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    Ben Needham

    I’ve just been watching the 2010 F1 Season Review for fun! A couple of things really stood out to me:

    1) The way Webber actually dominated quite a few races; Spain, Monaco and Britain in particular (circumstance probably helped a bit but still…). I wonder how different things would have been had a managed to sneak the title that year.

    2) Massa, coming back fresh following his break due to injury, actually near-enough matched Alonso up to the German GP, following which I think something changed in his driving. He knew he wasn’t going to be allowed to win.

    3) Hamilton and Vettel were both desperately unlucky, drove very well but too many failures and a couple of crashes meant they let Alonso, Webber and to a lesser extent, Button, in – otherwise I think it would have been very much a two-horse race.

    This really was a favourite season of mine, lots of twists and turns and good racing in almost every GP.

    Particularly interested to hear what you all think about Webber’s decline. What changed between 2010 and 2011?


    @Ben Needham
    “Particularly interested to hear what you all think about Webber’s decline”

    Great post Ben! There are quite a few F1F’s that seem to bag Webber as an “also ran” while forgetting he was the most dominet driver of 2010 but did not win! That happens- ask Massa !

    Here are my thoughts: Webber smashed 2010, as did Fernando, and it was only at Abu Dhabi Vettel snuck the title (the only time he lead) and most thought “the young gun has snuck it!!” – little did they (we) know!

    Mark Webber was awesome in most of 2010! If he didnt crash in Korea in 2010 he was World Champion. I think Seb lead, Mark crashed then Seb blew the engine?? Either way this was the moment!
    Mark was in great form, top car and was confident! When he was pipped and Seb was when things changed!

    I remember that Reb Bull elluded that they would make Seb pull over for Mark to win- didnt need to, he was too far back. But for those that now say RBR favour Seb (which they do) this is the moment!!
    The team from that point become Seb’s team.

    Had Mark become 2010 WDC (still pains me) when Seb dominated 2011 it would have been “passing from old bull to new bull”………….. but its not!! Its Seb has ALWAYS dominated Mark and thats not true (of late he has).

    So the consequence Mark, instead of head held high as WDC to pass on to young lad, he has coped it as being a “weaker” driver- pretty unfair! His confidence has dropped (and I pay WAY more attention to Mark as opposed to non-Aussie F1F fans) and it has cost him results.

    This year, apart from the multi-21 debactle, he has been too slow. Seb very fast in the same car. So to be honest to answer your question on Mark from 2010???- 2010 beat him and he has not been as good or fast since!! He shows signs of his brilliance and for me a total champion!

    As with Gerhard Berger, Mak Webber was born in a time with too many F1 talents- Hamilton, Vettel & Alonson- freaks- for me always a champion!! :)


    Sorry, but a thorough analysis of 2010 will show that Mark Webber had the upper hand in a few races, but in most races, he was second best to Sebastian Vettel, who deserved the title and hadn’t lead the standings basically because of bad luck.
    Webber could have been WDC, but still Vettel would have been better than him in 2010.


    I don’t think Webber’s ability has declined at all, it’s just that as Vettel has improved his skill, he’s really left Mark in the dust.

    As for Massa, I’ve always believed that the events of Germany ’10 and the ensuing knock to his confidence were a far greater factor in his downfall than his accident in Hungary ’09. Didn’t he lead the championship early in 2010?

    Ben Needham

    @magon4 – I completely agree with you; as I said in the post, Webber only had the upper hand in a few races – but for the last 2/3 years he’s barely had the upper hand in any races at all.

    I’m inclined to agree with @JackySteeg that Vettel has really improved over the past few years.


    Particularly interested to hear what you all think about Webber’s decline. What changed between 2010 and 2011?

    Pirelli tires, car design focusing around Vettel, FIA imposing a mandatory weight distribution range for the cars.

    Vettel would still have the edge on most circuits though and became far more consistent from 2011 onwards.

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