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The Collantine Cup – v2.0

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    The Collantine Cup – v2.0

    …it all began with a dream. A vision. A single man with a single ambition – to create a Formula 1 website that would help Fanatics from all over the world join together to celebrate The Greatest Sport in the World™. That man was Keith Collantine. Then, another man came along. A man with a stupid username and a fish for an avatar. Just before the release of F1 2010 – the first official F1 game for the next generation consoles – he asked Keith about whether he could set up a Championship. A series where F1Fanatics with PS3s all over the world could do battle to determine who was the best online racer on the site. Keith said, “yes”. Thus, the Collantine Cup was born.

    The Inaugural season was one of action, controversy, crashes, drama, more crashes, lag, blatant manipulation of the rules by the organiser, even more crashes. We had five different race winners, four different Pole sitters, even more podium finishers and, most importantly, a huge amount of fun. We even had a Championship decider at the Final Round at Interlagos between Damon Smedley and Magnificent Geoffrey. Ultimately, Damon Smedley took the honours as the first person ever to win the Collantine Cup – and deservedly so.

    Now, with the Formula 1 season having concluded, it’s time for the Collantine Cup to begin again. This season, it’s going to be even bigger and better than last year. New drivers, new tracks, new rules, new game – but the same prize. Even though the action hasn’t yet begun, this season looks as though it’ll be completely unpredictable. It’s so close between the drivers, it’s impossible to predict who’s going to be at the front, at the back, in the mid field or anywhere. And with Pirelli tyres, KERS and DRS in the mix as well, and a brand new Teams Championship – it’s going to be one hell of an off-season!


    [The Calendar]

    The following dates* all fall on Sundays. All events are scheduled to begin at 11:00AM (GMT). Half of the tracks on the calendar have been decided by a vote held between the original drivers from Season 1.

    Melbourne opens the season once again before Yas Marina makes its Collantine Cup debut just before the extended Christmas break. In the New Year, we go to Sepang first – so remember to pack your wet tyres! – before heading back to Interlagos, scene of last season’s decider, on the following weekend. Then, we have the two most challenging circuits on the calendar, Monte Carlo and Spa, before the Collantine Cup’s first ever night race at Singapore (my favourite track! :D). Finally, the season finalé will take place at Silverstone on March 4th – just before the start of the 2012 Formula 1 season.

    *All dates are provisional and are subject to change throughout the season if they are not manageable for the majority of competitors

    Round 1: Melbourne, Australia (December 4th )
    Round 2: Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi (December 18th)
    (Next two Sundays fall on both Christmas and New Year’s Day)
    Round 3: Sepang, Malaysia (January 8th)
    ^(Back to back weekends) v
    Round 4: Interlagos, Brazil (January 15th)
    Round 5: Monte-Carlo, Monaco (January 29th)
    Round 6: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium (February 12th)
    ^(Back to back weekends) v
    Round 7: Marina Bay, Singapore (February 19th)
    Round 8: Silverstone, Great Britain (March 4th)


    [The Drivers]

    This season, the Collantine Cup is even bigger with the largest grid ever seen in the series’ history. For the first time, drivers will be paired up in teams – adding a whole new element of excitement to the racing. This means that aside from the Collantine Cup, drivers will also be competing for a brand new prize – the Morland Mug – which will be awarded to the team with the highest combined points total at the end of the season.

    So, without further ado, let’s meet the field who will be fighting it out for the Collantine Cup this year:

    Red Bull

    Damon Smedley (Collantine Cup Champion)

    Starts: 8
    Wins: 3 (Monza, Montreal, Suzuka)
    Poles: 1 (Suzuka)
    Podiums: 7
    Points: 141

    The inaugural Collantine Cup champion, Smedley has the honour of being the first person to receive F1F’s most prestigious annual, off-season, PS3-related prize and the unenviable burden of being the one driver that every other Collantine Cup competitor will want to beat.

