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SRO – F1 Classic Season

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    Thomas A

    SRO – Sim Racing Online are hosting a new season on



    The new season will feature the mod of CART Factor for rF1 and will be driving the 1980-90’s Classic F1 cars around circuits that would have featured in the seasons of those years such as Silverstone , Brand Hatch, Imola and Spa and more!
    There is no cost to join this season, it is run from the passion of racing.

    Key Information:

    The season will take place between the end of June and will finish in July. (This is not a final. This could change).
    Mod: CART Factor (CART Factor liveries on the cars only)
    Players: There will be a maximum of 30 racers able to compete per race.
    Race Day: Saturday (evening – UK time). (TBC)
    Assists and Settings: 100% damage, No assists (like in real life)
    Race Format: Practice – 15mins
    Qualifying – 10mins
    Warm Up – 5mins
    Race – 30mins
    At least One Pit Stop is required. Fail to do so will result in disqualification from the race.

    Round 1) Brazil – Interlagos
    Round 2) Portugal – Estoril
    Round 3) San Marino – Imola
    Round 4) Monaco
    Round 5) Canada – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
    Round 6) British – Silverstone
    Round 7) German – Nurbergring GP
    Round 8) Italian – Monza
    Round 9) Belgium – Spa
    Round 10) European – Brands Hatch
    (This is not a final decision. The tracks raced will be as close to the period of time as raced in the 1980 – 1990’s).

    1) A fair racing conduct is set in place to ensure everyone races fairly and everyone has fun.
    2) If you hit a driver off the track you must take a drive through penalty. If it is worse, a decision will be made on the spot by a up to 3 clerks of the course.
    3) Real names must be used in this series, no exceptions. This is to ensure we minimize the chances of getting wreckers into the series.
    4) Track limits – You must keep at least 2 wheels inside the white lines. Fail to do so will result in a drive through penalty.

    We do have a 3rd party website and forums but due to the rules of F1 Fanatic we cannot post the link. If more information is needed post below or private message me.

    To sign up please use this format:

    Driver Name: (First name and First letter of your Second Name)
    Preferred Driving Number: (eg. #1) – This does not have to be the number on your car in game.
    Agree to the Rules: (Yes | No) – If you select no you will not be able to compete.
    (There could be an increase to this information such as teams and cars that you will need to pick. See updates).

    Remember this season is not running until the end of June at the earliest. Please get in contact for more information. Please sign up if interested. We are relaxed on participation, If you can’t make a few races it is not a problem, just give us some warning so we can edit the table.
    There will be a drivers championship and possibly a team championship if enough interest is shown.

    Thomas A

    My entry:

    Driver Name: (Thomas A)
    Preferred Driving Number: (eg. #40)
    Agree to the Rules: (Yes)

    Please get in contact for more.

    Thomas A

    From the SRO forums we have someone sign up a little while ago but cannot post here.

    Driver Name: Rolf J
    Preferred Driving Number: TBA (#43)
    Agree to the Rules: (Yes)

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