Alonso and Kimi swapping seats?

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    Force Maikel

    That would be the surprise of the year really but would Alonso really leave his beloved Ferrari team (even in these dark days) for a team which is obviously having its issues. Boullier says it himself: “If Fernando knocks on my door, I will answer it. I just hope that I can pay for it!”

    I higly doubt this could actually happen.


    Alonso has said many times he wants to end his career at Ferrari. Ferrari are in a better position than Lotus heading into the new regulations (and Lotus just lost their star designer). Assuming he’s not getting kicked out of Ferrari I cant see any reason he would leave.


    Interesting, but unlikely methinks. As @George said, Alonso wants to end his career at Ferrari and he has got his feet under the table nicely. The cost of terminating Alonso’s contract with Ferrari may also be prohibitive for the cash strapped boys from Enstone, though if I’m reading between the lines in that article correctly the push for this would be from Renault/Total, so presumably they’d bankroll any such deal.

    I loved this quote at the end of the article:

    “”We all have plans and backup plans,” said Eric Boullier. When asked simply ‘Kimi or Nico?’ the Frenchman answered: “Good question.””


    This is far from over, that’s the only thing that’s guaranteed!!


    As Adam Cooper recently pointed out, “it’s worth remembering that it’s dangerous to second guess what Alonso might do”.

    That said, it doesn’t make sense. Raikkonen is leaving Lotus because the team cannot “get things sorted”, namely, their financial situation is still not secured. Why would Alonso, whose only goal is to win the world championship, join a team that probably won’t even be fighting for race wins next year?

    Moreover, Alonso’s recent statements don’t indicate that he’s even thinking about leaving Ferrari. It might happen some day but I don’t think he’ll jump ship as early as 2014.

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