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What was the best F1 racing game?

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    It has to be Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series for me. I vividly remember playing the original Amiga version at a parent’s friend’s house with their older son, at a time before I was really into the sport itself. Latterly, many a weekend at my friend’s house would be lost behind the wheel on his PC with GP2. Epic seasons with as many as four of us taking turns during each race. Finally, with a PC of my own I was able to fully enjoy GP3 and the updates. Surely no other F1 game has come with the sheer number of options to tweak as those games?

    Have to give a quick mention to the inclusion of the Ferrari F2007 in GT5 Prologue and the F10 which joined it in the full game. God only knows how many laps of Suzuka I did in the F2007 in Prologue. Several GPs worth I’m sure. Mindblowing stuff.


    Without doubt its got to be Formula 1 1997 on the PS1, man do i wish i still had a copy of that game.


    F1 2010 was good.

    But I’d vote PS1 F1 2000! Many, many hours spent on this game. Used to just lap and lap Catalunya and Hockenheimring! Brilliant game.


    @damonsmedley – I’ve no idea how I got it originally (I only got into F1 reasonably recently), but I found F-1 World Grand Prix tucked away in a cupboard a few years back. Played through a few seasons on it and loved it, despite the N64 controller being pretty awful for racing games. Playing the 1997 season really showed how diverse the tracks used to be compared to now, particularly enjoyed Austria, Hungary, Imola and Hockenheim. Could never get the last chicane at Argentina quite right though.

    The only down side is the difficulty levels – IIRC “championship” difficulty was pretty much impossible (but fun to watch my car flip and fall apart all the time) for me, but the difficulty below seemed way too easy.

    Have you tried the cheats via the renamed JV driver? The secret Hawaii track is awesome!


    As much as I loved grand priz 2 3 and 4 the machines I had to run them on we’re never that great but With Rfactor you can pretty much race any season of F1 you can think of and has great physics to match with great sounds and fairly good graphics as well


    Two things surprise me:

    *The sheer amount of people saying F1 ’97 (not a knock, it’s a classic)
    *No one mentioning rFactor

    I had a brilliant experience a few weeks ago where I was lucky enough to experiment with a Formula One simulator. They used rFactor for it. But not just there, I was also lucky enough to visit Apex Circuit Design last year where they also used rFactor for their simulations/mock-ups.


    Ahh…whatever happened to John Newhouse!!


    F1 challenge 99-02

    Fer no.65

    People forget the best game ever, by a long way: Grand Prix Legends.

    Not only it represents one of the golden eras of Formula 1 (1967), but it was so advanced when it was released. The graphics were pretty, the cars were astonishing, the sounds were epic, and the feel of the thing: on a class of its own.

    Even nowadays it feels modern, nothing like the games of today. As if no one ever cared to design a simulator that accurate, and one has to remember Grand Prix Legends was released when Playstation 1 was still the way to go for most gamers.

    It’s without a shadow of doubt, the best F1 game I’ve ever played…



    If Jackie talks about it….


    Grand prix legends. superb handling, fantastic cars and tracks, but most of all it still has a thriving online community – almost 14 years after its release!

    I’ll also give a mention to the very well developed F1 2010/2011 games


    I remember being terrible at F1 97 but I absolutely loved it. I tried to drive it like I was playing on Destruction Derby.

    What I should do is get on eBay and find a copy so I can stick it in the Playstation we have kicking around at home.

    The only other F1 game experience i’ve had is F1 2010 and the 2011 edition. I’m going to say my favourite is F1 2011. Perhaps a boring choice, but in my limited F1 game experience it’s certainly the best.


    I for my part must name Grand Prix 2 – ridiculously easy to mod and very entertaining. The only thing one could say against it is the somewhat sluggishness of it all, failing to really give a sense of speed. There is a reason it still has a proper community developing new carsets with all serieses one could think of.


    On PC I have played all of Geoff Crammond’s F1 series and Grand Prix Legends – however, they were a little frustrating as I could never really afford the top hardware to run it. Mind you a decent PC when those games came out was about $3000. I still have F1 GP 4 and GP Legends in my study. All I need is get my iMac i7 Bootcamped and plug my wheel in and I’m ready to go again. However, the most impressed I’ve had so far was F1 2010 and now F1 2011 for PS3. PS3 gives me very little hardware issues and plenty of grunt without spending a bucketload. The jump from 2010 to 2011 in steering wheel feel was insane. It made 2010 feel too easy and for a moment panic set in wondering how I’ll cope driving with all driver aids off and AI in Legend. Having the ability to race online has also improved the interest in the game. In fact I can’t remember when I last raced in career mode, all it says is that I’m only 4.3% through the game but I’ve already exceed 200 GPs. Can’t imagine what the next version would be like – perhaps integrating 3D like in GT5 but hopefully better.


    I haven’t played the classic F1 games. The ones I’ve played were F1 2002, F1 2005, F1 2006, F1 Championship Edition, F1 2009 (for the iPod Touch), F1 2010 and F1 2011.

    My only memory of F1 2002 on PS2 is me and my brother trying to play local multiplayer, in my screen I could accelarate and brake, but I couldn’t move left and right. My brother couldn’t move at all. Looking back I think the reason I couldn’t move was because I was using the D-pad (I had never played a game at that point where the analog sticks had to be used). I think the reason my brother couldn’t do anything was because he was using a PS1 controller. F1 2002 was the free game that we got with the PS2, which was a birthday present for us.

    F1 2005 and F1 2006 were both the same basically. The only difference for me was that the 2005 cars had to take some serious hits before the cars were damaged, whilst in F1 2006 the cars took damage fairly easily.

    F1 Championship Edition was really just the PS3 version of F1 2006. But there was online play this time, and the graphics obviously were much better. I generally enjoyed the game, except the cars were a bit understeery, and it did lack many features.

    F1 2009 for iPhone was terrible, the handling was so over-sensitive, the slightest turn and you’d be doing a U-turn.

    F1 2010 and F1 2011 are the games I’ve enjoyed the most. They are the games which I’ve been the most engaging for me. The thrill of taking tenths of your previous laps (Yes I’m sad) was just great and something that wasn’t as enjoyable in past F1 games. The Collantine Cup has also vastly increased my interest in the game. I’d F1 2011 is the best I’ve played simply because it has a bit more than F1 2011. However there are still many small problems which stop the game from being perfect.

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