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    I seem to remember Jake Humphrey’s saying something like ‘Don’t worry F1 fans the BBC will bee keeping the entire race calendar free to air’ or was that just my imagination. If so this must be the most annoying quote ever, from any part of the F1 paddock


    Yes, I have a feeling Jake’s gonna be extra annoying this weekend.


    To the best of my reccolection, the “skid pad” is made from a material called JABOK.

    I remember all the discussion about it when Schumacher was disqualified in Spa in 94 when it was found to have too much worn off it.


    I agree with S.J.M.

    Vettels attempts at sounding deep and philosophical after some of him wins are pathetic. On the subject of Vettel I wish someone would grab hold of that finger he waves in everyones faces and break it!

    I also don’t like the way Webber speaks in some interviews. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it but he sometimes speaks to the interviewer as if he’s speaking to someone who doesn’t understand English well – he kind of changes his accent and dumbs down the language – I find it very odd and annoying.


    Some times when Niki Lauda speaks his mind. Hamilton saying these drivers are ridiculous, stupid. Hamilton about the value of the championship these days. Barrichello lamenting and promising he’ll be WDC next year (and win in Brazil too). Alonso on many of his “I’m persecuted, the race is manipulated ” moments.


    Jenson Button – “I have no grip”. Everytime I hear that, I just want to strangle him until his head pops off. Same for Lewis Hamilton and whenever he complains about the car being undriveable in some way or another.


    Referring to teams’ origins (e.g. Mercedes/Brawn/Honda/BAR/Tyrrell, FI/Spyker/Midland/Jordan) as “DNA”. At Monza I think Eddie Jordan even used DNA to describe a driver’s previous few seasons in other categories.


    Definitely agree with the Vettel thing. And I’m probably in the minority who don’t like Vettel for being excitable and having a sense of humour- I find most of his jokes fairly childish and often toilet-humour based. Enthusiasm is good, but I just find him a bit irritating, even before he started destroying everybody this year!

    Alonso denying that there was anything wrong with his Singapore victory and not even pretending that the win doesn’t have any meaning.

    Just about anything Max Mosely ever said on any subject other than safety. Same for Bernie for the most part.

    Antony Butler


    I never realised Brundle said “Look but never Stare” I thought he said “Look but never steer” And it always completely baffled me. I do agree its very very annoying though.


    I hate it every time EJ talks about “the mix.” Or when he’s trying to explain something camber.

    Jake: Just explain to us what toe in again is, Eddie? (after Eddie has been blabbering about toe in)

    EJ: You can have toe in or toe out.

    Actually most of what EJ says. Having said that I actually agree with EJ at times; being a bit of a cynic myself


    ‘Thanks Lee.’ Anything that cuts into her screen time is a travesty in my opinion.


    “X is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?”

    Those jokes are officially not funny anymore.

    Alianora La Canta

    So are “X is Yer than you” jokes. F1 needs a new meme…


    Yes. I vote for PERFECTE-PASTA.

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