Alonso’s radio message in qualifying at Monza

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    There are questions over exactly what Alonso said to Ferrari in Italian during Q3 at Monza. Here’s a soon-to-be-erased by FOM video clip:


    This has been translated by some as follows:



    However some insist Alonso was not calling his team “stupid” but was (presumably sarcastically) calling them “geniuses”:


    In any language he was clearly unimpressed. If anyone else out there speaks Italian and can offer a view, please do.


    With members of the Ferrari family there, Montezemolo and with the recent comments on wanting another car, I think Fernando has a lot of explaining to do to Ferrari. Regardless of his flawless PR talk now, he is digging his own grave; this time without the weaponry he had at McLaren in 2007.

    I love Fernando as a driver, but he needs to follow a couple of etiquette lessons, rather than samurai books..

    Force Maikel

    I already said it in the Vettel takes pole article and I will say it again here. It was probably a heat of the moment thing but that doesn’t make it a right thing to say. It’s time Alonos has a good look in the miror and questions himself as a person. What he did today has reminded me why there was a tim I really didn’t like him. I thought he had outgrown such things by know. Clearly not. Let’s see how the next days pan out shall we.


    To be precise he said: “Quindi c’è da lasciarlo passare… veramente.. siete dei scemi, eh… mamma mia ragazzi”.
    The problem is that “dei scemi” is grammatically wrong. The correct form would be “degli scemi” but he certainly does not say that.
    In conclusion are two options:
    1) he used the wrong preposition perhaps because he is Spanish
    2) he said ironically “siete dei geni” (form grammatically correct, geni=geniuses)

    From the survey of “gazzetta.it” the first option seems to be more accepted (70%).
    I am Italian but frequently follow this interesting blog. Please excuse my poor English.

    Gebraden Kip

    Here’s a huge disclaimer: I don’t speak Italian. Or Spanish.

    But it seems to me that the “him” Alonso is referring to is Ricciardo, and that he is blaming the team for letting him pass. This is something entirely different from the first translations that made it sound that Alonso was talking about Massa and the team letting Massa go: i.e. firing Massa or not extending his contract.


    Kip, maybe he was blaming RICCIARDO, but the problem is that depend in waht you heard (believe?) he either call Ferrari “idiots” or “genious” in a sarcastic way. In the Ferrari temple of Monza. No matter how you spin it looks bad…


    Let’s be honest, while the message certainly comes across as a bit rude its not the first time that a driver has vented his frustration at his team. It does seem to be a heat of the moment reaction.

    However I don’t like how he’s not trying to pussyfoot around the whole thing and pretend it never happened with his ‘I’m happy with qualifying’ tweets and his praising of Massa to SkySports. He’s trying to mend the situation by ignoring it. He has every right to be angry, but then to pretend he wasn’t is very silly and makes him look even worse.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    When can I buy the t-shirt?

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