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    If I could have a Yorkshire flag, that would be ace (its what I race under at Really Rubbish Racing) :P
    If thats me being too picky, I will have a GB flag thanks.


    Forename: Nicholas
    Surname: Sunderland
    Nationality: Canadian
    F1Fanatic Tag: @brazil2007
    Team: Caterham
    Dry Skill: 9
    Wet Skill: 2
    Reliability: 9
    Qualifying Pace: 5
    Race Pace: 8
    Favourite Tracks: Abu Dhabi, Hungary, Holland

    Ben Needham

    UK flag for me please chaps! Thanks!


    A British flag would be grand :)

    Oli Peacock

    Forename: Oli
    Surname: Peacock
    F1Fanatic Tag: @olliekart
    Nationallity: British
    Team: Marussia
    Dry Pace: 3
    Wet Pace: 10
    Reliability: 7
    Qualifying Pace: 4
    Race Pace: 9
    Favourite tracks: Monaco, Singapore, Silverstone

    Bradley Downton

    3 Seats Left: Marussia (1), HRT (2)
    Going like hotcakes now..
    Come on guys, if we get three more signed up, we could get the first race run tonight!


    Even though I’m British, too many of the same flag wouldn’t look good. Therefore I want the Peruvian flag please :)

    Felipe Bomeny

    Hopefully our relationship as teammates will be like Raikkonen-Massa; that’d be far more interesting than Massa-Alonso!

    As for nationality, I really like the Montenegrin flag and I think it’d look nice on the wikipedia page so Montenegro it is!

    Bradley Downton

    @portugoose – I thought you were Portuguese and as such I have put the Portuguese flag down, which looks REALLY good! :P haha

    Bradley Downton

    @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1 – The Peruvian Flag won’t work properly :/
    Are there any others that have a connection to you if you really don’t want a British one?


    @bradley13 Would it be OK if I were to use the South African flag for my nationality? Just to add a bit of variety :P

    Bradley Downton

    @raginginferno – Does it have any relevance to you? :P


    @portugoose I think that would be great if we could be like Raikkonen – Massa, but I hope the car is better than they had haha :)

    Oli Peacock


    Can i have the flag of Hezbollah?


    Lol, people are just asking for random flags now!

    If we want variety, maybe you should ban British players :P

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 2,550 total)
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