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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Thought I might bump this thread with a recommendation: Assassin’s Creed IV.

    I admit I had no idea what was going on in the ongoing storyline, but the main plot of the game is easy to understand, and the naval combat is excellent. It takes a while to get used to it, but once you do, it is surprisingly nuanced, and there is always just enough of a challenge lying over the horizon if you want to seek it out – even when you get to the point where you can take out a man o’ war withoutt taking a single hit.


    At the moment:

    The Simpsons: Tapped Out
    Replaying Sam and Max: Episode One with Mrs F1 Fanatic
    And fitting in the occasional game of Pinball Dreams via WinUAE

    Harry Westwood

    At the moment I play GTA V a lot, a bit of Portal 2, a couple of matches of Fifa 14 here and there too.


    GTA V a lot too. @Sirspuddington, you should come find me online, I have a billion dollars :P
    I recently bought Fifa 14 as well. Not really into football, but kinda enjoy the games.

    Apart from that, I’m just going to save up for a PS4 and InFamous: Second son!


    Playing Morrowind and Age of Empires 2 HD.

    Ben Furtula

    Yeah I play a fair bit if F1 2013 but I enjoy GTA V, NBA 2K14, FIFA 13, Gran Turismo 6. I am hoping to get my hands on a PS4 and can’t wait to play NBA 2K14 and Watchdogs on next gen :)


    I haven’t played all that much in the past year or so. But the last few months I’ve been playing GTA V (only the storyline really, that’s what I look for in those games). In addition to that I’ve played some F1 2013 and reopened my COD MW3 (ADHD stuff and the game’s not really all that great but the multiplayer is pretty damn addictive…)

    Used to play a lot Assassin’s Creed but once they moved the games away from medieval/reneissance Europe I’ve pretty much lost all my interest. Those games were so fun to play and look at, but forests, jungles and naval settings don’t do it for me in that specific franchise.

    Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire were pretty damn great and with the success of Assassins Creed, I’d like to see more games that are set in those kinds of unlikely milieus.


    May I add “The Last of Us” to the list of must play games. The storyline is terrific (especially the second half), and the multiplayer is the most unique and best multiplayer I’ve ever experienced. So the overall package is amazing. It’s right up there with the favourite games I’ve ever played!


    Currently playing Prison Architect, Next Car Game, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Race 07, Assetto Corsa, Fez, Train Simulator 2014, The Stanley Parable, DayZ, GT6, and GTAV amongst others. A real mixed bag.

    I’d urge anyone with a decent PC and a wheel and pedals to pick up Assetto Corsa and Next Car Game. One is a brilliant and accurate sim, the other is the modern reincarnation of the PS1’s Destruction Derby. Both are currently purchasable as early access alphas, but both are easily worth the money.


    It the moment, I’m busy with GT6, The Last Of Us (second playthrough of that), and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Won’t be buying any more games for another while yet, as I’ll be busy enough with those three, though I have seen a demo of Dying Light which is due to be released on PS4 in March (or so I believe). It looks fantastic. Will also be getting Forza back up and running later in the month too.

    I’ve fallen out of love with the latest Assassin’s Creed games too. I loved the game in the eras of Ezio and Altair, but Assassin’s Creed 3 lost me, I’m sorry to say, and I’ve no real intentions of getting Assassins Creeed 4, unless it comes down in price by a long way, then I *might* consider it.


    I’m sorry to hear that, Spud. I haven’t played an Assassins’ Creed game since 2, but I really liked the story up to that point. Seems like they’re kind of milking it now, though.


    They do seem to be. Assassins Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood & Revelations were great. I loved the storylines and the gameplay was just soooooo much fun, but I disliked 3 an awful lot, and seeing as Black Flag is along the same vein, it’s not really grabbing my attention like the old games did. Pity really. I’d have liked to see an AC2-ey type game on PS4, but alas, it may never happen.


    I’m currently NBA 2K14 where I’m focusing on the career mode. During the rookie game I intentionally played badly in the hope that the San Antonio Spurs (my favourite NBA team) would pick me as they had the 28th pick in the draft, fortunately it worked perfectly as they picked me. Unfortunately the team isn’t doing as well as in real life with us being 6th in our conference and at one point we went on a seven game losing streak.

    Before I got NBA I was playing Gran Turismo 6 which I find enjoyable and I will eventually get back to in due course. I’m so glad the used car dealership is gone.

    I also play GTA V and FIFA 14 every now and then. I’ll probably buy a PS4 later this year, I had actually pre-ordered one but when the lack of games (that were only on PS4 and not PS3 too) became apparent I cancelled it.

    The Last Of Us (second playthrough of that)

    Damn, I couldn’t even finish the first one as the clickers are too scary for me. I’m a bit of wimp as far as horror games are concerned. Also the scarce resources you have is a bit annoying for me as I suck at stealth and I often had to take on the infected and human enemies.

    I’ve no real intentions of getting Assassins Creeed 4, unless it comes down in price by a long way, then I *might* consider it.

    Same here, although Assassin Creed 4 is already down to half price so it may not be long before I consider it.


    the clickers are too scary for me

    They are bloody scary! It’s for that very reason that I played this game during the day. The atmosphere in that game is beyond creepy! But I loved it!

    Also the scarce resources you have is a bit annoying

    That’s true. But having got my bearings, the second time around is a lot better. I was absolutely *rubbish* the first time around, but the second time is a lot better. Still scary though.


    2K Sports make amazing games. NBA 2K14 looks outstanding.

    I remember playing NFL 2K5 to death back in the day. If only modern-day Madden was as good as that game…

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