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    Agreed, the whole thing is just a bit pathetic.


    I’ve thought that too shaggymike, it’d certainly be an awkward situation.

    I personally don’t mind the girls standing on the grid, but on the walk up to the podium it’s just slightly surreal, and in the context arguably chauvanistic. If they want people there to clap, why not let some lucky fans in there? They could even pick out attractive female ones if they were THAT bothered, I mean who’s going to complain about sexism if they get the chance to get uber close to F1 drivers?

    Seriously though, something should be done, it’s a bit odd.

    sbl on tour

    zazeems, that is a fantastic idea about having fans there, (not the f1 paddock poseuers and hangers on, however, proper die hard fans) its that good an idea , that it will never happen!!!!


    I really fail to see the point of the girls to be honest. It’s a little tacky.

    ChrisP had a good idea in todays round-up…

    “Grid Grils should be removed and the role given to kids like the mascots in football. Something which shows the sport in a good light rather than like a grubby FHM.”

    I like that approach. Very much so.

    Alianora La Canta

    The parade to the podium looks and feels fake and I’m pretty sure it’s only in the last few years that it started. Introducing men into it wouldn’t make me feel any better about the whole thing as it’s obvious they’re paid to provide a hollow echo of what the drivers will experience on the podium anyway.


    Yes, as Andrew wrote, that idea by ChrisP the other day would be really great, it would be a bit like having young fans there, who would be genuinly enthusiastic to be there!

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