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    We’ve had topics on the best F1 quotes that warm your heart but what about those quotes that just get your goat? Or ones that just seem so ridiculous?

    Senna’s “if you no longer go for a gap you’re no longer a racing driver” is one that gets me.

    Mansell saying that Schumacher lucked into 3 or 4 titles due to the superiority of the Ferrari made my jaw drop and eyes pop out of my head. Clearly he forgot his own title winning season.

    I remember last year quite a few people were uncomfortable when Fernando claimed that Valencia was “a manipulated race”.

    So what infamous interviews can you think of?

    Red Andy

    Senna’s “if you no longer go for a gap you’re no longer a racing driver” is one that gets me.

    Indeed, especially as Senna said that in response to questions over his collision with Prost at Suzuka in 1990 – long before he admitted that it was intentional.

    “[something] is faster than you” is still not funny.

    One that would have been annoying, if it wasn’t so funny, was Lewis Hamilton before the 2008 Hungarian GP: “No one overtakes me around the outside.” What happened at the first corner of the race? Massa overtook him around the outside.

    For another controversial statement by Alonso, he also said he didn’t consider F1 to be a sport anymore, after he was penalised for daring to drive a kilometre or so ahead of a Ferrari in qualifying.

    But the most annoying quote of all (in recent years anyway) has to be Tony Fernandes’ “The good always win.” Having cynically disregarded the wishes of the Chapman family when they stopped agreeing with him, I think he forgoes the privilege of being called “the good.”


    I agree mostly with Steph, the Senna quote annoys me, just because Senna said it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Also anyone who claims that Schumacher didn’t deserve X out of 7 championships annoys me.

    Just about everything Christian Horner says annoys me, I don’t know why, it just does. He is especially rubbish at defending his team when he needs to.


    I like the Senna quote, in a “lol Senna” sort of way – not exactly the same as Polonius’s “Brevity is the soul of wit” or Iago’s “Who steals my purse steals trash, etc” but a branch off the same tree. It’s a lovely (if disingenuous) statement. The way I see it trotted out recently, though, grates – it seems like the people who use it either are ignoring history or have an underdeveloped (or maybe insanely overdeveloped?) sense of irony. In any case, it doesn’t do Lewis any favors.

    There’s every chance I’ll feel the same way about “Maintain the gap, [person]” by the end of the year as I do about “[something] is faster than you” now.


    ‘For sure’

    Vettel’s “magic button” description (or derision?) of KERS in 2009

    Andrea Stella ‘that’s really unfair’ after Hamilton’s penalty in Valencia. Ferrari and fairness? Please. Worse than the manipulated race comment, which was just hilarious coming before Hockenheim…


    Ahahaha for sure “for sure” is one of the most annoying!


    Hamilton’s quote about the WDC from not too long ago. “A different guy is winning it every year, so it holds less value for me because other people have won � but having two or three, that’s a nice feeling. That would say something.�

    I would say it holds more value, I just think he is mad that someone seems to be claiming it before he does.


    For sure!! I wonder why F1 people don’t use surely instead! just joking.

    I have to agree with dpod’s opinion. It was the most annoying comment of the year. also It’s good to know how he thinks. certainly he believe more titles and wins will prove his talent. It’s easy to know he will go for break for a while too :D


    Nothing annoys me more than Jenson’s excuses for being slow… “We couldn’t find the right balance all weekend… blah blah blah” & “I just couldn’t find enough grip.. blah blah blah”

    The guy has used these two excuses over a 100 times in his career, and I’m surprised that reporters asking the question don’t burst into laughter every time they hear it.

    Christian Horner’s defense of his hypocrisy annoys me as well.. its never a convincing argument, but he will still be smug enough to believe he is right.


    The obvious choice is “for sure” used by every driver.

    I recently finished reading Nigel Mansell’s interview in the current issue of F1 Racing, and I dislike quite a lot of things he says in that interview.

    “I made the 1992 car quick” – did you now Nigel?!

    “Jenson is more mature than Lewis” – well he is older

    I just don’t like interviews with Nigel, he loves to talk about himself. Having said all this I do love him! ha. He’s just absolutely full of himself.

    Another thing that is annoying is when Webber takes a deep breath before answering a tough question.


    Everything Mansell has ever said. Mainly about F1 being so tough back when he was racing and the title not meaning anything now.


    “Guesstimate” The sin of all those in F1. Its probably used so much by now that Oxford have stuck it in the dictionary.

    and any mumbojumbo that Vettel comes out with over the radio when he wins a race, its like he knows we’re going to hear it and that we’re going to think its really deep and philosophical when its really just turd.


    Have to agree with Mansell being annoying. He is just far to arrogant for my liking and would do far more good by not saying anything since he is always going to end up talking about how great he is.


    after every tyre locking: “His tyre will be like a fifty pence piece now”

    eurgh! it annoys me every time

    and anything from Kimi Raikkonen too


    People who say “I hate that finger…”

    People who use “…is faster than you” or “Maintain the gap”.

    Just about everything Jacques Villeneuve and Nigel Mansell have ever said.

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