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    @ajokay yeah, well, I use the oportunity to do my favourite GT sport: time trials :P. But yeah, I don’t spend much time with it once Gold comes so darn easy !


    Hey guys, I have Gran Turismo 6 and I have nearly completed the licence for online racing, but I have never raced online before in a GT game and really want to try it. Would any of you be kind enough to add me so I can race with you – I may not be online often, and I may always come last, but I promise that when you are lapping me I will move aside :D My PSN is Mathers96

    Looking forward to seeing some of you out on track, go easy on me guys!


    hi guys my PSN is “Arrrang” but Im still playing gt5. My gt6 will arive within first week of january. So you can add me in advance ;)


    Ok, GT6 already in my bluray drive :)


    I’ll run another championship season of LMPs on GT6 in the new year, and I’ll have more news in the coming week. Keep your eyes peeled :)


    So, I’m thinking of grabbing GT6 now that it’s twenty quid on Amazon UK, but it would mainly be in order to compete in or arrange some multiplayer fun.

    I’m thinking either setting up a casual touring car series with multiple races, reverse grids, boost and other fun gimmicks or forming some sort of F1F Gran Turismo Racing Drivers Club and hosting unique one-off race events every now and then, like a kart night or a SuperGT event around Suzuka and, of course, the Le Mans 24 Laps. If anyone would be interested in anything like that, it’d also be good to see how much of an interest there is in anything like that.

    I’d also like to know what people think of the game and whether it’s really worth spending the money to buy what effectively seems to be GT5+ a few extra tracks and cars.


    Count me in for some races anyway. It’s not much different to GT5, except for a few new tracks and cars and day/night transitions added to some tracks, and the fact that you can see the constellations as you drive (which totally freaks me out). That being said, 20 quid isn’t bad, and if the rumoured track editor turns out to be true, that would make it an absolute bargain.


    Hmmmmmm. I have to admit, I was seriously considering buying GT6, but having just watched this review, I think I’m going to pass this time around.


    The whole single player experience is terrible. It’s basically something you have to grind through in order to get cars and money so that you can have proper races online. I got loads of extra cars with mine when I got it, and then I did the credit hack to get loads of money to buy loads of good cars, so I can play online no problem. But if you were starting from scratch then you’ve got many hours of miserable repetition before you could afford anything remotely interesting.


    Sadly I don’t have the time to invest in it to get the most out of it. I’ve managed to save up enough for a Mclaren and an Aventador in game which is something, but I don’t think I’ll ever get to use the multimillion credit costing LMP1 or Group C cars.


    I don’t find it too difficult to amass credits. If you sign in almost every day (not necessarily to play if you are pressed for time) you can keep a 200% bonus going. Getting gold on every seasonal time trial brings in a fair amount of money and sometimes prize cars of not inconsiderable value. Some of the Red Bull Junior races are a fairly quick and quite fun way of getting credits too if new seasonal events aren’t available. I don’t find it too much of a slog because I always have enough credits to buy a variety of cars.

    With many cars and the large variety of tracks I still enjoy working through the career, getting to experience my garage and improve my cars along the way, although admittedly the AI being better would vastly improve the career. You do unfortunately need to pick your car carefully- if you want a challenging race (in terms of getting from last to first as that is the disappointing format) then pick a conservative car in relation to what the performance index actually allows you. I won’t argue that the career mode couldn’t do with more variety (as well as rally events), but I still have fun with it.

    GT6 is pretty much GT5.5, but all the minor improvements really add up for me when I look at the entire game. Most of the new cars are interesting, as well as the tracks (some of which were DLC for GT5 but which I was too tight to shell out for). The game is generally quite a bit slicker in terms of layout. Some of the visuals are tidied up- the standard cars look better and the shadow flicker is reduced. And there’s an awful lot more to come with the interesting course creator and, most importantly, some Senna and (I think) more Andretti content.

    Regarding one of the complaints from that video, the amount of cars is obviously silly and unnecessary. But the notion that they should only keep cars with interiors isn’t right for me. Yes it would be nice for all the cars featured to be top quality, and one of the biggest pushes for the series should be upgrading the best standard cars. But I’d much rather basic versions of what is a vast number of interesting cars than see them omitted completely.

    It’s also worth noting that the video review gave it a 7 despite all the complaints. And that’s because GT6 is still spectacular in many ways. I suppose how much it’s worth the money depends on how much you enjoyed GT5 butif you also felt like you finished with that game completely (played it to death) and want a fresh start. Particularly if you never got any DLC, this could be for you. Or maybe wait until the extra content that is supposed to appear actually does. I will say that trying to nail a lap up the Goodwood hill is a wonderfully frustrating experience.

    And yeah, a casual racing league sounds good on the off-chance you change your mind.


    I haven’t touched GT6 in weeks, and I dare say it’s killed my entusiasm for the series. I was willing to forgive GT5’s problems, but many of them haven’t been fixed and many more have been made worse (mostly in relation to the single player), and I’m feeling much less charitable this time. I don’t even find the driving fun any more since I discovered Race 07 on the PC.


    I wish we could have a ‘Race 14’ for this new WTCC season.

    As good as Race 07 is, it is pretty dated now.


    This game could do with the shuffle racing random fun of GT5. They were most of the reason I’d join public lobbies.


    @magnificent-geoffrey I wish we could have a ‘Race 14′ for this new WTCC season. As good as Race 07 is, it is pretty dated now.

    It doesn’t bother me in the slightest that it’s dated. It’s immensely fun, far more so than I was having on GT6, especially with a bunch of others.

    Either way, there is a Race 14, it goes by the name of RaceROom Racing Experience. They recently showed a video of the coming soon multiplayer option, complete with a 2013 WTCC grid. Looks brilliant.

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