Alguersuari’s “deal”?

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    Earlier on this year James Allen tweeted saying that Jaime had signed a deal to race next year, Alguersuari later confirmed this by tweeting that he had a deal signed for a team. Many speculated Sauber, however that has now gone out the window. With only two seats vacant in F1 it seems unlikely that JA is leading candidate for either of them. So what could both tweets have mean’t? Last I heard about JA, racing was that he and BMW, had come in contact for a seat in DTM.


    His mistake was that he was so public and confident in his statements,but everyone knows that until the team issues a statement,it’s only an option. So he might have misunderstood the answer from his management and therefore is in trouble now.


    @TheJudge I’m wondering if he did have a deal but it then got called off?


    Could well have been HRT expanding their Spanish connections and now left with nothing


    @Benh Alguersuari always said tihat HRT wasn´t at his level
    If I remember correctly the info was that he was close to a deal, not that he had a deal

    Jon Sandor

    That’s the life of the modern young F1 driver – you either move up or you move out. You’ve got a couple of seasons to show what you can do JA had two and a half but didn’t impress enough in that span.


    what do you exactly mean by the “2 seats”? i thought that 1 at Lotus, 1 at Force India, 1 at Caterham and 1 at Marussia is still to take. did i miss anything?
    i also hoped to see “Jamie” back in F1, but it’s the same with Sutil, Heidfeld, and i just can hope that Kovalainen and Kobayashi won’t join them as “unemployed”.


    Well Max Chilton is almost certainly going to Marussia. Grosjean is odds on for Lotus although it is a bit strange he hasn’t been confirmed as yet. I don’t think Di Resta has actually been confirmed for 2013 yet either, so although you imagine he’d be there there’s the two Force India seats and the one alongside Pic at Caterham. Given Caterham have Petrov, Kovalainen and Bruno Senna with his sponsorship vying for one seat I can’t see Alguersuari there.

    So basically Force India is his only realistic option, with Lotus as a long shot.


    I think Jaime shows whats wrong with the Red Bull driver program.

    Your thrown into an F1 race seat, In Jaime’s case before he was ready. Given x amount of time to impress in STR & even if you do well enough to show your good enough for F1 (Which I believe he did) your then moved aside, losing all your backing which then makes it hard for you to land a ride in another F1 team or a team in another series.

    Algersuari struggled in late 2009 due to a lack of F1 experienced, Had a decent rookie season in 2010 & showed a lot of improvement through 2011 & Many in the F1 paddock/Media praised him through 2011.

    He may not have been “The next Vettel” but he was certainly more than good enough to deserve a seat in F1 & to have retained his seat at STR.


    He seemed like a total tool anyways. Not paticularly quick. Arrogant beyond his level, read about him being a DJ and how much that meant to him. Should stick to that. I was a DJ for ten plus years so I don’t look down at him for that, but he was talking about this while he was on Toro Rosso. Should have just concentrated on F1.


    Merry Christmas says Jaime, along with this…
    and this:
    Something like “Now I expect a difficult year but promising once more full of competition”

    Is “me espera” I expect or I hope? And “a difficult year”… that’s an odd way to describe Force India.



    I wasn’t expecting him to make a deal with Caterham thats for sure.

    Ben Furtula

    @AndrewT There is only 3 seats left:
    2 at Force India though everyone is 99% sure that di Resta will be at Force India next year,
    Adrian Sutil or Jules Bianchi is expected to sign at Force India,
    Lotus retained Romain Grosjean for the 2013 season on Monday and Marrusia promoted Max Chilton to a race seat on Wednesday. The only seat left is 1 Caterham to partner Charles Pic, Who will partner him?


    @raikkonen25 I expect Bianchi and Petrov for the remaining seats.

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