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What was the best F1 racing game?

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    Nobody has mentioned one of my all time favorites… Slicks on the C64 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5GBICo-QL4 this is a top down style F1 game, where you had to progress through the teams to get into the Williams or McLaren. I remembered it fondly because it was fast and had real crashes that were worthy of Burnout. It also used to crash a lot. I recently downloaded it for my PC on an emulator to see if it still had the enjoyment factor and I was pleasantly surprised (better still it works perfectly). I think this was an early Codemasters effort, shows how far they’ve come compared to their recent offerings.

    Already mentioned are F197 (PS1) and Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix (Amiga) both of which have taken years of my life.

    I also played EAs F1 2000 to death, it had good gameplay, never could master Malaysia though, but Imola was incredible fun to drive. Eventually the PS1 broke!


    Im a long time racing game addict, and I remember just about all of these which have been mentioned so far. I must admit I do prefer the realism of a sim over the arcadey elements of a game now but back in the day I remember losing entire weekends on F1 97 on playstation with a cheap plastic mad katz wheel, we use to get a load of people together and put the armchair right in front of the tv. We made a stand for the wheel so it didnt have to balance on your lap, get my mates crash helmet on then 2 others holding the chair rocking it all over the place trying to simulate the g forces LOL those were the days.

    My list of the best PC Sims are:

    Rfactor – massive amount of addons
    NetKarPro – best physics
    Live for Speed – Best online racing (officially licensed BMW Sauber 07) and 2nd to NKpro in terms of feel and reaction with a decent wheel set up, everything else seems sluggish to respond compared?

    But watch this space for the up and coming “Simraceway” for PC, it looks to use the underpinnings of Rfactor so it has great graphics and car models but its not open to everything so its more of a game than much before it, also promises some great online racing and they do organised online events (ala GT5 seasonal online events). No F1 car yet but its only a matter of time, I have seem images of a McLaren MP4/4 !!! And best of all its FREE to download and then you purchase your content in game(very cheap most expensive car is $4) most of the tracks are laser scanned so are very very good to drive on. Plus they have developed the SRW1 racing wheel which is styled to be like an F1 steering wheel using paddles on the back for the gears and throttle/brake, clever set up as it has no base so works a bit like the Wii wheels, but it looks the part. If you could mount the wheel properly onto something like a logitech g27/g25 wheel it would easily be the best selling sim racing wheel!!!

    Check out http://www.simraceway.com


    F1 2011 – just for the detail in the graphics and the online immersion, plus 2 player co-op championship on its own as a feature nails anything that came before it in my opinion, a great platform which can and will only improve. It just needs some classic F1 car/track DLC packs and its a done deal period.


    Likewise, Project CARS is looking impressive.
    or for a quick look at the latest news.

    It’s a unique concept where you sort of pay to assist in the creation of a game. The more you pay, the more feedback you get to put into the product.
    It certainly looks good. But as it’s not yet at a final release, more of one for the future.

    @justingt5 I’m with you on NetKarPro. @keithcollantine has omitted it on the following.

    I’ve not included NetKar – let’s keep it to games people are likely to play in their own homes.

    As it does not come with a default F1 simulated car or with any AI I can understand the decision. You need to visit PTR to get the F1 and the F1 race competition.

    However. Any PC sim racing F1 fan should not pass it by. It’s a cheap to buy and is just fantastic to drive.
    Mind you, you could wait for Assetto Corsa as it’s the next version that the same team are working on.


    Easily Grand Prix 2.
    In many ways this is the game that the newer F1 games try to copy. But somehow don’t dare to entirely. It’s now 16 years since the game came out and it tought me so much about racing lines and setups, thanks to the brilliant telemetry system. It was in GP2 that I understood how to use a manual transmission on a track and how to brake without ABS. For me it all really started with that game.

    The feeling of actually sitting in an F1 car, especially with a racing wheel infront of you (Good ol’ Thrustmaster T2…) was simply wonderful. Comparing different setups and racing lines during practice was immense fun. The graphics back in the day were really good as well. And as an added bonus, crashing the cars could lead to them disintegrating down to the bare chassis.

    Thanks to third-party programs which I had, the whole game was editable. I actually made liveries, helmets and car performances myself for years to come. The newer tracks like Melbourne could be added and the padded sidewall interiors upgraded the looks even further.

    I have played racing games now and then before, but I am a racing game fan ever since GP2.
    Part of why I like the new Codemasters efforts is because they remind a lot of it. However, they could learn so much more from that game, especially when it comes to hardcore in-depth stuff for the real F1 hardcore fans.

    Fer no.65

    @dennis can’t remember the telemetry in Grand Prix 2, but I do remember F1Challenge’s telemetry options.

    I remember trying to work out how to drive without any assist, and looking at the telemetry to see what I was doing wrong. The lines, the throttle input, the brakes, the tyre temperature, the revs… it was as fun as actually driving.

    Ah, good old days… now I don’t even have a wheel anymore :(!

