2012 Monaco Grand Prix Awards

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    Best Driver:
    Worst Driver:
    Best Team:
    Worst Team:
    Best Overtake:
    Best Funny- moment:
    Most Surprising Result:
    Least Surprising Result:
    Special Mention to:
    Race Rating: /10

    BBC vs Sky:
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter:
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter:
    Best Commentary moment:
    World feed rating: /10

    Bradley Downton

    Best Driver:
    Heikki Kovalainen – Brilliant defence all race from much stronger opponents.

    Worst Driver:
    Pastor Maldonado – Now that, is a Hero to Zero. I would have put Grosjean, only I felt this wasn’t entirely his fault, unlike Maldonado creaming into the back of de la Rosa.

    Best Team:
    Red Bull – Played the strategy brilliantly.

    Worst Team:
    Toro Rosso – For that decision to put Vergne on the Inters.

    Best Overtake:
    Um, was there one?

    Best Funny- moment:
    When it rained really hard, everyone went off and Kovalainen won… Oh wait, that might have been a dream from when I fell asleep…

    Most Surprising Result:
    I wouldn’t say anything really surprised me…

    Least Surprising Result:
    The results being basically the grid.

    Special Mention to:
    Massa – A great return to form, although I think he could have delivered more in Qualifying
    Force India – Solid race to 7th and 8th (even if they were helped by Schumacher and Vergne dropping out)
    Perez – A solid race from 23rd to 11th (albeit a bit aggresive) and Fastest Lap (which really shows what he could have done this weekend)
    Vergne – For what should have been his best ever finish, only to be screwed over by the team

    Race Rating:

    Ivan Vinitskyy

    Best Driver: Vettel or Alonso. Vettel for great pace on 30 lap old tires. Alonso for quick in lap when it mattered.
    Worst Driver: Maldonado
    Best Team: Redbull
    Worst Team: McLaren for not ensuring Button does not come out behind Kovi, slow pit stop for Hamilton and not telling Ham how close Vettel was.
    Best Overtake: none
    Best Funny- moment: Vergne on inters
    Most Surprising Result: Button not making any progress
    Least Surprising Result: McLaren screwing up
    Special Mention to: Massa and Kovi for good performances
    Race Rating: 4/10


    Best Driver: Heikki Kovalainen
    Worst Driver: Jenson Button
    Best Team: Red Bull
    Worst Team: McLaren
    Best Overtake: Perez on Vergne
    Best Funny- moment: N/A
    Most Surprising Result: Mark Webber
    Least Surprising Result: Fernando Alonso
    Special Mention to: Felipe Massa
    Race Rating: 6/10


    Best Driver: Webber
    Worst Driver: Maldonado. “If we thought he’d been a wanker, he wouldn’t have got in the team”. This weekend, Frank was wrong about that.
    Best Team: Red Bull, made two different strategies work. But I don’t agree with not doing a lap in Q3
    Worst Team: Lotus – somehow made a very fast car slow. Grosjean needs to stay out of trouble in the first few laps.
    Best Overtake: Hulkenberg nipping past Raikkonen
    Most Surprising Result: How far forward Vettel got without burning his tyres out.
    Least Surprising Result: Trains forming
    Special Mention to: Massa back on form, Force India for bagging a load of points and Kovalainen for decent speed and defending (although he didn’t achieve anything in the end)
    Race Rating: 8/10

    BBC vs Sky: Sky, because BBC say “press Red for the forum” and it’s gym-f***ing-nastics, the online stream doesn’t work properly, and when it does, they’re gushing at actors. “Which films are you in?” “Who are you a guest of?” Pathetic.
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Coulthard
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Jake Humphrey being a particularly annoying ****. At least he’s going off to be smug somewhere else for the next couple of races.
    Best Commentary moment: “Someone’s moved the temperature probe away from the kettle, it’s dropped 6 degrees” from Brundle made me smile a bit.
    World feed rating: 2/10 Rubbish – changed shots too much, irrelevant slow-mos and never once used Paul di Resta’s helmet cam.


    Best Driver: Hekki I think. He made Button look like an amateur in a much faster car on brand new S-soft tyres. It was brilliant to watch.
    Worst Driver: Maldonardo or Button. Don’t know which one, but neither of them were any good.
    Best Team: Red Bull, they really made those strategies work, even though not doing a lap in Q3 was a little optimistic. Great pistops when it mattered. They were just razor sharp all weekend.
    Worst Team: Easily McLaren. They have a brilliant car, but they just keep messing it up. Not telling Hamilton where Vettel was and getting Button on brand new s-softs out behind a Caterham. They really need to get a hang of things, because no matter how fast a car the design team gives them, they can be sure that the McLaren pitwall is going to set those two cars on fire if that is whats nessesary to stop the results from coming in.
    Best Overtake: Ehm.. that one on.. never mind, I didn’t see any.
    Best Funny- moment: When Vergne switched to inters.
    Most Surprising Result: Rain in Monaco! Is that even possible?
    Least Surprising Result: Grosjean crashing.
    Special Mention to: Maldonardo for providing some entertainment!
    Race Rating: 5/10


    Best Driver: Webber for keeping it at the front!
    Worst Driver: Maldonado for obvious reasons!
    Best Team: Red Bull, good team work!
    Worst Team: Torro rosso – inter’s seriously?? ruined his race!
    Best Overtake: weren’t they all by perez?
    Best Funny- moment: lewis hamilton hit on head by pit boards
    Most Surprising Result: vergne putting inter’s on
    Least Surprising Result: rosberg 2nd
    Special Mention to: Vettel for a damn good effort
    Race Rating:6 /10


