2012 F1 season review: Worst moments of the year

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    One of the regular features of the end-of season F1 Fanatic review is a look at readers’ least favourite moments of the year.

    What were the lowlights of the season for you? Spell out what you didn’t like about the season and the most popular suggestions will appear in the finished article along with a selection of your quotes.


    Nothing was more sickening than reading the headline: “De Villota loses right eye after Duxford crash”.

    But the moments after the Williams garage caught fire at Barcelona were pretty awful too.


    The ugliest car to ever win an F1 race. Also, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ugliest cars to ever win F1 races.


    Maria de Villiota crash, Williams fire and starting crash at Spa.


    Definitely Maria de Villiota’s crash. The waiting until we knew whether she was all right or not was just horrible.


    Seeing “DRS is enabled” information.


    Yeah, a woman losing her right eye is definitely worse than a nation using a Grand Prix to mask their oppressive regime while the F1 circus goes right along with it.

    For me, the worst moment was hearing Schumacher was retiring. Hate to see him go out like this, but it has definitely been his strongest year and he did at least get a podium.


    I think I’d agree with some of the posts here and say that the news of de Villota’s crash was the worst moment of the year. I was also saddened by the death of Sid Watkins and by the news of Schumacher’s retirement.


    The death of Professor Sid Watkins, without a doubt.


    Getting home from work to see the headline ‘De Villota loses right eye’ is something I’ll remember for a long time, very disturbing and sad. The Bahrain GP fiasco was a low, a country using a sporting event to mask an oppressive regime did nothing but highlight the greed in the upper circle of F1 putting team personnel at risk as was seen with Force India. Fernando Alonso coming within inches of death at Spa was shocking, as was the inadequacy of the fire and rescue services in Barcelona.


    Di Villota’s accident – incredibly saddening

    The Bahrain Grand Prix and the lack of awareness by certain members within the F1 fraternity. Never have I been so ashamed to be an F1 fan

    A more personal one – Watching less F1 than I have in the past 10 years or so. A lot due to the carving up of rights in the UK, and even if it had been on free-to-air I doubt I would have watched the Bahrain race out of shame.

    Craig Woollard

    Bahrain for me… Seeing Hamilton leave McLaren will leave a sour taste too. The Williams fire and Villota’s crash were also not great things to see in one respect but showed how strong the F1 community is in other respects.

    As for on-track action, the Spa crash really was a nasty one, and the many McLaren cock-ups.


    The breakdown of the McLaren-Hamilton partnership. Sad to see a partnership that started out so lovingly has broken down to this state.

    De Villota was another. I saw the reports of what her skull looked like thanks to the crash – and for those weak of heart I don’t recommend you go googling that picture.

    Saddening too that Frank Williams has needed to take on 2 drivers bringing sponsorship packages.


    Schumacher’s retirement announcement.

    Mclaren letting down Hamilton in several races in addition to the other misfortune he’s had throughout the year, depriving the fans of a three way fight for the title in the last two races.


    The death of Professor Sid Watkins, without a doubt.

    This for me too.

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