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What wheel do you use?

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    says pc and ps3
    does it work on xbox?

    i was looking at the ms wheel, whats the feedback and precision like?

    still deciding on the Thrustmaster Ferrari F458 Italia


    @mat-k it feels great to me, and I haven’t got any complaints at all but to be honest it’s the only one I’ve ever owned so I can’t draw any comparisons. The force feedback can be really strong if you dial it up. I’d prefer the pedals to have a bit more weight perhaps but apart from that it works great for me.

    The construction feels pretty sturdy too, maybe even a little on the clunky side. Let’s just say I don’t mind letting my six year old having a go, even with his questionable and rather destructive driving style.


    @matthew i think it isnt working on x-box.But i didnt gave a try…


    need an opinion on the Thrustmaster Ferrari F458 Italia

    Mart V?â?ñlja

    So I’ll throw in my setup:

    set-up: Logitech G25
    pros: It’s working great and I must say it is really comfortable. Added bonus is the clutch pedal for some games, also the turning radius is massive (900 degrees), I’ll need all of that in Euro Truck Simulator.
    cons: 2 buttons on the wheel is not enough, I have to constantly go for the shifter buttons for pit-request etc. It’s really bad in F1 2012 where you have DRS and KERS on the wheel.
    price: ~150 euros second hand
    comments: Love the setup, though I have to use wood board to attach it to my table. My table has metal bar running right under the top plate so I cannot attach wheel straight to it. I was really bummed but then I made a solution. I have wheel and shifter fixed to wooden board and that is fixed to my table by 2 bench clamps, one on the right and one on the left side. It’s working great.


    ok went for the 458 wheel,

    one thing i realised is it lacks force feedback and vibration. any opinions on this wheel?


    I found the Mad Catz Wireless Wheel in Australia, I haven’t used it, but considering there is very little out there in the market place, this is a purpose built XBox 360 Wheel that has the jack for your XBox Live headset as well:



    I use my XBOX control, hence from the outside my driving style is often viewed as “blocky”. Although personally I prefer a controller over a wheel.


    Has anyone who has a G25/27 had a terrible time on the new F1 game? Its nearly undriveable without massively changing the settings :(


    Madcatz MC2 is a horrible wheel. No FFB and feels like a little fisher price toy. If you are older than about 8 years old, it is too small for anything near decent. CEX has original MS wheel second hand on their site from time to time (with or without the psu) and they are only £50 (£40 for non-PSU, which means you need batteries and dont get FFB). Only problem with that is they can be hard to get on there as they come in quite rare. Just keep an eye out every so often on their site if you are after one (link to PSU version here). They do get them in stores too so you may get lucky and they might have one in a nearby store too.


    The Ferrari F430 Thrustmaster is dreamy. But my brake pedal was faulty I had to return it and all they had was a DFGT!

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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