    His relentless pace, robotic consistency and talent for always finding himself at the sharp end of the grid earned him an astonishing seven podium finishes from eight starts and a well deserved championship. By his own admission, his pre-season preparation hasn’t been as thorough as he would like, but if last season taught us anything, it’s to never, ever underestimate Damon Smedley. Will he retain his title in Season 2? It’d take a brave man to bet against it.

    iamsa8 (3rd)

    Starts: 8
    Wins: 1 (Spa)
    Poles: 2 (Monza, Montreal)
    Podiums: 4
    Points: 101

    Making up the second half of Team Red-Green and Gold, Fair Dinkum, Strewth Maiiite, Aussie-Bull, iamsa8 makes this team of Down Under drivers one of the strongest, if not the strongest on the grid. An actual, proper racing driver for real, iamsa8 has so much raw talent that he’s one of the most intimidating drivers on the grids.

    Last season, iamsa8 proved his racing abilities to the world by storming to a brilliant victory at Spa – holding off Magnificent Geoffrey in the closing stages of the race on dry tyres as the rain began to fall. He really should’ve had a second victory at Montreal, but was controversially denied after a receiving a time penalty for a contentious incident into the final chicane. It would take a brave man to bet against this guy increasing his win tally this season.




    “>Magnificent Geoffrey (2nd)

    Starts: 7
    Wins: 2 (Melbourne, Istanbul)
    Poles: 3 (Melbourne, Istanbul, Monte Carlo)
    Podiums: 5
    Points: 126

    If it’s true what they say that ‘second place is first of the losers’ – Magnificent Geoffrey is the biggest loser in the world. Statistically, the best driver on the grid not to have won the Collantine Cup, last season Mag finished second in the Championship, scored a hat-trick of second place finishes and his second win of the season ultimately proved to be his last. Mag will be more determined than most to prove that he has the skills to succeed at the highest level.

    A qualifying specialist, Mag took three Pole Positions last year. However, his refusal to use TC cost him dear during starts as Mag lost more positions on the first lap last season than anyone else by far. Having switched to Sauber, he will be desperate to start this season as strongly as he did the last and take back-to-back victories at Melbourne. It would take a brave man to bet against Mag changing the rules at some point during the season.

    Electrolite (8th)

    Starts: 5
    Wins: 0
    Poles: 0
    Podiums: 0
    Points: 42

    Statistically the greatest driver not to have finished on the podium, Electrolite’s first Collantine Cup campaign was hampered by his offline life preventing him from attending a number of rounds in the middle of the season. However, Electrolite still proved himself to be a skilled and clean racer last season and was just pipped to 7th place in the Championship by jonnyw360f1 with only one point in it.

    Electrolite’s pre-season form has been impressive and it’s clear to see he has improved greatly over the off season. With Magnificent Geoffrey by his side, the Sauber boys have a great relationship and will be pushing one another to try and maximise their points for each race as well as trying to beat the other one. It would take a brave man to bet against Electrolite claiming his first podium at some point this season.



    RIISE (4th)

    Starts: 7
    Wins: 1 (Monte Carlo)
    Poles: 0
    Podiums: 2
    Points: 84

    The infamous jet black Prancing Horse that is emblazoned on the badge of his favourite team is a perfect symbol of this formidable racer. After a very promising pre-season, RIISE was struck by a series of misfortunes throughout the first season of the Collantine Cup that masked his true ability. His single deserved win at the Monaco round of Season 1 was justice for a driver plagued by misfortune.

    Over the off-season, RIISE has been hard at work honing his skills in an attempt to become even faster. He dominated the Le Mans 24 Laps in June, until his typical bad luck forced him out of the running. A hard but fair racer, RIISE isn’t afraid of going wheel-to-wheel with any driver. It would take a brave man to bet against him being in contention for the title this season.

    Ads21 Rookie

    The first of the Collantine Cup debutants, Manx man Ads21 is a Tifosi through-and-through. Not much is known about this new driver’s abilities. But one thing’s for sure. Ads will be going flat-out to try and do justice to the team he cheers so passionate. It would take a brave man to bet against him being any worse than Massa.



    shyguy1992 (5th)

    Starts: 5
    Wins: 1 (Interlagos)
    Poles: 0
    Podiums: 3
    Points: 84

    “You’re only as good as your last race,” they say. If that’s the case, shyguy will be feeling pretty confident ahead of the first race of the second season of the Collantine Cup. In the season finale at Interlagos at the end of the Inaugural season, shyguy dominated a very eventful race with almost effortless ease to take his first and so far only victory in the Collantine Cup.

