2012 F1 season review: Worst moments of the year

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    It was difficult if even possible to understand penalty system from race to race

    Penalties were too inconsistent this year

    Inconsistency with driver penalties is always going to happen because the stewards are different each race. As everyone is different, people will view certain incidents in different ways and this includes the stewards. If the same incident happens in two different races, the stewards in one race may feel a penalty should be awarded to a driver, whilst the stewards feel a penalty should not be awarded as they have viewed the incident differently.


    For me the worst moments were Maria De Villota’s sickening crash, which stunned me only with that sound recording; The Williams garage on fire in Barcelona, which I think will persist as one of the scariest and most terrifying moments of my time as F1 fan; and the horrendous crashes that were the result of poor driver standarts. I was completely annoyed at Romain Grosjean with the Spa crash. I honestly think I’d yell at him if I saw him after the race. Also the Bahrain GP was one of the lowest, if not the lowest point of the season. I think I had never been so much pissed off at Bernie and Formula One!


    I’d mention De Villota’s crash, McLaren’s amateur-ish moments and Sauber dropping KOB while PER gets a seat at McLaren…
    GRO has disappointed me too, but i don’t think that he is responsible for every incident he’s been involved in. Spa, of course, is 100% his fault…


    Every single McLaren/Lewis error and the Bahrain grand prix


    The flag gate… enough said


    @celeste 100% agreed. This nonsense is entirely not in the line with the rest of the season.


    McLaren ruining the season for their drivers (“Oh dear, it’s happened again.”)

    And of course hearing my hero Schumacher retiring. I never got to travel to a GP to watch him race :(.

    Troy Longstaff

    I’m no political expert, but F1 should not have raced in Bahrain this year. Then again, when Bernie E runs the show, he doesn’t car where the money comes from, just as long as it actually eventuates. Also, the Indian Grand Prix was, without a doubt the most boring race I have ever seen, and I have stayed up until midnight to watch every race since 2004 when I was a 10-year-old ugly duckling. Never have I fell asleep in a race until that mind-numbing night!

    Master firelee

    -Only half the races in 2012 being shown live, unless your have sky.
    -The Ugly stepped noses, I’m hoping they’re gone next year.
    -Bahrain…. I don’t even need to explain.
    -Williams fire.
    -De Villota’s lnjury/crash.
    -The Asia Grand Prix, Vettel kept winning plus half the races in Asia were boring.
    -Vettel passing the Toro Rosso investigation, This was slightly sour but if it was just any other race I wouldn’t mind but he already won the Championship and I would have hated it to change after the season had finished.
    -Schumi retiring, I was hoping he would retire after he reached 100 wins.


    On track: the catastrophic shambles of Mclaren’s season

    Off track: Maria de Villota


    McLaren ruining the season for their drivers (“Oh dear, it’s happened again.”)

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    Mallesh Magdum

    1) The death of Prof Wakins
    2) Massa’s phantom gearbox penalty in Austin
    3) Consistency wasnt rewarded. Eg- Force India being the most consistent midfield team ended up 7th
    4) None of the new teams scored a point
    5) HRT’s continued fall
    6) Vettel’s constant “finger salutes”


    de Villota crash, Red bull’s return to form in the second half of the season.

    Ben Furtula

    de Vilota accident, Fernando Alonso’s head nearly being taken off at Spa and Sid Watkins passing away.


    There were many things this year:
    1. Watkins
    2. de Vilota
    3. Hamilton leaving McLaren (I heard it while lunch. It was really shocking me. I never thought that he will leave McLaren, it is a pity.

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