Alonso on Spanish TV last night

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    Any idea what’s being said here?



    Wish I knew spanish. There looks like there is a decent amount of Hamilton trashing going on here.


    Spot on, a bit of Hamilton bashing going on here.

    Host – Would you go with Hamilton to the bumper cars? Would you trust him?

    Alonso – I go every Sunday…

    You got admit, that’s a pretty good response from Alonso.


    I liked when asked if the rivalry between them was real or part of the ‘show’ and Alonso said that they were real. He was then asked if they were also friends and he said I have better friends than Ham in the pits. The presenter then asks if he would invite him to dinner and Alo says he’s not someone I would invite to my birthday. It’s all very light hearted and good fun (not unlike top gear). I understand Spanish better from South America than Spain.


    It’s nice to see Alonso so light-hearted instead of having to play the game of F1 PR like on the weekends. From what I’ve seen of Alonso and what I’ve heard him say, he genuinely thinks of Hamilton as his rival but it’s McLaren he actually dislikes.


    First they take about the rivalry between Alonso and Massa and Alonso says “I hate Massa he is always slowing me down and he is a little cry baby.”

    Then they talk about Monza and Alonso says “my car was 100km/h faster than everybody elses”.

    Then they talk about 2011 and Alonso says “I will be very fast so Massa better get out of the way”.

    Right at the end, Alonso gets asked “what has been the most beautiful win of your career and Alonso responds “Germany 2010, it was a very good weekend for everyone at Ferrari… except Massa”.

    I could be completely wrong because I do not know spanish.


    @Karan01 – That made me laugh :)


    Karan01 you ara a joker, not serious.

    Alonso never said that, perhaps he tougth it but never will express.

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