    A committed and clean racer, shyguy has bags of experience through simultaneously competing in approximately 27 different online series aside from the Collantine Cup. Back once again in his trademark Williams, shyguy will be aiming to not only be able to attend Rounds more consistently this season but also to build on the success he achieved at the end of last year. It would take a brave man to bet against him being a regular podium attendee this year. One to watch for sure.

    Ratboy Rookie

    One of the most anticipated new drivers to join the grid, Ratboy is an exciting addition to the Collantine Cup fraternity – and I’m not just saying that because he’s a moderator. Having plied his trade in the rough and tumble world of touring car racing in the GTTCC, Ratboy is a hard, clean and fair racer. He’s also showed a lot of pace in pre-season testing and you know he’ll be pushing hard to try and get his hands on coveted trophy that shares his name. It would take a brave man to bet against him being in contention for Rookie of the Year.



    slr (6th)

    Starts: 7
    Wins: 0
    Poles: 2 (Spa, Interlagos)
    Podiums: 2
    Points: 56

    If there was one word to describe slr’s driving abilities, that word would be ‘quite fast’. Statistically the best driver not to have won a race last year, slr is another driver whose bad luck masked the true potential hiding within. He finished strong last season, taking a superb 2nd – his personal best result – in the final race at Interlagos.

    He also claimed two blistering Pole Positions, including Spa – the ultimate drivers’ circuit – proving that he has the talent to be a real contender this season. Back in his favoured Mercedes, slr will be looking to lead the Silver Arrows to greater things this time around.

    David A Rookie

    A popular new addition to the Collantine Cup grid, David A has already earned the respect of many current drivers who overwhelmingly voted him into the series. He showed his skills in the Le Mans 24 Hours earlier in the year but it’s difficult to predict where this young man will fit into the Collantine Cup hierarchy. It would take a brave man to underestimate him though, as he will be out to prove he’s a contender for regular points finishes and a worthy team mate to slr.



    jonnyw360f1 (7th)

    Starts: 5
    Wins: 0
    Poles: 0
    Podiums: 1
    Points: 43

    Yet another driver whose placing in last year’s Championship betrays his racing abilities, Jonny W’s season was marred by missing three races. Another very fair and reliable racer, a 3rd place at the second round in Monza was the highlight of his season last year – helping him to beat Electrolite to 7th on the table by a single point.

    Whatever Jonny’s been doing over the off-season, it’s been working brilliantly. Fast right out of the gates, his pre-season form has been mighty and he appears to have been the most improved driver of the season before the racing has even begun. Back in his beloved Lotus after briefly flirting with HRT, it would take a brave man to bet against Jonny appearing on the podium more often this time around.

    ed24f1 (13th)

    Races: 1
    Wins: 0
    Poles: 0
    Podiums: 0
    Points: 12

    He may have only entered a single Collantine Cup race, but the impression he made after Montreal will have lasted right up to the start of his first season as a full time Collantine Cup driver. Last year’s Junior F1F champion, ed24f1 has the pedigree, the skills, and the potential to be fighting for wins from the very start at Melbourne. With a quick team mate in Jonnyw360f1, it would take a brave man to bet against Team Lotus being right in the thick of the battle for the Morland Mug.


