2013 British Grand Prix Awards

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    Best Driver:
    Worst Driver:
    Best Team:
    Worst Team:
    Best Overtake:
    Best Funny- moment:
    Most Surprising Result:
    Least Surprising Result:
    Special Mention to:
    Race Rating: /10

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter:
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter:
    Best Commentary moment:
    World feed rating: /10


    Best Driver: Hamilton- great pole, leading well, suffered misfortune, fought back
    Worst Driver: Button- was nowhere on pace
    Best Team: Mercedes
    Worst Team: Lotus
    Best Overtake:
    Best Funny- moment: Webber not knowing which country the next GP is in
    Most Surprising Result: Vettel DNF
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso podium
    Special Mention to: Rosberg, Vettel, Ricciardo, Di Resta, Sutil
    Race Rating: 5/10


    Best Driver: Mark Webber
    Worst Driver: Probably Button
    Best Team: Mercedes
    Worst Team: McLaren – they were poor here last year but crickey they were dreadful today
    Best Overtake: Alonso on Perez – purely for the speed of Alonso’s reactions
    Best Funny moment: Webber implying he wants to win on Vettel’s home turf at the Nurburgring, gonna miss him next season
    Most Surprising Result: Sebastian Vettel retiring – first gearbox issue in years, great moment though lol
    Least Surprising Result: Fernando Alonso in third – benefitted from the tyre problems but unsurprisingly hauls a dog of a car up into third
    Special Mention to: Rosberg of course, Hamilton for his comeback and Adrian Sutil
    Race Rating: 6/10


    Best Driver: Hamilton, honourable mention to Webber & Di Resta.
    Worst Driver: The Left Rear Tyre(s)
    Best Team: Mercedes
    Worst Team: Lotus for not pitting Kimi.
    Best Overtake:
    Best Funny- moment:
    Most Surprising Result: Vettel’s DNF
    Least Surprising Result: People pointing the finger of blame solely at Pirelli for the tyres
    Special Mention to: The Weather being nice, Rosberg for his win
    Race Rating: 9/10

    Antonio Nartea

    Best Driver: Webber – brilliant recovery race, one more lap and the win would have been his
    Worst Driver: Grosjean – for another hit & run and a mediocre run alltogether
    Best Team: Mercedes
    Worst Team: McLaren – apart from Button’s botched strategy, was that front right not fixed on Perez’s car when they pulled him back to the garage?
    Best Overtake: I’ll replace it with Best Battle and I’ll say Di Resta – Hamilton. Brilliant, even though the overtake per se was a DRS bore.
    Best Funny-moment: nothing stood out
    Most Surprising Result: Hamilton and Massa climbing back up in the top 6, Vettel’s DNF
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso grabbing a podium finish out of nothing again
    Special Mention to: Rosberg, Hamilton (I really feel bad for the guy), Di Resta (another race, another successful recovery run to grab points), Ricciardo (could have been higher, unlucky)
    Race Rating: 4/10

    World feed rating: 5/10 – I’ve counted three or four yellow flags not being covered by the feed, and that’s apart from the Gutierrez front wing thing or whatever it was. I almost had the impression they were trying to cover up other potential tyre blow-outs.

    Craig Woollard

    Best Driver: Hamilton – Fantastic pole and unlucky in the race, great recovery
    Worst Driver: Chilton.
    Best Team: Force India – Bar the hiccup with Paul’s weight they’ve been pretty much on it
    Worst Team: McLaren – back-to-back pointless races? Not good enough.
    Best Overtake: Raikkonen and Webber side by side into Copse
    Best Funny- moment: Sorry but Vettel’s gearbox going pop
    Most Surprising Result: Ricciardo putting his CV well and truly forward
    Least Surprising Result: McLaren being useless
    Special Mention to: Hulkenberg, Rosberg was solid, Webber, Massa, Sutil & Di Resta
    Race Rating: 9/10

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: watched BBC, DC was spot on most of the time
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: Suzi Perry just spent too much time eyeing up the pilots
    Best Commentary moment: Eddie being at Toto Wolff’s shoulderheight
    World feed rating: 7/10


    How is the best driver NOT Fernando Alonso? Salvaged 15 points in a car which was AT BEST the 5th overall.


    @a-flying-toilet – Massa also finished 6th, despite a puncture when running ahead of Alonso.