    James Brickles

    I’ll put my case towards F1 97 for the Playstation 1. It was just one superb game to play on, and it had a superb soundtrack as well.

    The arcade mode is a bit cheesy: You can do the Hockenheim Forest circuit in just over a minute but once you master the unusual handling, it’s extremely fun. I enjoy the games where you have the timer clicking down on the top of the screen (V-Rally 2 was another great game that had this feature on its arcade mode), and you don’t see those types of racing games anymore. I get all nostalgic about it. The simulation mode is just pure excellence, just driving on the tracks gives me a buzz. Every one of those tracks is fun to drive on and I’m glad that game was made during the Estoril/Jerez dispute as it allows the designers to include both tracks. You could even unlock some tracks including one called ‘Sunob’ (Bonus backwards). The track outline is the shape of an F1 car and is in my view, the best track to drive on in the entire game.

    And on top of that, the Murray Walker and Martin Brundle commentary team just adds icing on the cake. To give a few examples…

    “Martin, that looked like he just rubbed the wall there?” “You’re right there Murray.”
    “A bit of Dodgem cars going on out there today.”
    (After driving the wrong way) “What is he doing!? In all my years of grand prix racing, I’ve never seen anything like it!”

    That game is so awesome! :)


    Geoff Crammond’s Formula One Grand Prix on the Commodore Amiga!

    Just amazing at the time, got me really interested in F1 in general but wha fun it was. Pit Stops and everything!


    I am only 16, so I was too young when games such as Formula 1 97 and Grand Prix 2 were released.

    The first F1 game I played, before I even became a F1 fan was F1 06 for PSP. Then was the long wait until finally Codemasters got the rights to publish F1 games, and produced F1 2009 which was pretty good.

    For me F1 2010 is the best, in my opinion. Codemasters did a great job. F1 2011 is better but I will always remember playing F1 2010 for the first time and being pleased to be playing a proper Formula 1 simulator game, that actually seemed to be developed by people who understood F1. It was not an easy to play arcade game. I own it on PC as the graphics are always more advanced than those of the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles which hardware is very old and outdated now. I use a steering wheel of course (I tried keyboard and it was just rubbish).

    Like I said I have never played any F1 games further back than F1 06 for PSP, so I don’t know if I am missing out on any amazing games. F1 2010 is a personal favourite of mine.

    Roll on F1 2012 from Codemasters (if there is going to be one).


    My first ever F1 game for me was F-1 World Grand Prix on which i spent many hours on (I liked it so much that i downloaded it on pc).

    The other games that i have include F1 04 which took me ages to be able to compete in career mode (i eventually won the drivers title in a McLaren only 2 years ago). F1 06 on the psp which in my opinion is the best driving game on the psp excluding GT PSP, on which i have spent over 100 hours on winning countless titles and getting all gold medals in time trial. Another handheld f1 game i have is f1 2009 which is not to bad for the pick up and play aspect but the handling is to loose for me. Last but not least i have F1 2010 on pc, it is good but unfortunally my pc can only run it on the lowest settings to get a smooth frame rate ( and even then it lags at Monaco).

    If i was to pick just on of those games it would be a toss up between F-1 World Grand Prix and F1 04

    Matty No 2

    I think F106 on PS2 was ok, I hav’nt had a good run of the new codemasters F1 games other than in the game store due to being so busy, but it seemed pretty good. One game I did really enjoy tho not F1 was Need for Speed Porsche Challenge.


    You could even overlap two different data sheets to see where you lost or gained time.
    And I know how you feel. My computer at home is so outdated it won’t even run angry-birds smoothly and I currently don’t plan on spending large sums of money on a proper wheel with pedals and clutch for the Xbox.

    But striving over racing gloves and climbing into the “cockpit” to do a few test laps with different setups after school or on rainy weekends was a blast.


    @fer-no65 and @dennis
    Regarding telemetry. When you look at the more modern PC racing games (sim), quite a lot output Motec log files. You can install the Motec software http://www.motec.com/ on your PC and then analyse the log files just like the real race teams.
    For games like rFactor and GTR2 that have F1 mods this can make it very technical.
    Get a 2nd monitor and you can use it without exiting the game.



    Sounds interesting, but as I said, my computer won’t run any of that and I have other things to spend cash on.
    I still want to put the emphasis on Grand Prix 2 having proper telemetry in 1996!!

    Fer no.65

    @Chalky yeah, I know. I have GTR2 too… but I played F1C so much for so long that when I had to switch to rFactor around 2006-2007, the whole interface of the game, and the telemetry too, was so unfamiliar I never really got to understand it the way I did with F1C.

    I didn’t have time to fiddle with all the options there either, so basically I stopped doing it. Sadly, I guess…


    Crammond’s Grand Prix series for me – I’ve got them all and most recently was using GP4 running a 2009 season. Then discovered RFactor and recently have dabbled in F1 2011, which is better than I expected it to be. So overall

    GP4 [with modifications]
    F1 2011

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