Alternative history: the 2010 championship without misfortune

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    I do not count tactical decission, because they can either turn out good or bad. Misfortune are things out of your control. That’s also stated in the intro ;)


    A great read!


    “So even in his strongest year, Webber still had to (mostly) rely on luck to get as far as he did.”

    Why do you call it luck?? I see it as consistency and cool headed! Engine failures can´t be controlled but crashing into your teammate could´ve been avoided… Anyways… it´s your opinion… but i find it funny that Vettel losing out on those points is bad luck according to you but, if Webber misses out on those points it´s because he is a poor driver…. funny isn´t it!


    With Vettel in 2010, the incidents which were his fault wern’t bad luck, but when he beats Webber despite the incidents he had, it doesn’t look good on Webber. 2011 for me showed the true difference between the two drivers, it showed to me that Vettel is clearly in another class to Mark Webber.


    Exactly, Webber wouldn’t have been near Vettel come the final race had they both had good reliability. Vettel didn’t do anything to endear himself to me that year, but he certainly deserved it in spite of his two rather large errors.


    There seem to be a few instances of drivers being credited with their actual finishing position in spite of a driver ahead of them being ‘reinstated’ – Webber and Hamilton in AUS, Button in ESP and HUN, and Alonso in TUR. Also, you seem to have credited Button with 5th in Korea, when his failure to score was (I believe) his own ‘doing’.

    By my calculations, one ends up with:

    Vettel 319
    Hamilton 255
    Webber 248
    Alonso 231
    Button 221

    Looking forward to the other years!


    thanks for the writeup. I share your oppinion on most of it. Vettel definitly deserved that championship. Also Hamilton did quite good, better than his results showed.


    Engine failures can´t be controlled

    Which is why it’s considered bad luck to suffer an engine failure.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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