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    14th?! and @kingsharl 5th?!

    You smell that?

    Smells like a conspiracy against me.


    What are you doing, Stefan


    Boo~ Retirement again. On that note, we should let Alfie drive the safety car for one race :D


    Updated Standings from Russia

    Note the interesting turnout in the Constructors.


    Who would’ve known that switching from Caterham to Merc would prove to be disastrous?


    I see that our upgrades have worked. Once again, my unmatched technical skills proved their priceless value yet again. I have single-handedly brought my usual 6 tenths to the car, with my unparalleled technical insight and supreme feedback to the engineers. On the other hand, we have our number two driver, William Ingram ( @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1), once more embarrassingly under performing the car.

    I would like to inform you inferiors all, that Frank Williams has given me a formal congratulations speech for my premium, incomparable, and top-notch performance this week, both in the garage and in the car. On top of all of that, I salvaged this weekend, and saved the team from the disgrace my teammate has brought to the Williams name with is signature dreadful performance, wasting a vastly improved car, by yours truly.

    Myself, being one of the least egotistic and most humble personas in the paddock, would obviously like to thank and give credit to Johnny Kingshark, and the phenomenal job he has done. Simply the greatest man, let alone driver, to have lived on this planet.


    Dang, I just don’t know what to do to get this car to work :/

    Heck, even Alfie is in front of me, and he only finished once!


    “This has certainly been a Frustrating weekend for me, I was, and the rest of the team too, hoping for pace that had been absent so far this season, but we really have not been able to find that in the upgrade package. Last season we finished on a high and it is very disappointing to be fighting the back of the mid-field after having been in championship contention a few months ago. Who knows maybe we will be able to find some points and pace over the next few races where we have tyres better suited to conditions but I don’t think we’ll be in the championship hunt this season.”


    Haha, quote from race update two:

    9. d’Hazorme (Caterham)

    So… I quickly got out of my Sauber, jumped into the Caterham and then went back to the Sauber?


    That comment is way too PR. ;-)


    Deliberately so, Don’t want bad relations for slamming the team. :P


    Reliability upgrade, yeah right!


    @plutoniumhunter I think that could be a safety issue having @alfie drive the safety car. What happens when it breaks down?!


    I am very disappointed with the way this season has gone, from the poor decision on tyres by Johnny, to him throwing his toys out of the pram after getting outclassed in Australia.

    Don’t know if I can say this, but, Sir Frank and I have a deal to give you some satisfaction so you know that when the day comes around soon when you are comprehensively outdriven you can’t blame the team, only the disaster that is your driving.


    @raginginferno That’s exactly the point of my joke! ;-)

Viewing 15 posts - 2,521 through 2,535 (of 2,550 total)
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