    Oli Peacock

    Best Driver: Hamilton – Was fastest when it mattered and fought back with some fiesty moves
    Worst Driver: Perez – Mistakes set his weekend and was comprehensibly beaten by his teammate in quali.
    Best Team: Mercedes – Tyre issues seem to be solved
    Worst Team: McL/FI/Lotus – All cost there drivers at one point throughout the weekend
    Best Overtake: Didn’t see many, but Alonso’s double cutback on Lap 1 at Brooklands/Luffield/Woodcote showed great race craft
    Best Funny- moment: Vettel retiring – The reaction was amazing in the grandstand I was in
    Most Surprising Result: Raikonnen – Lotus looked poor all weekend but was 2nd with only a handful of laps to go
    Least Surprising Result: Pirrelli’s tyres…
    Special Mention to: All in top 5 + Ricciardo + Force India drivers
    Race Rating: 8/10

    Best BBC/Sky commentator/presenter: At track
    Worst BBC/Sky commentator/ presenter: At track
    Best Commentary moment: At track
    World feed rating: 7/10


    Best Driver: Hamilton – Great pole lap and was comfortably leading when his tyre decided it had had enough. Great recovery to 4th as well.
    Worst Driver: Bottas – Was anonymous all weekend and outperformed by his teammate. Button was also pretty poor.
    Best Team: Mercedes – Looks like they are finally getting to grips with these tyres (pun not intended).
    Worst Team: McLaren – Keep hearing how they are supposedly making progress but it isn’t translating to on track results.
    Best Overtake: Hamilton on Di Resta.
    Best Funny- moment: The seemingly endless of hyping of Di Resta was fairly amusing, apart from that nothing really stood out.
    Most Surprising Result: Vettel’s DNF.
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso somehow making his way to the podium.
    Special Mention to: All of the podium finishers had solid races, and Massa was very unlucky to not get a better result as he was looking very strong in the race and did well to recover.
    Race Rating: 6/10


    Best Driver: Alonso — fast when it mattered to drag that car where it had no right to be. Again.
    Worst Driver: Button — wholly anonymous
    Best Team: Mercedes — could/should have had a 1-2
    Worst Team: Williams — no sign of improvement on the horizon
    Best Overtake battle: Hamilton vs Di Resta, neutered by DRS in the end
    Best Funny- moment: Webber’s comment on the podium
    Most Surprising Result: Mercedes winnin — thought they would fall back
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso on the podium
    Special Mention to: Force India — unlucky to miss out on big points
    Race Rating: 7/10


    Best Driver: Hamilton
    Worst Driver: Chilton
    Best Team: Red Bull
    Worst Team: Ferrari
    Best Overtake: di Resta/Hamilton
    Best Funny-moment: Webber’s ignorance on the 2013 season ;)
    Most Surprising Result: Alonso
    Least Surprising Result: Massa’s bad luck
    Special Mention to: Massa, Sutil, Raikkonen, Vettel, Webber, Rosberg
    Race Rating: 8/10


    Best Driver: Lewis Hamilton
    Worst Driver: Jenson Button
    Best Team: Mercedes
    Worst Team: McLaren
    Best Overtake: Webber on Raikkonen into copse
    Best Funny- moment: Vettel retires. Cruel I know.
    Most Surprising Result: Vettel’s DNF.
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso on the podium.
    Special Mention to: Nico Rosberg, Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, and Daniel Ricciardo.
    Race Rating: 8/10

    Oana Cambrea

    Best Driver: Webber
    Worst Driver: Grosjean. He just doesn’t learn…
    Best Team: Mercedes
    Worst Team: McLaren
    Best Overtake: Hamilton and Di Resta
    Best Funny- moment: –
    Most Surprising Result: Vettel’s dnf.
    Least Surprising Result: Alonso’s podium
    Special Mention to: Paul Di Resta, Felipe Massa, Ricciardo, Rosberg and Hamilton.
    Race Rating: 6/10


    Best Driver: Mark Webber – Unlucky at the start, fought back to an impressive P2
    Worst Driver: Van der Garde – Slowest basically all weekend, held up leaders a little.
    Best Team: Mercedes – Did everything right.
    Worst Team: Lotus – Threw away a certain podium position for Kimi and Grosjean also seemingly ran into trouble at the end.
    Best Overtake: Hamilton-Di Resta – pick any
    Best Funny- moment: none
    Most Surprising Result: In light of where everyone was after lap 1: Webber and Alonso 2nd and 3rd.
    Least Surprising Result: McLaren going from out of the points-into the points and finishing outside the points again.
    Special Mention to: Di Resta – yet again a storming drive from the back. Same goes for Hamilton and Massa.
    Race Rating: 8/10

    Best Commentary moment: Ronald van Dam and Robert Doornbos talking about Alonso’s earlier statements that ‘Vettel has to run into back luck sometime’, them saying ‘well, sometime, that can be this race, or when he already had reeled in the championship.’ Within seconds of closing up on that subject, Vettel retired.
    World feed rating: 8/10 – Apart from not showing Gutierez’ accident, leading to tyre speculation and the random shifts in focus during the last lap, as well as random shots of Perez, they were on top of the race today.

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