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The Collantine Cup – Episode III

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    Enjoyed the practice this morning. Feeling more comfortable with this game now. Will need some practice in before the season starts properly though, but I’m looking forward to it.


    I feel like 3 seasons in everyone knows what to expect from eachother, and even certain characteristics from certain drivers. This can only be good for close battling, and I thought that was evident today.


    @electrolite OK then. What are my characteristics? :P


    I agree Geoff, going side-by-side through Copse was great!


    @magnificent-geoffrey You’re not very good at Ferradura…


    What are my characteristics? :P

    That you can’t pass me. :P


    Hopefully I can have some pace in the Cup this time around. Even though it was only a practice race, it was nice being on provisional pole for a while (before @magnificent-geoffrey ruined it…) ;)


    So the Formula 1 season is over again and that can only mean one thing – that the Collantine Cup begins next week, and I still haven’t finished the new thread OP yet!

    Don’t forget, Round One is next weekend, 11:00am UK time. Usual procedure. The OP will be up later on next week (and it will be worth the wait…), and while I won’t reveal anything else until it goes up, I will say that, as usual, the first race is Melbourne.

    Sorry for not having it up yet, but please be excited. It is happening.gif


    Can I sign up for this by any chance?


    @ShaneB12345678910 I’ve decided not to do sign ups for this season as we already have a really healthy group, but considering that I’ve had a couple of guys in the series recommend you, I’m happy to invite you to join. Even if your F1F username is ludicrously long and silly.

    In order to help make sure we have round teams, you have a choice between either Ferrari or Williams.


    That’ll be a difficult choice for you @Shaneb12345678910 ;) (I have to add that Shane would be a great addition to the league. You don’t get fairer racers)

    Harry Westwood

    Whilst you guys aren’t accepting entries, I can’t wait for this to get underway because I love watching your races :) looking forward to another excellent season of it :)


    @magnificent-geoffrey Thanks! I really do appreciate that a lot. And yeah, I chose that username like 3 years ago and have no idea what I was thinking at the time D:

    Also, I’m the same as Harry. When I first joined this website and saw the forum, I looked at the Collantine cup and I can actually say that it got me interested in league racing. So I owe a lot to the collantine cup, even though I haven’t done a single race in it.

    And may I have the Ferrari please? By far my favourite car in this game so really happy with that :)



    As I say, first race is this Sunday (December 1st) at 11:00am UK time. All the details will be revealed in the new thread when it’s done. Hopefully by Friday.


    Cannot wait. I assume Albert Park is the opening round like the last 2 Collantine Cups? Gotta go practice…

Viewing 15 posts - 721 through 735 (of 737 total)
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