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    I am sick of people smashing into each other in the first corner of ever online race. i would like to race with someone who respects other people and understands racing etiquette. i am failry good using a PS3 controller. so if you want to have some nice clean racing then please add me or put your PSN ID in the comments. thanks

    MY PSN ID: aimalkhan


    I have the same problem and avoid playing online for the same issue.
    Do you play F1 2010?

    PSN ID: paulocreed

    Oli Peacock

    Hey guys, you might or might not be aware that there is an Official F1Fanatic Ps3 championship runnning right now! We are still looking for drivers but we’re 1/3 through the season, so if your interested in some clean, fun and fast racing, PM me and ill link you through to the championship organiser @bradley13

    Bradley Downton

    Just saw this but @olliekart beat me to posting.
    Absolutely, we are currently running 2 League’s, the F1 League, and the F2 League, both on F1 2011. There’s a promotion/relegation system etc between them, you’ll hear the rest if you decided to take a look.
    F1: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/f1-games/forum/topic/2012-f1f-formula-one-ps3-world-championship-season-2/?topic_page=51&num=15
    F2: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/f1-games/forum/topic/2012-f1f-formula-two-ps3-world-championship-update-races-on-saturday/?topic_page=44&num=15

    Nic Morley

    I might get killed for this but in them leagues, well atleast the F1 league smashing in the first corner is a regular thing, clean racing isn’t. Certian drivers and lag make that up.


    @bradley13 I did see them actually. I was too late to join the first one, my only issue is scheduling. My GMT is Eastern Time. (GMT -5) And I only have F1 2010.
    But thanks for letting me know and I will look into it.
    I most likely will pick up F1 2012 when it comes out for ps3.

    @RoboCAT That doesn’t surprise me, LAG is an AWEFUL thing. And I’ve unintentionally tapped people playing online as well.

    @olliekart How do you record your races?

    Oli Peacock

    Hi @paulocreed i use a HD PVR to record my races you pay for what you get at £150 :)


    @olliekart Ah ok, good idea, I never thought of that. Thanks!

    Ben Clark

    Can i join the championship please?


    I’m Ballboy57 and i’m racing today = Sunday 16th of September at 7:00 to round about 8 on a short 3 lap race so if you see me, i wont budge, ill use my skill. Horrible pushing idiots these days…


    G’day everyone I race very clean too and it really annoys me when people every race just knock me off the road without a care in the world. I have F1 2011. PSN is brownyaus


    I dont think I’ve ever been so pissed off playing any game online. I’ve played around 7-8 online races and everytime I had a driver slam into me in the 1st corner. In fact I had one spiteful punk who wasn’t even racing.. just knocking into me everytime I lapped him.

    I’m up for some clean racing… my psn is todfod1.

    I’d like to join the championship.. but I do not think I’ve reached a level high enough to really compete. I still struggle with setting up my car perfectly and managing my tyres.


    Hi Everyone, I unfortunately can not meet the schedule of the F1F PS3 WC but I’d like to offer maybe if anyone is interested we can set up a sort of practice/time trial day where we can learn off eachother or just uncompetitive racing. I know timing is a little bit of an issue as most of the users here are in the UK/london. I’m in Ontario, Canada which is roughly a 5 hr time difference.

    My PSN ID is paulocreed if anyone is interested.

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