    Force India

    Silverkeg Rookie

    The fourth (!) Australian driver on the grid and fourth rookie so far, Silverkeg is another unknown quantity. A driver who definitely seemed to be keeping his cards close to his chest during pre-season testing, it’s difficult to predict how Silverkeg will fare on his Collantine Cup debut. He’s also the first driver without a team mate, so he could be seen to be at a bit of a disadvantage there too. If all of his fellow countrymen are anything to go by, chances are that Silverkeg will fit right into the Collantine Cup and it would take a brave man to under-estimate an Australian driver in this Championship.



    supernicebob Rookie

    A huge fan favourite, supernicebob captured the hearts and minds of everyone who witnessed the Le Mans 24 Laps earlier in the year. Taking over the car that won Damon Smedley the first ever Collantine Cup title, it could be argued the pressure on supernicebob is greater than that of all other Rookies on the grid. If pre-season testing is anything to go by, supernicebob won’t be phased by that pressure in any way, as his form has been remarkable. A perfect fit for the Collantine Cup, it would take a brave man to bet against supernicebob converting his pre-season pace into early season points.


    Spud Rookie

    Last, but certainly not least, newcomer Spud takes over Irishlad’s position as Ireland’s sole representative in the Collantine Cup. Having literally only just made his debut in online racing, there were a few concerns that this loveable Irish gentleman lacked the experience necessary to compete at this level. But Spud destroyed all doubts during pre-season testing, fighting hard and fairly with many established Collantine Cup regulars right from the word go. He says he can’t wait for the season to begin, and the Collantine Cup can’t wait to see what sort of things Spud’ll be able to achieve during his first season. It would be a brave man to bet against Spud knocking back a Guinness or two in celebration at some point this season.


    [The Rules]

    Race Distance: 40%
    Weather Setting: Dynamic
    Rules and Flags: Reduced
    Tyre Sim: On
    Fuel Sim: On
    Car Damage: Off
    Car Performance: Equal
    Collisions: Full
    Assists: All Allowed

    Damage – After much consideration, I have decided against running with damage. I think that for a casual series such as this, damage wouldn’t really add anything apart from increased likelihood of people getting angry and annoyed. I don’t think having damage off will mean people will drive recklessly or more aggressively because I think we’re an intelligent bunch who recognise that this is just for fun and will drive sensibly because of it.

    Do Nots – Deliberate unsportsmanlike behaviour such as, but not limited to, excessive weaving, deliberate ramming, driving around the track the wrong way, parking across the track to block other drivers will result in a warning and then a ban from the Championship if warnings are not heeded. That driver’s place in the Championship will then be offered to reserves.

    Absences – Drivers unable to make a Round of the Championship will not be penalised if they notify the others of their absence prior to that Round taking place. Drivers who do not turn up to multiple races without notifying in advance may have their place in the Championship offered to a reserve.

    Handbags – If you have a grievance about something that happens on track involving another competitor, do NOT make angry, accusatory, childish comments in this thread. We do not accept or put up with that sort of thing in this series. That is your one and only warning. If you have an issue with someone else, first of all remember that this is a video game and if you’re really that upset by it, you should maybe reconsider your life priorities. Secondly, if you wish, contact the person with whom you have a grievance in private, either through F1F PM, PSN or another private channel and discuss it like real men would.

    Penalties – Penalties will be set to ‘Reduced’. However, CCRAP still encourages drivers to moderate themselves and not race purely to the game’s limits. Meaning, if there is a shortcut, exploit or other unsportsmanlike advantage to be gained from doing something that the game will not punish you for; drivers should refrain from doing it. This is all about having good, clean fun – not winning at all costs.

    In regards to time penalties, the precedent set following the iamsa8 Montreal incident is that we do NOT retroactively overturn game-imposed time penalties. If you get a time penalty that you feel is unfair, I’m sorry but I will not overturn it. If you can provide solid, irrefutable evidence that you have been given a time penalty unfairly, and the majority of competitors agree that you have been unjustifiable punished, CCRAP does reserve the right to overturn penalties in those circumstances. However, this will only occur for extreme cases.

    F1 2011 is considerably stricter on what it considers ‘corner-cutting’ even on Reduced penalty settings. Many drivers find themselves receiving penalties and even being disqualified because of consistently missing apexes – even if it is not by a significant amount. CCRAP has no problem with this and encourages all drivers to keep this in mind when racing. Ultimately, however harsh you think it may be, if you get disqualified from a race for corner-cutting, that responsibility lies with you and you alone.


