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    This isn’t a huge thing to gloat about, but I remembered I made this prediction regarding Jenson Button before the Japanese Grand Prix:

    I’m expecting him to qualify third, start eighth, and work his way up to fourth. The podium might be just out of reach.

    And that was exactly what happened :o

    Felipe Bomeny

    I do believe I was the first on this site to predict Hülk to Sauber!! :)


    @Portugoose I noticed that, good call!

    Felipe Bomeny

    Once again, I think I was the first to predict Razia-to-Marussia (while everyone else was claiming that Petrov would replace Glock).


    I wouldn’t gloat yet. The one report saying it’s true isn’t the best source.

    Oli Peacock

    I passed BTCC driver Nick Foster in a charity kart race last night, why WSR hasnt signed me up yet, i do not know :P

    Ryan Williams

    I predicted van der Garde to get an F1 drive 3 months ago

    Van der Garde is almost certain to graduate to F1 next year


    Back in November I listed several drivers to reach F1 this year

    Went for Razia, Gutierrez, Chilton, Bianchi, Bird, van der Garde & Bottas.
    I feel all of these drivers have a realistic chance to progress to F1 based on their experience, talent and backing.

    Of these drivers, 4 (Gutierrez, Chilton, van der Garde & Bottas) have a confirmed seat for 2013, with a further 2 (Razia & Bianchi) likely to be racing in F1 this year too



    Well done if you get 6 out of 6 rookies!


    I coloured the 2012 Sauber in because I didn’t like their livery. It’s a bad job I did in what I believe may have only been MS Paint, but LOOK.

    rob lomas

    I’ve got 2 cousins in F1
    One of them (Nick) works for sauber at the moment and designs something important and the other (Nigel) started out at tyrell in the late 1970’s and worked his way up to chief engineer before moving to minardi in 1999 or 2000 and now works for torro rosso
    May explain why I am into f1 :D

    Aish Heydrich

    My awesome avatar. Done in a meagerly software called MS Paint.


    This is what I said eleven days ago in the 2.05 seconds article, regarding Red Bull taking risks during pit stops:

    Red Bull is going to ruin a pit stop sooner or later, and when they do, I’m sure same people who are fully supporting Red Bull’s pit stop policy (like the ones commenting on my posts today) will say: “Yeah, they had that coming. They should’ve been more careful.”

    Although Webber’s retirement wasn’t really a ‘crucial’ pit stop, it did cost them a potential haul of points.


    It is not really that exceptional but seven months ago, when New Jersey got postponed to 2014, I predicted that there would be 19 races on the calendar with a three week gap between Canada and Britain. And look what happened! Here is the full comment:

    I don’t know about the options that are possible to fill up the vacant spot on the calendar but here they are:

    Valencia: If Spain can afford to hold the race for one more year as the European GP, under the current arrangements, Valencia would be holding the Spanish GP in 2014, that means that before we will see Valencia off the calendar it will be 2015. This is unless they don’t postpone the alternation between the Spanish GP’s for one more year.

    Turkey: It would be an exciting prospect but doubt that it will be happening. The financial situation of the country isn’t good and holding another race there would probably be a financial disaster.

    France: Cannot see it happening until the government funds come to life.

    Other improbable possibilities:

    Germany: If Valencia does not host the European GP and the Nurburgring hosts the German GP, we could see the Hockenheimring on the calendar, but as all the other possibilities, needs serious financial backing to be able to hold a race for three consecutive races (considering 2012).

    Mexico: If Mexico is able to get the Autodromo Hermano Rodriguez up to today’s standards, I am sure it will be a great race but I doubt that they can renew everything in less than one year.

    Conclusion: I think the 2013 will have a 19 race calendar and with a possible three-week gap between Canada and Silverstone :(

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