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What we want to see in Codemasters' F1 2014

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    Do you have any ideas for F1 2014? What would you like to see Codemasters come up with?

    For the last few years Codies have been making great F1 games, F1 2012 and F1 2013 being the best so far. But will Codemasters make another great game this year?

    What would you like to see in the Career mode, Scenario mode or are there any other game modes that you would like to have in F1 ’14.

    This is place to suggest your ideas so if you have any ideas, be sure to post them!


    Personally, I would like the Career mode star off with you standing on the GP2 podium after winning the title. I would also like to see pre-season testing in the game. And the Young Drivers Test, for beginners.

    But you should have the choice to do the Young Drivers Test as I found it boring the second time on F1 2013. I would like to see life-like driver animations as Caterham showed with Charles Pic last year. And an actual podium celebration. And more interviews, but different and not repetitive.

    And perhaps, commentary, as with the start and finish of the Scenarios.
    I have a feeling that the commentary would get repetitive and it wouldn’t be worth it if they didn’t say drivers names. Perhaps not the best idea.

    I would also like to see the return of Season Challenge. It was great fun zooming round 10 races trying to win the title whilst beating a set

    And the email and News system is too repetitive. Would like to see different emails and news as they get most boring.

    I would also love to be able to walk around the paddock as well.

    These ideas are for Career mode and Season Challenge only.
    And perhaps the quick race idea, where you choose a driver to race as and jump into the action on a random-but-realistic grid. I would like to see Scenario Mode return too.


    Almost forgot!
    You should be able to make your racer (you) and design it e.g. hair colour, eye colour etc. I would like your character and the opponent character designs to be like Caterham’s video of a Charles Pic animation.
    Realistic, basically.


    I think I’d just be happy with something a little different. F1 2010 I played a lot, but since then, the amount I’ve played each game has significantly decreased. In F1 2010, I got to the third season in career mode, and spent a good deal of time online as well. In F1 2013, I have done maybe four/five races in the first season of career, and struggle to motivate myself to play online in the leagues I participate in, because it just doesn’t feel very rewarding.


    I felt very pleased with myself and my F1 2013 game when I scored my first points the other day at Bahrain. I felt that my struggle to block Jenson and to save my tyres was worth it because I was rewarded. With points and satisfaction.

    Come on man, don’t give up like that!


    F1 2011 was brilliant in my opinion. Career mode was perfect, and when I say perfect I mean it was a perfect platform for F1 2012 to build on.. but of course they had to go and remove FP1 and FP2 and add in utter rubbish like season challenge. F1 2011 was my favourite and I’ve played all of them. If next years F1 game has the same appearance as F1 2011 – same career mode with media questions (just great) – Improved AI like in 2013 – localised weather in F1 2012 – a handling model which is similar to F1 2013 – Crash damage and commentary like in F1 CE – then F1 2014 would be a great game. But obviously that’s not going to happen.

    I’ve been annoyed with Codemasters because it seems like in every game they add in unnecessary things and remove the things which I enjoy the most.



    That would be a great game!
    I just loved the media questions and some commentary would be great.
    But I did like the Season Challenge, it was quite fun.

    Things I would like so far:

    improved AI from F1 2013
    Weather system from F1 2012
    Damage system from F1 2013
    Commentary from F1 CE
    Career mode from F1 2011
    All 3 practice sessions
    Scenario mode
    Interviews from F1 2010 and 2011 (not repetitive)
    Decent handling system from F1 2013


    One thing I reckon Codemasters could look into to is the Grip levels between a wet trsck and a dry track. Having played F1 2013 in the F1F PS3 League(s), One thing that did me was the comparison in lap times between wet and dry surfaces. A prime example is the Brands Hatch TT Leaderboard. My time in the dry of a 58.5 is just about equal to the No. 1 Wet time, and I was in the top 200 when I achieved it! Also racing in general when the heavens open up has been a major turnoff for me, and needs to get looked into. Features like Extended Braking distances (not just 20m at La Source), much, much less grip (lesser cornering speed, less traction), and (if possible,) slippery curves to add to the driving experience on F1 2014.


