2012 Canadian Grand Prix Awards

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    Best Driver: Hamilton, perfect drive.
    Worst Driver: Button, when your team mate wins, you need to finish higher than 16th
    Best Team: Mclaren
    Worst Team: HRT
    Best Overtake: Perez on Rosberg
    Best Funny-moment: In the Australian telecast, after the race, one of the co-hosts said “Next on the calendar is Valencia, which is always a great race”
    Most Surprising Result: Perez
    Least Surprising Result: Rosberg
    Special Mention to: Perez, Grosjean, great tyre management from both
    Race Rating: 8/10


    Best Driver: Grosjean, super tyre management
    Worst Driver: Jenson Button, all wrong all weekend really
    Best Team: Lotus, car obviously liked the conditions and both drivers bringing it up from the grid
    Worst Team: HRT
    Best Overtake: Perez on Rosberg
    Best Funny-moment: The Mercedes pit crew bashing Schumacher’s wing
    Most Surprising Result: Perez up to 3rd
    Least Surprising Result: Hamilton, looked good all weekend
    Special Mention to: Perez, Hamilton & Grosjean for great strategy and great driving
    Race Rating: 8/10

    Best Sky commentator/presenter: Jacques Villeneuve, tells it how he feels it
    Worst Sky commentator/presenter: Lazenby, still asking silly questions and making silly comments
    Best Commentary moment: nothing stands out
    World feed rating: 8/10


    Best Driver: Hamilton/Grosjean for the tyre management
    Worst Driver: Button, wrong weekend but not a reason to go from 10th to 16th
    Best Team: Lotus/McLaren
    Worst Team: HRT
    Best Overtake: Massa on Rosberg
    Best Funny-moment: Mercedes pit crew and Michelin punching the Schumacher’s wing
    Most Surprising Result: Grosjean/Perez up to 2nd/3rd
    Least Surprising Result: ////
    Special Mention to: Perez (fantastic drive) & McLaren (great strategy- kudos Lewis’s RE doing his job well for this time!)
    Race Rating: 9/10 (ALO/VET/HAM Best drivers ever of the grid, always guarantee an epic fight )


    Best driver: Grosjean or Perez
    Worst driver: Button
    Best team: Ferrari probably had the pace to win (even Massa was looking likely for a podium) but ruined it with strategy (and Felipe spun). So it would have to be McLaren, although contributing to Button’s terrible weekend wasn’t exactly brilliant.
    Worst team: HRT. Not the slowest, but had both drivers suffer brake failures, with Karthikeyan almost crashing. Pretty dangerous.
    Best overtake: Perez on Rosberg
    Best funny moment: The super-duper-safe DRS being super unsafe. (Please get rid of it now!)
    Most surprising result: Perez on the podium or Button’s continued slump.
    Least surprising result: Massa in the running for strong points and throwing it away.
    Special mention to: di Resta for his first stint.
    Race Rating: 7.5/10
    Best Sky commentator/presenter: Brundle
    Worst Sky commentator/presenter: Everyone but Brundle
    Best commentary moment: Perhaps Brundle somehow thinking Massa’s pass on Rosberg was done with DRS. On lap TWO.
    World feed rating: 9/10 — Good job as always. The only thing they need to do is move the start replays back a bit.

    Bradley Downton

    Best driver: Lewis Hamilton – Brilliant Win
    Worst driver: Jenson Button – Was going to go for Karthikeyan, but he has the excuse of an awful car
    Best team: Lotus – Played the best strategy. Nearly won with Romain, and Kimi was unlucky. (While Sauber were the same, Lotus finished higher)
    Worst team: HRT – Brakes that failed to last 30 laps, shocking.
    Best overtake: Perez on Rosberg.
    Best funny moment: Grosjean and Perez mugging Vettel and Alonso
    Most surprising result: Perez and Grosjean
    Least surprising result: Williams, FI, Caterham, Marussia, STR- HRT
    Special mention to: Perez, Grosjean
    Race Rating: 8/10

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