    Best Driver: Kovalainen
    Worst Driver: Maldonaldo
    Best Team: Red Bull, reluctantly
    Worst Team: McLaren
    Best Overtake: There were none
    Best Funny moment: There were none
    Most Surprising Result: Rosberg 2nd
    Least Surprising Result: Maldonaldo DNF
    Special Mention to: Webber, Alonso, Force India and Schumacher
    Race Rating: 3/10

    BBC vs Sky: BBC
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: Eddie Jordan
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Damon Hill
    Best Commentary moment: BBC and Sky bumping into each other
    World feed rating: 7/10


    Best Driver: Sebastian Vettel
    Worst Driver: Jenson Button
    Best Team: Red Bull Racing, for getting the strategy spot-on
    Worst Team: McLaren
    Best Overtake: Just take any of the ones Perez did, that’s all there is.
    Best Funny- moment: Kovalainen driving with a broken front wing, perhaps?
    Most Surprising Result: Webber having a good start and keeping first place.
    Least Surprising Result: Webber finishing in first place after managing not to lose it at the start.
    Special Mention to: Heikki Kovalainen, both Force India drivers
    Race Rating: 6/10 – perhaps dull by 2012 standards, but there was enough tension strategy-wise to keep it interesting.


    Best Driver: Kovalainen, although cutting the chicane to keep Jenson behind was a bit dodgy.
    Worst Driver: Button. Don’t know what’s up with him this year.
    Best Team: Either Red Bull (great strategy) or Force India (double points finish out of a less-than-stellar team)
    Worst Team: Toro Rosso. Of course hindsight is 20/20, but that decision to put Vergne on inters was questionable to say the least.
    Best Overtake: …huh? There was an overtake?
    Best Funny moment: Hamilton complaining about being hit in the head by one of the boards
    Most Surprising Result: Nico in P2 or Felipe in P6
    Least Surprising Result: Another retirement for Schumacher; old guy can’t seem to catch a break this year.
    Special Mention to: McLaren for not screwing up a pitstop!
    Race Rating: 3/10


    Best Driver: Kovalainen — Monaco it may have been, but he did well to keep Button at bay.
    Worst Driver: Maldonando — Horrible weekend compounded (summed up?) by clouting De La Rosa.
    Best Team: Erm… Red Bull? No-one stood out.
    Worst Team: Again, no-one stood out.
    Best Overtake: Was there one?
    Best Funny- moment: Pic and Glock briefly being fastest on the track.
    Most Surprising Result: Massa — good to see him up there.
    Least Surprising Result: Maldonado — it was always going to happen.
    Special Mention to: The Indy 500 for being infinitely more entertaining
    Race Rating: 5/10 edit: That’s being generous.


    Best Driver: Heiki or Kimi for leading processions for soooo long
    Worst Driver: Heiki or Kimi for leading processions for soooo long
    Best Team:Red Bull for managing to make so much progress with Seb and keeping Mark at the front
    Worst Team:
    Best Overtake:Hmmmm… is it me or is the Monaco grand prix the least exciting of the calendar? The circuit is too small and too narrow! And before those people start going on about tradition… there have been many ‘traditions’ that are no longer with us..and its not spoiled the racing
    Best Funny- moment:
    Most Surprising Result:That there wasn’t any overtaking
    Least Surprising Result:That there wasn’t any overtaking!…for all that Bernie has tried… he really can’t make Monaco exciting for the fans!
    Special Mention to:Fernando… great laps to take Lewis
    Race Rating: 3/10


    Best Driver: Webber – Done what he needed to do
    Worst Driver: Grosjean – Yet another race he’s out of, when he looked good quali.
    Best Team: Got to be Redbull, great job with both.
    Worst Team: Mclaren yet again.
    Best Overtake: Perez was the only one?? def not Jensons lol….
    Best Funny- moment: old Schumacher involved another crash ha,ha….
    Most Surprising Result: for me Massa near the front pack for once.
    Least Surprising Result: Maldonado, really has got a hot head.
    Special Mention to: Great TEAM work by Redbull again, getting Vettel to 4th and webber to win
    Race Rating: 3/10 Not the best, if only they delayed the start & we got some decent rain!!

    Nic Morley

    Best Driver: Mark Webber (kept calm at the front, great 2nd Monaco win).
    Worst Driver: Jenson Button (where was he all weekend?).
    Best Team: Red Bull (good strategy for both drivers, to finish 1st and 4th).
    Worst Team: Mclaren (yep).
    Best Overtake: Not Buttons.
    Best Funny- moment: too nerve racking at the end to notice.
    Most Surprising Result: Webber getting off to a decent start.
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso finding way on the podium.
    Special Mention to: Rosberg, Alonso and Massa!
    Race Rating: 8/10 (generally… well it’s Monaco, but the final laps were thrilling and had me biting my nails).

    Craig Woollard

    Best Driver: Heikki Kovalainen
    Worst Driver: Jenson Button
    Best Team: Red Bull
    Worst Team: McLaren
    Best Overtake: Heikki on Jenson
    Best Funny- moment: Heikki infront of Jenson for pretty much the whole race
    Most Surprising Result: Massa
    Least Surprising Result: Petrov
    Special Mention to: Di Resta
    Race Rating: 6/10

    BBC vs Sky: BBC
    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: EJ was on form
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Simon Lazenby. His comments about Princess Grace were MILES over the top.
    Best Commentary moment: DC’s “Number 2 is more difficult”
    World feed rating: 4/10

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