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What is your favourite F1 game?

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    I’ve played only 2: F1 Challenge ’99-’02 and F1 2010.

    I like both very much, and I like F1C because I’m able to improve and personalize it a lot. But F1 2010 is more entertaining, in F1C you open the game, race, close. F1 2010 makes you want to stay there, enjoy all the sessions, interviews, chose contracts and achieve objectives.

    So, I prefer F1 2010.


    @sw6569: great to find another MGPRS2 fan, i thought it was totally unknown today. for me it was the first F1 game for my PC (i ‘stole’ it from my older cousin) and the realism was impressive. i also loved the scenario mode, especially when in Monaco you had to win in the rain with a car that in the middle of the race started losing gears…


    F1 ’98 was the first game I had on the Playstation. So far I’m the only person I know who enjoyed it. I really didn’t like ’99 though, I’m not sure what it was but it didn’t feel fun to drive at all.


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhh3zxVRrU8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWNLfI-lBys&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL great to see this topic is really picking up now. Anyway I would love it if these two were put into f1 2011.


    Definately F1 World Grand Prix on the 64. Coming home from school and doing a 100% length grand prix from the cockpit view and using my name instead of Driver X (who was obviously Villeneuve). Thats all I played when I wasn’t playing Goldeneye and before Perfect Dark came out..

    F1 Pole Position was the first game I ever played on the N64. The ’96 championship game where the map would show you where all the other cars are in relation to you and where they crashed. There was hardly a race where more than 10 cars finished!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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