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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Hopefully it won’t take as long to arrive as the endlessly delayed GT5

    Every GT game has been endlessly delayed.


    Ultimately it needs to be far more cohesive than GT5. There shouldn’t be 2 categories of detail for cars. Rallying should be better catered for in the main game- there was practically no rally challenges in the end in GT5. It needs the right mix of city circuits, real circuits and original circuits (these should include classics and some new ones), as all of these can be interesting. I enjoyed the Rome and Madrid circuits personally, but they should be complemented with more circuits like Mount Panorama and Midfield Raceway.

    It really needs to trim the fat in terms of cars- I like the Honda NSX, but don’t need 20 different versions of the same road car with several from every year with no discernible difference between them. Do the same with every Japanese car, particularly Nissan Skylines- I don’t care about every special edition, just feature one or two important or interesting versions of the R32, R33 and R34. However, I love all the racing versions of cars that Gran Turismo has specially produced in previous games, and I don’t want them to disappear. They just need to be recreated in greater quality.

    If damage is in, it needs to be done better, otherwise there isn’t a whole lot of point.


    @rjoconnel That vintage f1-ey looking thing may well be fictitious, but I could very well be wrong. It looks a bit like a Cooper T51 with mudguards and tail lights.


    Technically, GT5 was only delayed by a year. Prior to that, it never had an actual release date.


    I was there yesterday, at Silverstone.

    The game does look and sound very thoroughly thought-out and polished. What became very apparent during the presentation was that Gran Turismo 5 is essentially GT6 Prologue. GT5 has laid the groundwork, GT6 will be the masterpiece. It’s just a shame the whole thing has taken so long.

    My day included playing lots of the GT6 demo, various cars around Silverstone (the International circuit (previously known as the South circuit) has been included for the first time in a game that I can remember…. no sign of the Stowe Circuit though.

    But then I was taken for 2 laps around the International circuit in a GT Academy 370z GT4 driven by Wolfgang Reip, last year’s GT Academy champion and GT Series/Blancpain Endurance driver this year, followed by 3 laps driving a Toyota GT86 alongside an instructor. Thoroughly amazing experience.

    Here’s a photo album for anyone interested:


    @ajokay I don’t think you’re going to stop until the entire Internet is jealous of you!

    Anyway, I do like GT5 in spite of its many, many flaws, and this sounds like a decent upgrade. More real life tracks is a good start (I don’t mind the rubbish city tracks because they provide some much needed variety), and hopefully the standard cars will be cleaned up a lot and given some kind of proper cockpit view.

    But, Polyphony, LIVERY EDITOR! That is all.


    @lin1876 Hah, true. Here are my musings:

    – 1200 cars out of the box, hopefully all premium (they’ve had enough time by now… and it’s time to stop using polished PS2 car models), with more to come as DLC
    – 7 further locations with 19(?) layouts in addition to what’s in GT5. Silverstone GP, National & International (aka South) circuits included.
    – Menus are far more streamlined, far less cluttered, and seem to load a whole lot faster. You’ll be able to control the menus using an app on your phone/tablet/laptop using simple and intuitive touch-screen interfaces before turning to your TV for the race proper. The app also looked like it let you play and tinker with your garage on-the-go.
    – Vast customisation options. Far more alloy wheels, what seemed like hundreds of body kit options available to strap to any car. Some kind of livery editor was briefly hinted at, but I’d wait until some proper news on that.
    – The custom track editor look vastly improved. The idea now is that there are several locations (a swathe of rolling countryside bordered by villages in the Andalucean region of Spain was shown) – and from what I could make of the feature is that you can take this several square miles of land and draw a squiggle on it. Voila. There’s your track. Whether the squiggle drawing is limited to open land or whether you can draw it through the streets of these villages and give yourself a street circuit, I’m unsure. They said several locations will be on offer initially, with more being available later as DLC.
    – The tyre and suspension physics have been completely remodelled, giving the cars a far more realistic feel. The cars roll and pitch and carry their inertia more realistically. It felt really good to drive the GT86 with the wheel and pedals. The car moved entirely as you’d expect it to and you felt you could push.

    There was a very interesting piece of tech that I got to sample too. I drove a GT86 equipped with an incredibly accurate GPS tracker. Once I’d done my laps, the data was downloaded via a USB port in the glovebox, and then uploaded into the GT6 demo, where I proceeded to watch my laps back in-game. Wonderful bit of technology blurring the lines between the real and digital worlds. Imagine going to a track day in the future and taking your laps home with you at the end of the day, plugging them into your console or PC and seeing if you can best your time in-game.


    That does sound incredible. Do you know if A-spec has been expanded? It really was far more of a (brilliant and vastly enjoyable) slog to get through everything in GT4, whereas GT5 just seemed too basic, without enough races catering to specific manufacturers or models. Also, did you see if there was more rallying races/challenges than in GT5?

    R.J. O’Connell

    @GeeMac I actually just figured out what it is – the Light Car Company Rocket, a Gordon Murray design:


    A great compliment to the KTM X-Bow.


    Good spot. :)


    @matt90 I can’t answer you questions unfortunately. There was no specifics as to the content of the game. The demo had 14 or so cars, including the KTM X-Bow, LCC Rocket, Tesla Model S, Alfa TZ3, Jaguar XKRS, Audi Quattro S1 Rally, Ferrari Dino, Alpine A110, Lamborghini Countash, Mercedes SLS AMG GT3, McLaren MP4-12C, Toyota GT86, Nissan 370z Academy Edition and the Nissan Leaf, as well as Autumn Ring and an early-ish version of Silverstone with 3 layouts (GP, National, International). The Sunday and Clubman cups were there, but unplayable because you needed a car, and the garage contained no cars, the cars were only available in free play mode. There was no talk of how many cups and challenges there would be, and to be honest with you I wouldnt have paid much attention to anything regarding rallying as it’s just not my thing. i never play the rally bits in the GT games, they just don’t interest me.

    @vettel1 If you’re a Forza player, you should take a look here: http://www.reallyrubbishracing.co.uk

    R.J. O’Connell

    As far as racing series goes, what would you like to see represented?

    The game has a decent selection of ’90s Supertouring cars, but I’d love to see more BTCC classics added to the mix (yes, and an E30 M3 to go with that).

    The NASCAR and SuperGT selections could be refreshed, particularly with NASCAR’s new 6th generation cars. And more GTE/GT3 cars, the MP4-12C GT3 should be a slam dunk.

    And if they can’t have current F1 cars, classics are more than welcome to me.


    Considering the game is abbreviated to GT, there’s an alarming lack of modern GT machinery in the game. Always has been. The cars that make up the GT Series/Blancpain/GT Open/GT Tour/BritishGT series would be very welcome, along with some more modern Le Mans machinery. The Deltawing would be a welcome addition too.

    I’m a fan of what GT does with the fictional touring car versions of cars it has in the game. More of those would be great.

    And a livery editor. Please. The game needs it.


    “will be released in Holiday, 2013”

    Anybody know when this is? Summer? Christmas time?

    Fer no.65
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