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RIP Bizarre Creations

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    The games developer that brought F1 to the gaming masses via the PlayStation in 1996, Bizarre Creations, has had its doors closed for the final time by owners Activision.

    Responsible for ‘Formula 1’ and the follow-up that was ‘Formula 1 ’97’, the company was announced to be shutting down last November, and closed for business last night.

    More recently they worked on games such as ‘Project Gothem Racing 4’, ‘Blur’ and a James Bond game or two, but I for one shall always remember that pumpkin-headed logo as I booted up my PS1 for the first time in 1996, before being thrown into what was one hell of a game for the time. Accurate car shapes and liveries, detailed tracks, full-on dry-to-wet weather, and commentary by Murray Walker. And above all, so much fun to play.

    Thank you Bizarre Creations, you shall be missed.

    Stephen Jones

    RIP :(


    Too true. Ah the wasted hours of my youth spent with the ’96 game – I don’t regret a single one!


    RIP :(

    F1 ’97 is still the best official F1 game.


    I miss you, Geometry Wars

    Tom L.

    RIP indeed. Bizarre Creations may be no more, but F1 ’97 will live forever!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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