2012 Hungarian Grand Prix Awards

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    Best Driver:
    Worst Driver:
    Best Team:
    Worst Team:
    Best Overtake:
    Best Funny- moment:
    Most Surprising Result:
    Least Surprising Result:
    Special Mention to:
    Race Rating: /10

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter:
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter:
    Best Commentary moment:
    World feed rating: /10


    Best Driver: Lewis Hamilton
    Worst Driver: Michael Schumacher, crash on friday, slow on saturday and a terrible mistake in race
    Best Team: Lotus
    Worst Team: Mercedes
    Best Overtake: Senna on Perez in the outside
    Best Funny-moment: Karthikeyan’s retirement
    Most Surprising result: Bruno Senna performance in the weekend
    Least Surprising result: Maldonado crash
    Special Mention to: Kimi Raikkonen, great race from him
    Race Rating: 5.5/10


    Live in italy so can’t say anything about BBC/Sky


    Best Driver: Raikkonen. Hamilton had a great race, but this season has shown that being in front helps out a whole lot. Raikkonen had to conserve tyres and then blast to pass the rest in his second stint. Perhaps a tie.
    Worst Driver: Schumacher, obviously.
    Best Team: Lotus, because none other did better.
    Worst Team: Red Bull, the three-stopper cost them places.
    Best Overtake: Senna on Perez.
    Best Funny- moment: Schumi getting a drive through on top of an abysmal start.
    Most Surprising Result: Sauber far off the pace.
    Least Surprising Result: Hamilton, it was obvious he would win.
    Special Mention to: Pic, this was suppsedly one of Glock’s better circuits?
    Race Rating: 6/10, a bit more strategy-oriented, but I enjoyed it as much as Hockenheim. I actually missed these kind of races somewhat, it’s a welcome variation for the odd race.


    Best Driver: Hamilton
    Worst Driver: Schumacher…comedy!
    Best Team: Lotus
    Worst Team: Mercedes
    Best Overtake: Raikkonen and Grosjean – forceful but still clean. I bet even Romain stopped smiling for a moment there.
    Best Funny- moment: (Muttley…) “Do something!”
    Most Surprising Result: Poor showing by Sauber
    Least Surprising Result: Strong Lotus race after they qualified well. Looking forward to seeing what Kimi can do at Spa.
    Special Mention to: Senna. Fast all weekend, good moves on Massa and Pérez, and no mistakes. Some might say he should’ve done this all year, and I don’t think he has enough friends in high places to stay at Williams, but a few more drives like China and this one should put him in the (admittedly crowded) shop window.
    Race Rating: 5/10 Not a fan of passing in the pits – I hoped we’d seen the last of it.

    BBC/Sky: Enjoy your Sky subscriptions in August, suckers!
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Lee McKenzie, who deserves to present some live races.
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Ben Edwards having a Murray Walker moment at one point – seemed to lose what was going on when a car didn’t come by (it was in the pits). Ben’s not old enough to get away with that!
    Best Commentary moment:
    World feed rating: 4/10 Not enough of Grosjean and Raikkonen chasing Hamilton. Some weird “arty” replays of nothing happening, haven’t seen the like of those since there was a French GP.

    Antonio Nartea

    Best Driver: Raikkonen
    Worst Driver: sorry to say this but… Schumacher
    Best Team: Lotus – big points haul and they got Raikkonen right there in the middle of the WDC battle before the summer break.
    Worst Team: has to be Mercedes – nothing came together for them all weekend, looks of despair in their garage and then the Schumacher blunder, Rosberg invisible all race… just grim.
    Best Overtake: Raikkonen on Grosjean
    Best Funny-moment: “Do something!” / “We can’t just try anything Sebastian!”
    Most Surprising Result: positive – Senna – finally a good weekend for him / negative – Sauber – their weekend was just poor
    Least Surprising Result: positive – Hamilton – it was always gonna be him in Hungary / negative – Maldonado plowing into someone again
    Special Mention to: Grosjean – drove a steady race, got another podium, brought in good points – a job well done
    Race Rating: 6/10 – but if it wasn’t for Raikkonen…

    World feed rating: 5/10 – confusion at the start, uninspired switches, I haven’t seen Rosberg or Kobayashi on screen AT ALL in the race, nothing in the Caterham area of coverage either, not enough focus on Raikkonen closing in on Hamilton etc. etc. Poor.


    Best Driver: Hamilton
    Worst Driver: Karthikeyan
    Best Team: Mclaren
    Worst Team: HRT
    Best Overtake: n/a
    Best Funny- moment: Schumachers start woes
    Most Surprising Result: I stayed awake and watched it all
    Least Surprising Result: it being dull
    Special Mention to: the few small incidents I joked about online
    Race Rating: 3/10

    BBC/Sky: sky
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: There all good,
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Jake
    Best Commentary moment: n/a
    World feed rating: 6.78/10


    Best Driver: Hamilton. Absolutely dominant all weekend long.
    Worst Driver: Schumacher. He’s made some really stupid mistakes the last few weeks.
    Best Team: Lotus
    Worst Team: Sauber
    Best Overtake: Was there one?
    Best Funny- moment: Seb complaining on the radio (as usual), or Schumacher causing the aborted start.
    Most Surprising Result: Lotus double podium again.
    Least Surprising Result: Little overtaking, McLaren dominance at Hungaroring, another penalty for Maldonado.
    Special Mention to: Bruno Senna, who looked great all weekend. Maybe good enough to keep Williams from replacing him with Bottas?
    Race Rating: 5.5/10


    Best Driver: Lewis Hamilton
    Worst Driver: Michael Schumacher
    Best Team: Lotus
    Worst Team: Mercedes
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Perez or Senna on Perez and Massa
    Best Funny- moment: Karthikeyan’s retirement
    Most Surprising Result: Bruno Senna
    Least Surprising Result: Lotus fast in the heat
    Special Mention to: Raikkonen, Grosjean, Senna, and Pic
    Race Rating: 6/10


    Best Driver: Hamilton
    Worst Driver: Schumacher
    Best Team: Lotus
    Worst Team: Mercedes
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Perez
    Best Funny- moment: Karthikeyan’s retirement
    Most Surprising Result: Senna’s 7th place with consistent pace
    Least Surprising Result: Hamilton’s win.
    Special Mention to: Charles Pic. Almost lapped Glock!
    Race Rating: 6/10

    World feed rating: 5/10

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