2012 Santander British Grand Prix – HELP

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    Craig Woollard

    I, as some of you may know (by my tweets at stupid hours of the morning) am a student. I am thinking on going to the British GP next year with my 2 mates, 1 who is into F1 (kind of) and 1 who I am steadily getting him into the sport and want to drag them along (both students too). I need ideas on the following please:

    Do we camp or get a hotel?

    Is drinking allowed on premises (May have changed since I last went in 2009)

    Should I get a GA ticket, and if so, what/where does it allow me to go to?

    What do we take with us?

    Cheers muchly!


    Hi Craig-O

    Sorry i can’t be of help.

    I’ve bought Village A tickets for the 2012 race day… never been to a GP before so also keen to find out any info from peoples experiences?

    Have booked us into the Travelodge 5miles away.. hoping we’ll be able to get taxis there/back… planning to have a few drinks, assuming we’re allowed?

    Ta x


    We’ve been on Saturday for the last 2 years and have bought grandstand tickets with camping for 2012 – can’t wait!

    From what I have heard, you need to be up VERY early on race day to get a good GA position, so if you are doing the GA tickets you would probably be better camping. Your GA tickets will get you into any of the GA areas on Sat and Sun (see Silverstone website for position of GA areas) and roving grandstand access for Friday.

    Drinking is fine, my husband has taken a cool bag of beers the last 2 years and there are also bars among the food catering stalls, those are not cheap though.

    You don’t really need to take anything with you although we have taken our own food and drinks to keep costs down. Weather appropriate clothing/waterproofs/suncream are essential though! You might want to take ear defenders, although foam earplugs are available there for free. The noise is part of it for us so although the children had ear defenders (don’t take a child without them!!) we just used the foam earplugs for some of the time.

    Craig Woollard

    @Sharon thanks for your help.

    We’re students, so there won’t be any kids! I shall do some research in the morning into it :)


    Hi, Im also a student and went with a few friends this year. Had General Admission, with Roving Grandstands on Friday, and Camping.
    Its the cheapest option to see the whole weekend, and it was great fun. Make the most of Grandstand views on Friday, and use Saturday if you need to to scout out the circuit for the place you want to go for the race. And on race day, yes, early start if vital. i think gates open at 6am, we got there at 5am and it was already fairly long – and it was waaaay longer before anyone was allowed in. Then its a case of getting to your planned spot as quickly as possible, and staying there.
    Being in General Admission, definately make sure to bring a Folding Chair each – for both Saturday and Sunday – Sunday inparticular, as once you have a spot for the race, all that remains is to stay there, and so standing the whole time is not a great idea.


    @craig-o No worries! You also might want to investigate getting a cheap grandstand ticket like we have done (although I think the Early Bird offers have finished now, it still isn’t hugely more expensive than GA). It means you also have roving grandstand access for Saturday and don’t need to get up quite so early on Sunday. We have gone for Copse A which is covered meaning we will be slightly less exposed to the elements, again perhaps more important to us as we are taking children.

    Have fun investigating!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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