2018 Azerbaijan GP start time.

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    What do you think the local start time for next year’s edition of the Azerbaijan GP will be as it’s provisionally scheduled to take place in late-April rather than in June? The start time should be brought forward by an hour (2 hours would be even better) at the very least as the sunset times in Baku at that time of year occur at around 19:30 (approximately 45 minutes earlier than in late-June), so keeping 5 pm as the start time would mean that the race would start only about 2 and half hours before the sunset, which would be unnecessarily risky for a street circuit especially due to the high probability of several aspects that if occurring will delay any given race such as red flag stoppage, multiple safety car periods, etc. 3 pm would be even better as with the suggested 4 pm the race would start around 3 and half hours before the sunset, which would only be around 15 minutes more than with the 5 pm start time in late-June, so with 4 pm in late-April if the race happened to last little over two hours like this year it would end only about 23-25 minutes before the sunset, so any longer delay would make it even tighter with the sunset, so, therefore, it would be even better to bring it forward by two hours at once rather than just an hour.

    What do you guys think about this?

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