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What do you want to know about Codemasters' F1 2018?

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    Keith Collantine

    I’ll be attending a launch event for Codemasters’ F1 2018 next week. If there’s anything you particularly want to know about the game please post your questions below. I can’t promise I’ll ask them all but I will make sure I read through all of them before the event.

    William Woodhouse

    Will the new R&D Rule Change systems mean that teams will move up and down the grid every season randomly? For example it could mean that Williams can go from a back-marker team to being a competitive midfield team in just one season?

    William Woodhouse

    Will there be a possibility that the official Formula 2 and Formula 3 (2019) drivers and teams will be included in future F1 games such as in the MotoGP games with Moto2, Moto3 and Red Bull Rookie Cup all in which will therefore create extra depth into the career mode?


    Will there be driver swaps in the new game, and if not will it be considered for the future?


    How new DRS zones after the release of F1 2018 will be manage ? They will be added or not ? For Monza Singapore, Suzuka, CotA etc… Does the game have a cooldown lap after the race ? Does the game will have new helmets design created by fans like we had last year ? The game will feature a ERS management, but does the game include a ERS mapping ? For example turn the ers on max in a acceleration, then go to normal in the straight, then go slow in a braking point, all of that automaticaly ?


    Will there be local splitscreen? I actually just came off playing F12011 because of the splitscreen championship and really miss it.


    Is there a single reason why I should buy F1 2018 instead of keep on going with Assetto Corsa and Automobilista?


    I’ve really enjoyed F1 2017, and it’s great to hear what they’re adding for this years installment.

    The only gripe I had was the seemingly complete disconnection in the driving dynamics between the 2017 cars and the Legacy ones. It really feels like something from GPL or rFactor 1, very very slippery.

    I wonder if they’ve worked on improving the feel of the old cars, because at the moment, the physics really feel dated and take away the fun from the legendary cars they have on offer.

    (Driving with a G27 wheel set)

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions @keithcollantine !

    Patrick Parkinson

    Any chance of a 1950s -1960s wingless classic car to join the ones already announced?


    Can we get Classic Tracks, its cool having classic cars but I want to race at Brands Hatch, the old Hockenheim, even more recent ones like Istanbul Park


    Not so much what I want to know but what I would like –

    F3 & F2 added to make a fuller career mode

    Older classic cars, more pre 1990 cars. Option to do classic car championship.

    The option to customise liveries, team name (perhaps even create your own team)

    The option to customise the track layouts used in championship mode. Want to use Bahrain endurance, outer or paddock circuit? sure.. Shanghai, Barcelona, Monaco, Paul Ricard,Silverstone, Hockenhein, Monza, Sochi, Suzuka, Texas, Mexico (with Peraltada), Abu Dhabi all have alternate layouts. Let us pick and choose which we want to use for the championship a la Forza Motorsport for example.

    Drivers to move around teams, drivers to retire and be replaced etc.

    I am not a FIFA player but I can see the attraction for fans in getting the new edition each year as they have the option to make transfers between teams as well as the fact that the teams change substantionally between editions and they can choose from any number of leagues to play from.

    F1 does not have that. By and large, the tracks are the same each year, a new race/track every few editions perhaps. The driver market has been pretty stagnant for the last few years so the novelty of playing as Vettel in a Ferrari in 2015 (the last F1 game I purchased) has long gone.

    To counter this, Codemasters needs to increase the customisation available to the player IMO.

    Thomas Bennett

    Will penalties be added to the new ranking system? I am asking because I am not a great player and that I will be lumped in with the noobs.


    Mostly interested in the energy management systems racing wise…

    As a side note, perhaps ask if they are considering a story mode at all, something akin to FIFA or NBA games? With a cinematic rivalry or rise to glory or behind the scenes intrigue and more involved sponsorship and outside the car activities.

    Also would be interested to hear about their relationship with Liberty if there’s any at all and how they feel about their interest in expanding into the real-time ghost racing and the technological challenges with implementing something like that into the codemasters series.

    Keith Collantine

    Thanks very much to everyone who took the time to offer feedback and thoughts here. I went through all your replies before the event and we got answers to quite a few of them – look out for details in our coverage from the event coming soon.

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