2012 McLaren livery

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    Another winter without F1, so it’s time for me to Photoshop some F1 cars, to keep me sane.

    As it’s coming up to the Mclaren launch and Jenson is a LEGEND, I thought I’d create a McLaren livery. I saw a picture last year, from Abu Dhabi and it looked like a kind of anthracite colour. I thought it looked pretty good and tried to recreate it in virtual form. What’s the betting it’ll stay silver… or even go white?

    Anyway, your thoughts would be welcome and anyone else who has any F1 Photoshops, whack em’ up!




    I have to commend you with that, it looks amazing, I’ve never really been a fan of the chrome-ish Mclarens, but I do think that it will more than likely remain for at least this season. Might get a change when Vodafone’s sponsorship comes to an end?


    Love what you did there, @jezson. Really love that livery. If McLaren suddendly changed to that livery, then I would have to search for photos of the car every second as I love it!


    Looks a whole lot better than the current livery does! Brings back a bit of the evil look that the West-McLarens had in my opinion. I loved those and never was too keen about their switch to the bright chrome…


    McLaren’s partnership with Mercedes is ending and their sponsorship by Vodafone is likely to end one day – with a new engine supplier and primary sponsor, I expect they’d change their livery somewhat. I think @Jezson‘s colour scheme looks great, though they’d want to make sure it’s not too similar to Lotus’s black livery.


    Brilliant job with the livery, does remind me slightly of the good old West livery they had. Would much prefer if they raced in Jezson’s effort rather than the chrome effect they have now and I actually quite like the chrome.


    It looks amazing..much better than 2011..


    Oh my, that is pretty damn tasty, @jezson. I’ve never really liked the chrome livery – it’s supposed to make the sponsors stand out, but I’d say it obscures them more!

    White would be really good I think, I wish they returned to that look. You think you could mock up a white one? :P


    Great Livery, BTW Button Is NOT a legend.


    Inb4 orange/papaya

    Great job on the livery, reminds me of this one that was floating around a few years back but honestly, I would love if they went back to white/red like this one.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Button Is NOT a legend.

    That’s a matter of opinion.


    Dark grey looks pretty good to be honest.

    Although I’m happy enough to see Mclaren keep the same livery for long periods of time. 23 years of Marlboro Red/White, 9 years of West Black/Grey/White and with 5 years of Vodafone Chrome/Red already passed, and only another 2 or 3 years of sponsorship remaining, I can’t see them changing it at all for the remainder of the deal. It’s a strong brand image in F1 just now, you can pick out the Mclaren a mile away!

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t think the livery is going to change too much this year. There was a rumour that the livery was going to change last year, and it went viral, but McLaren shot it down. I see no reason why they would change it this year.

    The Last Pope

    Nice look.

    Do You think you could do an “away” Catterham livery, swapping the yellow and green and black in place of the white?


    I would love to see the black design that was posted by @Jezson (btw excellent job) but it’s unlikely. The chrome design looks nice and goes with Mclarens space age type decor they have at the factory but just a little shake up now and again would be nice. Regardless unless it has go faster stripes (which are scientifically proven to make cars go faster) then it doesn’t make a difference to me as long as there winning with whatever colour.

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