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Reiza Studios to produce Ayrton Senna game

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    The developers behind Game Stock Car are to release an Ayrton Senna racing title. They did previously release a ‘Formula Classic’ DLC for GSC, which looks like this:


    Though the Senna game is to be a new title from the ground up. I’m a little excited for this after feeling somewhat let down by F1 2010, and I hope to pick up GSC plus these free single-seater DLCs in a few weeks when I’m finished with exams because well, I want to pass them.


    From my comment on Twitter:
    “Hope it’s the ground effect/turbo era equivalent of Grand Prix Legends…”

    Would be great to have the 1985 – 1994 season in one game, and have the NA cars behave differently from the turbo cars (and handling differences between cars with and without active suspension… Also hope they can include the era appropriate driver roster too…


    What a flop!
    No no no! Why are they doing this?

    The F1 2011 is a masterpiece. There will not be a better Formula 1 game from any other developer than from Codemasters..

    Ayrton Senna is overrated..


    @dam00r Masterpiece? Bug-ridden, more like. Grand Prix 4 is where it’s at


    @ajokay It is a masterpiece. The feeling of the car is as realistic as It gets in a video game.


    I think you need to play a few more racing games. iRacing has a Williams in it that I’m sure is a lot more spot-on than F12011 is.

    Anyway, back to the point. This is interesting. I’m not sure how they’ll sort the licencing out for multiple seasons, but maybe because those seasons are so long ago now that it may be slightly easier.

    One way they can get round it is just by using the Ayrton Senna name, and forgoing any officially licenced cars or tracks. But that wouldn’t be a very good game then, would it?

    Either way, I hope they come up with a better name that what they gave their last game, Game Stock Car.

    Game Ayrton Senna doesn’t sound terribly catchy.


    @dam00r I’m not sure what version of the game you have but F1 2011 is nowhere near a masterpiece. Anywhos. This sounds interesting if they can actually pull it off. As @ajokay says if it is just Aryton Senna cars racing non licensed cars then that’s just not as much fun. Yes it’s just some colours and a name to distinguish but that wouldn’t be great.

    I’ve never played Game Stock Car, is it any good?

    I’ll never play it as I don’t have a PC but sounds interesting nonetheless


    I thought there was an Ayrton Senna game? Just play a racing game online, find some of the angry trolls who decide that if you don’t let them pass they’ll crash into you.

    @dam00r agree with your last sentence *packs bags and goes into hiding*

    It sounds like it could be fun.


    Just as an aside, how can anyone know which game has the most realistic physics or handling if they have never driven an actual F1 car?


    Sounds (engine notes, over apex etc), graphics, throttle gauge and the speed understanding/estimation/judgement”sensation” (wrong word, english is not my first language so help please!) when running through corners and on straights..

    F1 2011 is a masterpiece.

    @Steph haha no stand here beside me. we are gonna fight ’em! The fact that Mika Häkkinen was a third driver for McLaren and the “test driver” for Sennas car and putting in so close times as him when only driving 1/10 as much as Senna did in the car reveals alot of his actual performance. So what I’m trying to say is that Mika Häkkinen and Schumi are the best drivers in F1 there have ever been. Maybe If Häkkinen would have driven a few years more, Schumi wouldn’t had so many WDC titles on his belt.


    I haven’t played F1 2011 so I can’t comment on how it compares, but F1 2010 certainly wasn’t a masterpiece. Nor have I played iRacing. Nor have I driven any single seater. All I can say on the matter is that I have driven an ex-WRC Impreza and played Richard Burns Rally, which I felt was accurate enough given my meagre talents.

    @KNF I’m hoping for something similar to what you have described. Even if it’s just the 1991 season at a quality worthy of the name I’d be chuffed.

    @ajokay Haha I quite like ‘Game Ayrton Senna’ now you have mentioned it, they are a Brazilian developer as far as I’m aware so it’s likely a catchier title in Portuguese. Regarding licensing, since it’s for the PC they could just release it with 1 car and track and the mod community will have built up an entire selection within a few months.

    @Steph Public rooms are to be avoided like the plague, much better idea to get in with a moderated community with their own servers.

    @Estesark Therein lies the issue doesn’t it? I think the best most can do is plug in the mathematics and hope for the best. In saying that, ISI (the team behind rFactor) developed Red Bull’s (and a few other teams I think) simulators, and if they had their wits about them they’ll be taking all the feedback from the drivers on board for rFactor 2


    F1 2011 wasn’t a failure, but it definetly wasn’t a “masterpiece”….

    I have hope that this game will be good, since Reiza does spectacular things with such a small studio. Still, I wish they had used rFactor 2’s new engine instead of creating their own. I’m sure they can build a convincing package, but I just don’t think it will be that fantastic. There isn’t any information on what licensing they have acquired either, so for all we know we could be driving Formula Armaroli with different liveries on it (ok, I’m sure it won’t be THAT bad, but you get the idea). I won’t get to excited before they announce any more information.

    And btw, if you guys want to drive an amazing sim, try their Game Stock Car, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. If you liked F1 2011, maybe this one isn’t for you (its far more realistic and the cars are much heavier, and even their “F1” car is very different to F1 2011). Still, if you love sims (iRacing, rFactor, GTR2, RBR, NOT Any of the Codies F1 games!), you should try this one!


    Emmm a racing game using the name of a racing driver who died 17years ago…. not sure on that one. They’ve missed the boat by a good 2 decades and I cant see it as anything more then a cash’in on a deceased legend.

    They would be better off using a current racing driver (if possible?) for the title or better yet, make a Grand Prix game using cars of historical eras like the ground effect (late 70s/80s) and Turbos. Better still, make a modern version of Grand Prix Legends starting in ’60 > ’69 (id buy it!) Im sure the rights could easily be obtained for these, if you even need it.


    Think I’d prefer there was a game covering either the 70’s or 80’s, with each year actually progressing properly with new cars and real drivers (who would enter and exit the sport) without it being attached to a specific driver- unless that driver was actually your rival who you start F1 at the same time or a year or two behind.


    This game looks interesting, though as I’ve never heard of Reiza Studios or any of there games, I don’t really know what to expect.

    Oh, and I also think Ayrton Senna is overrated :P

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