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Which racing game are you playing the most at the moment?

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    It’s a great time for F1 racing games at the moment with the official F1 series, Forza, Project CARS, Gran Turismo, iRacing, rFactor and loads more to choose from.

    Many of you probably have one or more of these titles but which are you playing the most, and why? Are there any of these series you used to play a lot but have shelved? Have your say below…


    I used to be big for Gran Turismo but the game simply dissapoints since PS3. It’s more of a car collector than racer. Project CARS however has really hit every single of my buttons as a GT fan. Good field of GT3 cars, acceptable career mode and decent AI. That with the promised updates and DLC really makes for a very good racing platform to be used by our Belgian racing community. We’re into season 10 and have now decided to force everyone on default setup and drive the BMW M3 GT.

    If only they focussed themselves more on GT racing and touring cars, especially endurance racing, it would become the perfect game. I’m not bothered with karts or formula cars and even less with road cars. They should get licensing for all DTM cars and all GT(3) cars and then allow custom grids. It’s so annoying they have the LMP1s of 2014, some GTEs but you cannot run Le Mans with them…


    If anybody is interessted in the occasional 2H race we run give me a shout. Full season championship is for Belgians only.


    I was a lot into Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 4 from the old days, now I use it for building tracks mostly.

    I was a big fan of GRID Autosport since it came out mid-2014 – simcade fits my taste perfectly with it being easy to just strap yourself in and play, but not being entirely hell bent on either hardcore simulation or brainless arcade. I love touring cars and GT3s in it, Mount Panorama is a blast. It’s just very authentic with a lot of clever emphasis well-placed on damage systems, track limits, team radio, graphics (bar horrendous interiors) and sounds. No pitstop is probably the biggest drawback and it leads to some ridiculous situations – like going on after multiple punctures, etc.

    Of the sim market, I love iRacing, probably the most accurate thing out there (no wonder, it’s from the same guy who’ve made Grand Prix Legends and NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, both of which were considered the peak in their time physically), Assetto Corsa a bit, but I really don’t like Project CARS – it was initially branded as real as possible, but physics is not as good as in iRacing and the tracks are mostly not laser-scanned (in contrast with iRacing). Even I’ve built a more accurate version of Watkins Glen than what there is in the game.

    Overall, though, I’m playing ever more scarcely nowadays – I’ve put more emphasis on other things in life. I’m not gonna be a race car driver, nor do I believe I can make a profitable busines out of recording multiplayer videos of racing games and putting it on YouTube like some sim racers do. It’s just a hobby and I figured I’m gonna have to work pretty hard in my life to get somewhere before I get old – so very little time for hobbies.

    EDIT: Good question and good topic though. :)

    Adam Blocker

    iRacing. It is very realistic and enjoyable. The community is great and no other multiplayer game can match the quality of racing in public races.

    And if you spend the money to get iRacing, you may as well play it all of the time (it is pricey).


    I signed up to iRacing a few months back (courtesy of a very generous Black Friday deal on Steam) and have become hopelessly addicted. But as Adam says, it’s too pricey to not play it all the time. I mostly just drive the Skip Barber F2000s (I’m not really skilled enough to drive anything more powerful), as well as an IndyCar or NASCAR oval race each week. But yes, I echo everything Adam said.

    James Brickles

    I’m helplessly retro when it comes to racing games. I’ve just picked up GT4 for the first time in a while, realised I hadn’t done 100%, so I’m on that at the moment. But I’ll still play PS1 games a lot, V-Rally 2 is by far my favourite racing game followed by F1 97 and the early Wipeout games. Sometimes I’ll play on Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 on my Dad’s old Amiga.

    In terms of modern racing games, it’s less of a racing game and more of a time trial but I enjoy playing Trackmania for the PC. I love the whole customisation features in a video game and there’s a lot that you can do in TM. For those that want to give it a try, then go for TMNations first.

    Craig Woollard

    I’ve firmly moved over onto the whole “PC master race” thing, so I simply no longer play Gran Turismo.

    Games such as rFactor (and games which are effectively rFactor mods such as Stock Car Extreme) and Assetto Corsa have so many brilliant mods that it provides almost endless fun. The latter especially is perfect for just driving around at speed in, around a beautiful Monza or somewhere like that.