    1. GP2 or some other feeder series
    2. Pre season testing
    3. All 3 practice sessions
    4. Podium and interviews
    5. More fragile cars and realistic damage
    6. AI which are capable of using the full track width
    7. Legend difficulty on scenario mode
    8. Ability to change the looks of your player
    9. Realistic handling of Turbo cars

    If I could only have one, I would choose improved AI (#6) over any of the other requests.


    Those are all things that I would like to see in F1 2014.
    I think that those are all very good ideas and I think you have just summed-up what I want, really.

    May I suggest a change to “GP2 or some other feeder series”?

    I think it should start with you standing on the GP2 podium having just won the title. I do not think that Codies are liscensed to use GP2 teams or drivers.

    Sri Harsha

    Reliability – I don’t want to see my car finishing every race like a tank in a WDC hunt. Reliability factor must be included in 2014
    Wear of Machinery – Currently we have only Engine wear , We need Gear Box Wear, MGU-H/K wear and some other parts like real life
    Free Practice – Bring back FP1 and 2 we need them and also assign the runs , Define them by Short, Run to optimize the setup

    Craig Woollard

    For me to invest in a Codemasters F1 game for the first time since 2011 (I was given a free copy of 2012) there are major improvements required. A return of one-lap sprints (like in 2011), and general fun arcade-style things that you can do with friends, either in split screen or online multiplayer. Also being able to customise not only your own face but your own driver number and helmet and possibly even a car livery editor would be great. More classic tracks like 2013 is probably a must, although if they are ones that GT6 also have it will be disappointing. Commentary from either BBC or Sky would be great, as well as a proper podium. Also some variation in reactions and e-mails rather than the exact same thing over and over again. There also needs to be more online modes, Codies almost got this right with F1 Race Stars. The penalty system MUST be fixed. It has taken far too long for them to get it right.

    Oh, and the option to disable double points.

    No excuses now Codies. We have waited 8 years now for a game on the level of F1 06/CE. Time to deliver.


    Things I would like to see so far

    GP2 title won at start of Career mode
    Pre-season testing
    2011 styled career mode
    Podium and podium celebration
    Interviews (not repetitive)
    3 practice sessions
    Reliability issues and Better (more fragile) damage system
    AI that crash and retire more often
    AI that overtake better and challenge you more succesfully
    AI that use whole track and make mistakes
    Choose how player looks
    Commentary (perhaps)
    Fixed Penalty System
    Split scrteen and online multiplayer
    Choose driver number, helmet and looks
    Realistic Handling of new cars
    Weather system from F1 2012
    Better tyre wear
    Wet/dry lap times more realistic
    Scenario Mode with Legend AI and tougher challenges

    Anything else and be sure to post it.
    I could do with something to read while I’m bored…


    @jamiefranklinf1 I agree, I played the heck out of 2010 (started with Caterham, moved to Mclaren, then to Ferrari) and got 3 seasons worth. 2011 was a nice improvement, since 2010 felt like you were always driving on a knife edge, and 2011 was a lot more predictable in handling. Never bought 2012; tried 2013 but only got a couple of races deep.

    I think the classic cars are cool, but I’d rather they not half-ass it; if you’re going to include a classic mode, include all of the classic cars from a particular season.

    After playing 2013, it feels like there are a lot more restrictions in terms of customizing the gameplay especially compared to 2010/2011. It also feels like not much has changed since 2011.

    I don’t really care for the e-mails/news articles/interviews since they get repetitive; there’s only so many responses you can pre-program, and I feel like they should just leave it out entirely since I don’t find it adds anything.

    My biggest peeve with the Codemasters F1 games is when you end up replacing a driver at a team, that that driver disappears from the grid entirely. I.e. if I join Mercedes, there’s no way that Hamilton/Rosberg would go without a seat for a whole season. I wish drivers changing teams was a possibility, despite sponsorship reasons, etc. When I play NHL or FIFA, I love seeing the shuffles in teams (even if some trades are highly questionable in real life, it’s funny seeing it in a video game). It probably comes down to sponsorship/licensing issues, but I always found that restriction strange.

    Oli Peacock

    New Game Designers…

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