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The 2013 F1F GT5 Le Mans 24 Laps (Saturday, June 22)

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    Oui! Teo113- audi r8 racecar



    Please enter your PSN name exactly how it appears, using capital letters and any spaces or extra characters and please enter the name of the model of the car you wish to enter exactly how it appears in your garage.


    Unfortunately this will be running at exactly the same time as a I travel home from Uni for the Summer! Sorry @magnificent-geoffrey!


    Oui – ajokay85 – *not sure yet…*

    Does the car have to be LMP1/2? It isn’t mentioned in the first post. could I up a GT car as per the regs? I’d also, you know, have to find a car that fits, as my garage it still relatively thin on the ground when it comes to LMP machinery.

    However, if using any car is the case, I’d very much like to use the 2011 Honda HSV-010 Super GT


    @magnificent-geoffrey hi mag. my exact psn is: teo113
    i havent played GT5 in ages and I never played online before (it’s too complicated to figure out the lobby/menu system!) so I need a bit of help.
    do i have to own the car to be able to race it? surely online you can just choose any car?


    @sato113 You have to own the car you wish to race, so if you don’t actually have an Audi R8 Race Car you’ll have to buy one. Also, Mag asked you for the full name of the car you want to use rather than your PSN name. I assume the full name of the car you wish to use is the Audi R8 Race Car ’01.


    I’m likely to be popping back to uni around that time unfortunately, but I might join if possible nearer the time.


    @slr ok i dont really know the exact names. havent played in ages. I want to change to the Toyota Gt One.

    shouldnt we all choose cars of the same class and speed? otherwise it’s gonna be too easy for some.


    That’s why we have a 700pp limit.


    ok thats cool then. i guess i better make some money! i hope to buy the toyota but i guess I’ll have to just buy the fastest car i can afford by saturday.


    @ajokay Will a SuperGT car go up to 700pp? I’m not sure it’ll be able to match LMP1 cars for downforce either, but if you can pimp it up to 700pp you’d certainly be able to enter it!


    @magnificent-geoffrey I have no idea, my experience of GT5’s upgrading is limited. I’ve mostly spent my time racing the cars I’ve won in career mode stock without worrying about upgrading, but I will have a look this evening. I hear in real life they have performance levels and lap times similar to that of LMP2 cars, so they can’t be far off.

    Either way, 700PP is an upper limit, not a goal. So even if it comes in at under that I’ve done enough long-distance races to know that to finish first, first you have to finish. :-D


    @ajokay It’ll be an interesting experiment, but I admit that I would be surprised if it turned out a souped-up SuperGT car could match a gimped LMP1 car. Fair play if it can, mind!

    Oli Peacock

    Can’t make it :( Just found out that I am out for my Uncle’s birthday


    Just in case it’s of use to anyone, there’s a FormulaGT seasonal event that is currently paying me out 1,268,543cr for winning each five lap race using a standard FormulaGT.

    I’m grinding that bad boy like a mother.

    EDIT: Since GT5’s used car dealership system is so stupid, I will not be able to find and then buy my beloved Sauber in time for the race. Instead, I will be entering the Mazda 787B Race car ’91.

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