Anyone going to the pre-season tests in Barcelona?

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    Greg Kingston

    I’ve been to Jerez for the past two years (still disappointed that Jerez won’t be used this year) and will be going to the Barcelona second test this year. @KeithCollantine was kind enough to let me write up my experiences last year – http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2015/02/13/watch-f1-testing/ – and I just wondered if anyone was planning to go to this year’s tests?


    I’m going to the first test and will then stay a bit longer in Barcelona to explore. Unfortunately the week of the first test coincides with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona so accommodation prices are sky high.

    I went last year and thoroughly recommend it. You get access to the circuit that most people wouldn’t get on a race weekend, and drivers seem more relaxed and visible.

    If you can afford it, it’s worth getting a VIP package at a fraction of the normal cost. We were directly above the Ferrari garage so could see behind the top-secret barriers the team had erected (and were desperately trying to keep up in the windy weather) to hide the car.


    Going to the second Barcelona test, return flights £66 from Bristol and a hotel in nearby Mollet for £34 per night seemed really good value.

    I went last year and in 2013 and really enjoyed it, you have access around pretty much all the circuit and most of the grandstands. The circuit sits in a natural bowl so viewing is great, ideal for photography and filming, far better than Silverstone.

    If you take a trip into Barcelona itself it’s well worth taking a walk around the picturesque old 1970’s Grand Prix Circuit in Montjuic park. It really is mind-blowing to imagine Jim Clark, Graham Hill, JYS, James Hunt, Niki Lauda and Tom Pryce racing around such a track at upwards of 160 mph, although you do get a few odd looks if you sit in the middle of the road to get a drivers’ eye view.

    Emilio Robles

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in the F1 Fanatic Forum, as I couldn’t resist to write something after reading how much people is disappointed for not using Jerez this year (I’ve been there the past two years too).

    After a great experience there in Cádiz I was planning to go to Barcelona for either the first or the second week of testing. I’ve some questions to be asked, so I’d appreciate if somebody who had gone to Barcelona testing in the past could answer any of them.

    1 – I’ve read in some blogs that with a let’s say “standard ticket” you have access to grandstands E, F, J and K (in the east area) and G, C y H (in the stadium). Does anybody know if the zone of the inside of turn 1 (which also allows you to see the exit of turn 5) is avaliable for people with this kind of ticket? If that’s the case, how can you make it to that area? Is it possible to cross the bridge at the exit of turn 5 or do you have to cross a tunnel? Are there any other areas (that I didn’t mention, grandstand N for instance) where you can go?

    2 – Another point of concern are the schedules. I read “standard ticket” covers the access to the circuit and grandstands from 10:00 to 13:15h. Does anyody know if this is correct? In Jerez you could stay in the circuit until May if you wanted to.

    3 – Prices. I’d be interested to know how much do tickets cost. I didn’t know there were VIP packages, so thanks F1antics for that. It’s always worth to consider all the options especially the ones that go with a recommendation.

    Thank you very much and sorry for the number of questions in this my first message.


    Yes the turn 5 bridge is open, you have access to the inside of turn 1 around the glass building and up to the beginning of turn 3.

    I’ve not come across this 10:00 to 13:15 access time but last year the circuit was open from at least 08:00 to past 18:00.

    The standard ticket prices are €15 on weekdays and €20 on Saturday and Sunday.

    Emilio Robles

    Ok, thank you Jack for your prompt reply.

    Greg Kingston

    @F1antics – I’m looking for VIP passes as I type! They seem to vary hugely in cost and scope – I really just want to get into the paddock again for one of the days.

    Emilio – just fyi the circuit will be selling tickets for testing on their website one month before the testing starts. Jerez was really busy on the days that Alonso was testing, with some people in queues for hours. I’m sure Barcelona will be the same so I highly recommend getting a ticket in advance if you can.


    This is the company we used, who I’d highly recommend, who host pre-season hospitality at Barcelona. They have a box overlooking the pitlane, with good views down to the garages and also back over the paddock. You can access the roof for a good view of the circuit. We were given paddock passes (for a limited time, but enough to spot several drivers). We were also taken on a drive round the edge of the circuit while the cars were on track. I don’t know if they can guarantee paddock passes; it’s worth checking with JDC first.


    Mick Nicholson

    If am going to the 2nd test. I will be there for all 4 days so is it worth getting an annual pass? Cannot go to the GP though.

    Greg Kingston

    I think the annual pass is great value if you’re also planning on attending some of the race events – MotoGP is there in June as well.

    If you’re just going for F1 testing then I would say no – stick with day passes.


    If it’s as cheap as people are saying, I’m gonna have to go too!!


    Hi guys…is JDC Promotions the only company selling paddock/garage area passes?

    Tom C

    I went to Jerez in 2014. First time I’d ever heard/seen an F1 car. At the time I thought the V6 sounded delightful due to the lack of ambient crowd noise to cover it. I’ve since heard a V8 at ROC, but I’m excited to hear them again, 2 years on.

    I’m going to the second test for 2 days this time around, all coming in at under £200.

    My partner is Irish so I’m flying Birmingham-Dublin-Barca-Birmingham

    We’re staying in Barcelona City will take the train to Montmelo and a Sagales bus service to the circuit.

    I’m very excited.

    Small transport tip to those without cars, there is a T10 Integrated Travel Card.
    T10 standing for 10 Single trips. These can be used on all bus, train, metro services, and can be used by more than one person.

    It’s 20 Euro for a ticket covering 2 zones (City is Zone 1, Circuit is Zone 2), but it will cover you for a train to and from the airport, trains to Montmelo and buses to and from the circuit. Also, you have the convenience of carrying card around instead of separate tickets.

    I’ve never been to Catalunya before, my one query: where do I enter the circuit? There are a few buses that run to the circuit from Montmelo train station, but they vary wildly in terms of destination stop.

    Thanks guys

    Greg Kingston

    @Ty – hospitality is being offered up by some of the teams but it is expensive. Red Bull is something like €700 for a day.

    Bradley Downton

    I’ve been looking at going to testing for the last two years, but if I was going to go I’d have to do it properly and get something with paddock access. Presumably there is something that gives you entitlement to wander around the paddock during the day?

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