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    John H

    As a long time reader and contributor to this site, I decided to look back through my comments to see what rubbish I was spouting about a year ago out of interest. As predicted, most of my comments/predictions were way off the mark. However, the odd one sometimes comes true and so I am establishing this thread as a place to gloat about your own F1 predictions (on anything) that have come to pass and you wish to share with the gang.

    I’ll start off with my shameless gloat that I predicted Hamilton would move to Mercedes for 2013 back in November last year.

    I’m not naturally one to gloat, but I feel in some way I must let it be known that I had this thought almost a year ago and now it has happened. I’m interested to hear your F1 fanatic top gloats here… can you top this one? I challenge thee!! The more shameless the better!!



    I think this thread would be twice as fun if we also dragged up our old predictions that turned out to be hopelessly and utterly wrong :)


    @estesark – I’ve got plenty of those! (Hamilton should be driving for Williams by now!!)

    @John H – kudos :)


    I picked Alonso for WDC in 2011. Thought he’d be a runaway leader.


    I was disappointed I got this one right:

    F1 may be on free-to-air television in Britain at the moment but we cannot take for granted that will always be the case. […] Ecclestone would surely love a more lucrative TV deal with Sky to help pay the CVC bill.

    Why the UK government must protect live F1 broadcasts on free-to-air television


    I think you are well entitled to gloat John H, what makes your comment even better is the reply:

    Yeah and hell is gonna freeze over the same day Lewis signs with Mercedes.


    @Enigma Ah yes, I’d forgotten you were our inaugural Predictions Championship winner:

    SaloolaS is the 2009 F1 Fanatic Predictions Champion


    Back in March 2009…

    I can totally see Hamilton leaving McLaren at the end of 2012. Maybe to a younger team with a bit of potential, like Brawn perhaps. Lewis might not win another title for McLaren in the next three years or so and will probably get frustrated and will want a fresh start.

    Also, I think Ross Brawn should tap up Rosberg for next season too. I think Nico and Lewis would work well together in the future in 2013, which is four years away from me posting this and certainly not next year or anything.

    Wow, I really got that one right!…


    Date: October 2nd 2012!

    John H

    Wow @magnificent-geoffrey . I think you are by far leading this one now! It’s almost spooky your last paragraph… have you been travelling at 88mph lately?

    Here’s what could be my worst ever prediction, Piquet Jr. to win the Chinese GP 2008. What was I thinking!?

    John H

    “Thread control: gloating incident under investigation, invalid time stamp claim – user: magnificent-geoffrey!”


    @magnificent-geoffrey I really believed it… until the second paragraph. Then I started to laugh. Magnificent!


    “Thread control: gloating incident under investigation, invalid time stamp claim – user: magnificent-geoffrey!”

    Thread control has looked into this and decided to hand Hamilton a 5-place grid drop.


    In seriousness, I can’t find it but back when the question of Kimi going to Lotus was first raised, I said that I thought it was a mistake for Lotus to sign him and that I thought Kimi would be either rusty from his time away or not motivated enough to make it work.

    He’s proven me totally wrong.

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