugs that are still in the game, I want to upgrade, but I feel 2011s bugs are only small and don’t get in the way of the racing, whereas, 2012 had some major game breaking bugs when i played it, and i just want at least one person to tell me its not as bad as cm forums users suggest.


    The AI is better, smarter, and more aggressive. Although it could still use some improvements, as the early-braking issue, albeit not as severe, is still annoying. That’s all I can tell you, as I don’t play online.


    I wouldn’t be playing online either, just career mode. But the weather and ai issues are enormous from what I read on cm forums, just wondering what bugs people on here are still coming up against. The ai isn’t exactly solid on 2011, I can lap the entire field on the hardest difficulty setting on almost every track :


    F1 2012 is not a good version at all, even the 2010 version defeat it when it comes to gameplay. I rather play the 2011 version than having my race car flying, defying physics, arcade-like in F1 2012.


    I dont play the game online much.. but what I can say for single player mode is that F1 2012 is definitely an improvement over F1 2011.

    The driving is more realistic.. as you can still lose control of the car even with traction control on
    The tyre degredation simultation is better
    The AI and level of competition is a much better improvement.

    In F1 2011, I could take pole and victory on every circuit even on legend mode. This is not easy to replicate on legend in F1 2012.. when you dont put in a good lap you will not even make it to Q3.

    There are also some game modes like ‘Champions mode’ and something else that add a little more variety to gameplay.

    I would think its worth a buy


    @todfod you don’t happen to work for codemasters do you? Lol. I was wanting to know more about how intrusive the bugs are.


    It is a vast improvement over F1 2011.

    That’s all I have to say about that!


    Yeah, 2012 is a massive improvement on 2010 and 2011. It’s a lot more fun.


    Save your money fangio85! I have F12011 and was interested in buying F1 2012. I also read the cm forums and saw all the complaints. While there certainly must be some improvements ultimately they are minor compared to THE MAJOR GLARING BUGS AND GAME BREAKING ISSUES. I’ve almost lost all respect for codemasters to release such a broken game. The biggest issue for me is the penalty bugs. ITS EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT IS IN F12011 IF NOT WORSE. They focused on trivial improvements for F12012 instead of making the driving actually very fun and enjoyable. Really, save your money. If you really want a nice f1 game, get iracing or rfactor with the countless high quality f1 mods…

    Harry Westwood

    If you ask me, the game is great, well worth the buy. Let me go through some bugs. Flying? Never happened to me. Wet weather issues? Not one. As for the walls at street circuits, still an issue there… I know I can’t possibly hope to speak for everyone on this game, but I’d say it is great. Ton of fun. And as for the cm forums people usually only use those for bugs or championships, I don’t usually come across a forum on any game where it is designed to say “look how awesome the game is!” they advertise that on the back of the box. To make a forum category for it would be arrogant in my opinion. Anyway… I agree with todfod. The tyres are definitely better scaled this year, really emphasises the pirellis. The AI is quicker, but still non aggressive. The game itself requires more finesse now, no more of this F1 2011 lock to lock at high speeds… No sir. A good thing. And finally, we all know about the penalty system, but offline, I think it’s a good thing. I bet you’re sat thinking “this guy smoked something” but hear me out. The penalty system, being as biased towards the AI as it is, means the AI never or hardly ever gets penalties. This in turn means you get a lot. But, and this is just my opinion, I believe that the over-zealous penalty system has or is teaching me to drive more carefully. It makes you mind the other car, not try stupid moves, etc etc… I think it will shape people into better, less reckless driver because they learn to avoid the other cars. People whinge and moan and say “penalty system needs fixing” but constantly fixing games while trying to make a better one for the next year? I’d like to see some of these people try that… Like a lot of problems, you drive around it. That’s like going for a countryside drive, seeing a rock and instead of avoiding it, expect it to be moved for you. Anyway, rant over, back on topic, definitely worth the buy. I’d give it a 9/10 as, like with any game, some areas need improving. I do understand why people say cm need to fix their games, and I agree. But, cut them some slack. Who knows, maybe they’re focusing completely on F1 2013, and it’ll blow us all away :D sorry for the long read and if I irritate anyone but like I keep saying the game is defo worth getting.


    @HarryWestwood well, overall you got a point there, and I agree with the rest of what you said . Guess I was just little biased at the moment. It makes me wonder what F1 2013 would be. Maybe your right about CM blowing us away this year. It just frustrates me sometimes that although the parc ferme and changing conditions promotes a better experience, it nealry has no effect or whatsoever to the other racers and the AI.

    Aish Heydrich

    Does Codemasters have a better game engine/budget than other developers like EA, IO Interactive, Square Enix, Rockstar etc?

    R.J. O’Connell

    There’s nothing better in the way the cars handle in F1 2011 aside from the fact that they don’t have a tendency to understeer nearly as much as they do in 2012. You can’t really attack the corners as you can in 2012 because the cars have less than half the responsiveness under cornering, that was the big impression I got when I went back to 2011 after playing 2012 for a while after its release.


    F1 2011 is pretty unrealistic after playing 2012 – you can simply throw the car into the corners with plenty of front end and generally find yourself lapping around 4 seconds quicker than real life!

    F1 2012 is miles ahead for me. If you look at what the driver does in the cockpit – it’s much more in tune with real life, and the times you set are, too. Took a while to get used to, and those who wrote it off weren’t patient enough in my eyes. I nearly did!

    EDIT: yeah. there’s more bugs/disconnecting online, though…


    I should probably elaborate, I have played f1 2012, I traded 2011 for it (got a whopping $9 off the price :). I returned it the same day because, while the driving was marginally more realistic (still not even half way to gt5, let alone rfactor or iracing), the game was riddled with bugs. Now I understand that cm have been very lazy with all of their f1 games, and 2011 has some irritating bugs that cm never bothered to fix. But 2012s bugs are so much bigger, and there are so many more of them, that I couldn’t actually enjoy the driving for so much as one lap without a bug ruining the experience for me. I play racing games for immersion, I have gt5 with all dlc and updates, and that provides me with the fun of collecting, tuning, setting up and testing of most of my dream cars, but the ai and the “race day immersion” is severely lacking in gt5, which is where f1 games come in. I play them for the fun of racing, the experience of the full race weekend, the strategy, the battles, and the feeling when you triumph over your rivals. Now obviously this has led me to playing 2011 exclusively with non kers teams, as any other team is good enough for me to win every race, and the big teams are good enough to lap everyone, even playing with a controller. My problem with 2012 was the bugs were enormous, and people on cm forums were saying turn damage off etc. which isn’t an option for me, because that ruins the immersion – my reason for playing, and I told myself, after returning 2012 and getting my 2011 copy back, that I wouldn’t buy 2012 again unless cm fixed all the major bugs. I also won’t buy 2013 if cm don’t bother fixing 2012, because they did that with 2010 and 2011 and I don’t think they are learning a lesson, they seem to think they can churn out this rubbish and people will eat it up regardless of how broken it is. I am planning to replace my racing games with rfactor, but I don’t have a pc atm, and being a perfectionist, and a lover of racing real cars, means I will need a pro set up to give me the most realistic experience possible. I’ve worked out this will cost me roughly $4000, so in the meantime, I just wish cm would fix their games, because from first impressions, 2012 would be a much better game, and so much more fun, than 2011, if it wasn’t for the game breaking bugs that plague it, of which i believe there is over 20 major bugs still not fixed, if cm forums are anything to go by.

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