20 years to the day since the 1993 European Grand Prix at Donington

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    paul vinter

    My first Grand Prix.
    I remember:

    Leaving at 5.30am from Nottingham – driven there by my Dad
    Sonic the Hedgehog everywhere, even the pit girls
    The cold, and constant drizzle
    Felt busy at the time, but on reflection nothing compared to modern F1 races I have attended
    The late Tom Wheatcroft driving a very old Mercedes (?) as a demonstration and dropping it into the gravel
    I seem to recall a round of the BTCC before the race, cannot remember any other support races
    Both my Dad and I were very keen photographers but I don’t seem to have any pictures from that event sadly
    We were perched at the end of Craner Curves – a lovely view
    Spending 2 hours trying to get out due to the muddy car parks – tractors pulling people out with the help of very kind parking volunteers


    Wow..how old were you then?
    P.S.: No mention of Senna?

    paul vinter

    I would have been 20. I was at Nottingham Polytechnic as it was then, and Dad lived in Lincolnshire so the whole F1 circus was really local. I seem to remember tickets being about 30 quid for the race day, but I might be wrong.

    Well, everyone knows how well Senna did on the day – it was a great experience all round.


    @wsrgo Bruno wasn’t racing then, silly. He was way too young.


    @magnificent-geoffrey :D
    @paulyv I’m sure you must have really enjoyed it..I’m not 20 yet and haven’t seen an F1 race live, so I hope to emulate you by catching my national F1 race next year!!


    Does anyone know what happened to the fake Sonic trophy?

    I like to imagine that somewhere deep in McLaren, Ron Dennis has it locked away as the pride of his collection.

    paul vinter

    I had never seen that. Senna appears to be wondering if it was all worth it.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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