    [The Procedure]

    Invites will be sent out at 10:55am GMT (5 minutes before event start). Drivers can join at any time between then and the 11:00am GMT start, but if a driver fails to enter the room within that time, without notifying that they will be late, the race will begin and that driver will not be allowed to join the session.

    As ever, there will be a XMB chat room created for each Round of the Championship. You are strongly encouraged to join it, even if you have a microphone, so you can stay informed as to what is going on at all times. I strongly recommend the use of a USB keyboard if you have one available to help make typing easier.

    After qualifying, there will be a 2 minute wait to allow drivers to prepare for the race, during which time no one is to select ‘Go to Race’ on the menu screen. Magnificent Geoffrey (or whoever is the nominated host for that particular Round) will ask you all to confirm that you are ready to proceed before beginning the countdown to the start of the race.

    If you have a microphone, you’re welcome to use it but please keep it muted if you’re not talking during racing and keep comments to a minimum. If you want to apologise to or thank someone, that’s perfectly fine, but no one wants to hear your conversation with your girlfriend, mum, dog or the FFB on your wheel in the background.

    There will only be one attempt at each race, no restarts.


    [Collantine Cup TV]
    Drivers are encouraged to share any video they have of the chaos, mayhem and rare successful overtaking manoeuvres from races on the Collantine Cup official YouTube channel. We had some great footage from last season and we would all love to see more this year.


    Gentlemen, see you on the grid in Melbourne. Again.



    And I am ecstatic with my team-mate. @ed24f1 we’re taking the Morland Mug!

    Dan Thorn

    This looks like a lot of fun! It’s a shame I won’t be taking part but I hope to keep following it via the forum and YouTube.

    (Btw it’s Ned, I can’t be bothered to log onto my own account!)


    This is awesome stuff! I can’t wait!!!

    And it must be said, my theme song, is astounding! :P

    See y’all next week then! :D


    Ok now who voted for Yas Marina? Shame on you ;). I’m a bit dissapointed that were not ending the championship in Brazil, but oh well.

    Interesting that I’m described as “quite fast”, I personally call myself “erratic”, I have good pace, but I do make quite a few mistakes. I also take it that “Mr. Boombastic” is to do with me racing for Jamaica, even though I’m not into Reggae music (I like Rock and Metal :)).

    Anyway, thanks a ton for organizing this Mag, you’re a legend.




    Are all the spaces taken? … :(

    Stephen Jones

    this OP is full of win.. also, i’ll be on PSN for the next 6 hours (it’s on in the background, i’m not that crazy!) so if anyone wants to cut some laps, i’m in.. still haven’t made it to any pre-season test events yet


    Fantastic work on the first post! Also, quite a nice calendar there…

    As I’ve said previously, I won’t be able to make it for this weekend’s race, as I have a school reunion, which was going to be on the 2nd, but moved to the 4th just two weeks ago. I also have a race on my birthday (15th Jan), which will hopefully give me some good luck!

    @jonnyw360f1 Thanks, I’m happy to team up with you as well, let’s hope we can put in a good showing!


    Wow! This looks great! If only I had a PS3…

    Ah well, I’ll be keeping up to date. Good luck everyone, especially RIISE and Ads21 ;)


    I go to the USA on the 2nd of March. Does the ‘drop one race’ rule still count this year? As I won’t be able to to make the finale! Gutted!


    Actually that reminds me, I’m going to Canada in March, though I’m not sure which part of March. So yeah, I might miss the last round.



    The ‘Morland Mug’ had me in tears!

    Am I the only one that had the respective YouTube videos playing whilst reading the introductions to each competitor? David A has the grooviest intro song. I was expecting (and sincerely hoping) this would be shyguy’s song, too. I do fear for the mental health of whoever created that iamsa8 video, however…

    I think damage should be on cosmetic as it was last year. It doesn’t affect the performance when you crash, but it’s nice when your front wing comes off for effect.


    Do you have a list of substitutes that players can contact should they need a fill in? Happy to put my hand up to fill in for anyone.


    Is there no chance of changing to 50% distance?

    Also, have we decided who is going to host the races? This is quite important when dealing with potential connection issues.

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