2012 McLaren livery

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    ^^ 2013’s Special 25 yrs since 1988 dominance retro livery?


    Not sure I like modern F1 cars in white. That original McLaren looks great though.


    I like the black one at the start of the thread. But to me it looks a bit like Virgin.
    The black livery would be possible,because of Mercedes silver arrow livery. They have started to slowly change their clothing colors,for example caps. A colour change is on it’s way ,but not in the next 2 years I think.


    Just thought I would let you all know, the new McLaren team-wear is on pre-order on their website. It’s a white t-shirt with silver and rocket-red details on it.


    That black livery looks fantastic!!!!
    The black looked particularly good on the MP4-24, having seen it on a picture floating around the internet.
    The MP4-24 wasn’t exactly a pretty car and I think the black made it difficult to distinguish some of it’s ugly lines, therefore making it look more attractive than it did in chrome.

    Having said that, I like the chrome on the other cars it has been used on.
    It’s very unique and makes it easy to distinguish the McLaren’s from the rest of the field, including the Mercedes.
    Love it or hate it, it is very unique and is immediately associated with McLaren.
    I don’t see why they would change it at this point.

    It’s not too similar to Mercedes livery, which is more of a silver colour and not as bright and seeing as though McLaren are still using Mercedes engines any similarity seems appropriate.
    Even if McLaren were to change engine suppliers in future, the chrome still goes well with the Vodafone colours and would go well with any other future sponsors colours.

    It’s a lot more attractive than some of the other liveries on the grid, namely the haphazard livery of the Sauber and the garish livery of the Lotus Renault, which would look much better with thinner gold stripes as seen on the original livery, not the thick cream bands of today.
    Lotus have really managed to butcher the original and very attractive JPS livery used on cars such as the 78.

    There seems to be little point in changing livery every few years and I think we can expect to see the chrome livery for many years to come.


    Jezson you need to start designing the 2012 F1 liveries. The white and black versions of the McLarens are just ….drooooooooooooools.


    Wow, the black and the white McLaren’s are just epic looking. Thanks for doing those!


    I know its not totally related, but would i be right in saying (i think i saw them said they would on Twitter) that the launch of the new car is going to be shown live on sky? and if so does anyone know which channel it will be on?


    @SamS I would imagine it would simply be Sky Sports News, they have already been covering stories in Formula 1 much more than usual, last season they wouldn’t have bothered getting pictures from Kimi’s return, this year they actually went and recorded some footage and kept bringing it up. As both drivers are British, and McLaren are too, I would imagine they will cut live to the unveiling of the car and have Martin Brundle or someone make their first official appearance as part of Sky’s F1 team (though he has already been used in adverts showcasing 2012)


    l’d love to see an Orange Mclaren !!

    great job @Jezson (loved the white Mclaren in particular)


    Yeah, haven’t seen an orange one since the MP4-21:


    We will find out tomorrow! Cant wait..


    One day when I’m in power, you guys a totally doing the liveries. :D Awesome!

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