    I’m yet to get iRacing, but it sounds as if I should.

    As for something a touch more on the fun side, Next Car Game: Wreckfest is also pretty good, despite being in alpha still.


    I only play from time to time to chill out and as long as I have the Xbox 360 I can’t play new gen games. So I used to play F12014, 2013, etc… but there are boring as hell, it’s always the same: no fun.
    I have more fun with games like Forza Motorsport or Grid Autosport, it feels more like ‘sim game’ as there is lots of tracks, a career ladder, more diversity with cars, etc…
    Some Trackmania too is good training for my reflexes.


    I’ve mostly been playing DiRT Rally lately, it has some issues (mainly the FFB and co-driver calls), but for a quick bezz around it’s fun. I’m not sold on Project Cars yet, the driving is fine but the AI ruins it for me, and being used to iRacing I’m not sure I can cope with normal public lobbies :P.

    I let my iRacing sub lapse over the winter, just don’t have time to put the practice in at the minute. I did have a go on a stand at the Autosport show though, which I have to admit made me pine for it again (they chose the odd combo of Radical @ Oulton Fosters, lots of fun)!


    At the moment it’s just F1 2015 and Project Cars. The only racing games for PS4 I’m interested in. They’re both fun in their own ways, although I can hardly wait for the next F1 game as F1 2015 lacks too many things and still needs a lot of fixing. Project Cars is a brilliant simulation, almost too tough at times, but I love it. It’s great to have a sim like that which makes the wait for the next-gen Gran Turismo much easier. And very soon, I’ll have another one of that kind: Assetto Corsa :)


    I occasionally play F1 2015 and RACE 07, but rFactor is always my number one choice. Freedom of driving whatever car you want at any track in the world makes it the best game for my taste.

    Malcolm Tucker

    I always find myself returning to Simbin’s GT Legends, great physics and car selection and like most pc sims there’s a ton of great mods out there. The only other sim I currently have installed on my pc is Assetto Corsa, it’s a bit limited but it’s probably the best looking racer out there. I’m still yet to get into PCARS and Dirt Rally doesn’t seem to agree with my pc so I’ll be revisiting that once it’s developed further. I recently re-installed ToCA Race Driver 3, my favourite arcade racer from my youth, plus the only Need For Speed I ever enjoyed, Underground 2.

    These days I find myself playing more relaxing driving games. I seriously recommend Spintires, probably my favourite game at the moment, and I’ve also developed a penchant for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (just like everyone else who loves it, I can’t explain why!). I should also mention BeamNG and Next Car Game ‘Wreckfest’, two very fun games currently in early access.


    Hello everyone,

    I am currently looking at purchasing a racing wheel for the PS4 and am unsure which one to go with. I was looking at either the Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster T150 and was wondering what everybody preferred.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


    Despite the off-topic of the bump just thought I’d take the opportunity to update on what racing game(s) I’m playing. Assetto Corsa was a big one, discovered it late last year. The Ferrari 458’s at Spa is my favourite combination because it uses stock + no DLC cars/tracks it’s always easy to get a multiplayer game going for it too.

    Besides that AC also offers so many car+track combinations, including mods (my favourite mods are the future concept F1 Ferrari and Red Bull cars) and DLC (the Nurburgring DLC is sublime, just a touch short of iRacings, but still amazing), not quite as many as original rFactor but still a lot. Also the Red Pack DLC with Ferrari SF15-T & RedBull Ring is about to be released. Can’t wait for that.

    Besides Assetto Corsa, the other game I’ve really been into is rFactor 2. Specifically the FVR V8SUPERCARS mod which has so much attention to detail it’s pretty awesome.

    Other than that it’s been some occasional F1 2015 just with a controller to keep in touch with + enjoy the tracks. Can’t really get invested in it without a proper career mode. A bit of Rocket League (if that counts as a racing game, no not really) and learning a bit about the 2 wheelers with Valentino Rossi The Game. Which deserves a post of its own with its unique crossbreed of arcade drifting, dirt bikes, psuedo rally stages and of course the motoGP “blink and you’ve not only missed the apex but are hurtling across gravel” brand of high speed ridiculousness.

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