2012 Italian Grand Prix Awards

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    Best Driver: Pérez
    Worst Driver: If this is the new Maldonado (turned over a new leaf etc) I think I preferred the old one. A few fastest laps but otherwise invisible.
    Best Team: Sauber – Kobayashi struggled a bit but they played a blinder with Perez.
    Worst Team: Red Bull, a race to forget.
    Best Overtake: Button on Massa
    Best Funny- moment: Senna waving his arm at Pérez while flying off the track at the Roggia chicane
    Most Surprising Result: Perez passing both Ferraris
    Least Surprising Result: D’Ambrosio ending up in the midfield. A good result for Grosjean!
    Special Mention to: Massa – great start and doing what he should have done all year, even if Perez was more eye-catching. I wonder if Ferrari see it as a battle between those two for the rest of the year
    Race Rating: 7/10

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: David Coulthard was excellent
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Jake Humphrey, asking dumb “headline” questions and wasting valuable minutes of the highlights show
    Best Commentary moment: Coulthard describing Perez’s pass of Massa
    World feed rating: 6/10 The usual long, lingering shots of advertising hoardings, giving a rubbish impression of speed. Hard to identify cars in the light coming into Rettifilio. Missed a few things like Alonso passing Vettel (took a while to show a replay) and Ricciardo v Williams on the last lap.


    Best Driver: Sergio Perez – Drove a fantastic race and got within 5 seconds of Hamilton at the end of the race despite starting 12th.
    Worst Driver: Mark Webber – Hard to believe that this is the same guy who put in such amazing performances at Monaco and Silverstone!
    Best Team: McLaren – Robbed of what was surely going to be a double podium by Jenson’s fuel pump problem.
    Worst Team: Red Bull – Mark was off the pace all weekend and Seb was forced to retire after a recurring alternator problem. A team like RedBull should be able to have at least one car finish in the points.
    Best Overtake: Sergio Perez on Kimi Raikonnen going into turn 4.
    Best Funny- moment: Alonso attempting to mirror the pass Vettel made on him the previous year.
    Most Surprising Result: Perez getting to 2nd from 12th on the grid. The Sauber didn’t seem to quite have the pace this weekend, so for Sergio to 1 stop and still have such blistering pace is truly amazing.
    Least Surprising Result: McLaren winning.
    Special Mention to: Alonso for his superb opening 2 laps and battling to yet another podium, and to Schumacher for doing a solid job all weekend.
    Race Rating: 8.5/10


    Best Driver: Sergio Perez
    Worst Driver: Jerome D’Ambrosio
    Best Team: Sauber
    Worst Team: Red Bull
    Best Overtake: Rosberg on Kobayashi or Perez on Raikkonen
    Best Funny- moment: Webber’s spin
    Most Surprising Result: Perez
    Least Surprising Result: Hamilton
    Special Mention to: Hamilton, Alonso, Massa & Raikkonen
    Race Rating: 8/10


    Imo it’s not fair to consider D’Ambrosio as the worst driver in the race, as he had to drive without KERS from the 6th lap on. That problem explains at least half of the 45 seconds gap between him and Kimi. The other half is explained by the fact that he only drove the car since friday (apart from some rained-out laps in May), while Kimi is a former world champion who already drove this car for the whole season. I don’t believe any young driver could have done better under these circumstances.

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