Anyone going to the pre-season tests in Barcelona?

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    Greg Kingston

    Bradley – you need to go down the hospitality route for paddock access, and even then it will be guided supervised.


    hi im heading out for the first 3 days of 1st test! i also have been out too jerez the last couple of years as well as barca gp last 4 years and i still have a couple of questions of my own.
    1. where can i find out which drivers are testing each day?
    2. i saw above about shuttle buses running from montmelo to circuit. i was under impression from barca tourism site there was none so if i could get more details that would be great.
    3. last year the circuit went “dry” and were very strict and conferscating alcohol upon entry with bag searches etc. does anyone know if their more relaxed for testing!

    im flying return from liverpool £50 and staying on the coast all inc £95 bargin 🤗

    help and advice on above much appricated x


    Hi. I’ve been to Circuit Cat for testing in 2008, 2009 and 2010 so my answers might be out of date.

    1. You’ll probably find out next week about who’s driving when, but if you get there for three consecutive days then you’ll certainly be able to see all drivers as they usually either drive day 1&3 (or 2&4) or day 1&2 (or 2&4). [It’s getting unclear…]

    2. I don’t know about shuttle buses from my experience, we used to walk through the town to the circuit itself, it takes between 20 minutes to half an hour. But since, things might have changed and I hope you can find buses if needed.

    3.For testing I don’t remember if they are particularly cool or not regarding bag ownings, in 2009 we even brought our own pasta meal in a box filled with blunt knifes and forks. They may be more strict over alcohol as the circuit sells it in beer stands.

    I know it might have not helped you Vickie, enjoy your week in Montmelo while I’ll be working :)

    Greg Kingston

    I’m not sure about shuttle buses – never seen those before.

    They’re a little strict on alcohol – you can take it in but they may insist you remove the tops of the bottles, preventing you from taking lots of bottles into the circuit.

    Im not going until the second week, so perhaps someone from the first test can post an update on logistics and other things back here?


    Not long now :) For week 1, I’m doing one day of hospitality (Wednesday) followed by one day standard entrance (Thursday), in the hope of seeing most of the drivers.

    I’m assuming there’ll be food on sale, with standard entrance?

    And has anyone taken a guided tour, on a test day? They seem to be selling out fast.


    Shuttle services is only for GPs not testings


    Apologies to Keith if he’s already posted it here on f1fanatic, but here’s a link to who’s driving when during the first week of testing:



    hi all

    have completed day 1 of testing! can feedback what i found out!

    1st and a biggy!

    transport: get your self to montmelo station. from here you can catch the number 510 bus heading to granolles it costs 2.15 euros single. keep an eye out the windscreen for sori discau (spelt wrong) big supermarket chain depot or viena cafe (4/5mins)! cafe do paninis etc 3-6 good for breakfast. from here short walk uphill to gate 3 of circuit behind main grandstand x return trip from opp side of road! buses run approx every 30 mins

    2. Yes they are searching bags for alcohol glass and tin.

    3. beer in circuit is now stated as alcohol free. sml 4 euro, med 8 euro, lrg 11/12 euro. piggin rip off. soft drinks 3-4 euros can is opened for you! if you buy a bottle they keep the cap! so take tops with you to use.

    thats all i can think of at moment any other questions etc that i can get answers for let me know im there till wed so can find out

    hope this helps


    Greg Kingston

    For those who attended the first test, can you report how much busier the circuit was on days when Alonson was in the car? Jerez used to be pretty quiet on other days, and was then packed to the rafters when he was driving.

    Colin Logan

    Hi new to the group.

    Been last year and this year to Barcelona for the First Test.

    This year went for the full week, totally mad fan of the Testing.

    Flights, for 2 return 128 Euros, Hotel 150 Euros, Hire Car 24 Euros and tickets for the testing 190 Euros this included Pit / Paddock access.

    Add it up and you know being in the Circuit from 8AM each morning and leaving at 7:30 / 8PM each night, was the best way to enjoy.

    Over and this is the mad mad bit. 6,200 Photos taken over the 4 days. Yep you did read that bit right.

    Have Zoom lens will take photos and boy did i take photos.

    Who did I meet, Lauda, Arrivabene, Massa, Bottas, Button, both Nico’s, Vettel and Kevin. Oh yes was seen during the Horner interview on day 1 on Sky F1. Well part of me was LOL. Oh yes the hotel did not bother staying in Barcelona, but 6 KMs from the track, was great had 10 Ferrari mechanics staying in it, so plenty to talk about if you find yourself in the lift with them. Not a talkative bunch.

    Bring your own food as the burgers are cold, the beer weaker than rain water. Access to whole track, never did so much walking and climbing steps looking for the best view.

    If you have never been, plan to go, and dont be afraid of a crowd, in total each day you are looking at around 200 to 300 people turning up to watch and believe me there is room for another 200,000 each day.

    As for the days Alonso was driving, well no, was not packed, no extra there watching.

    Top Tip, if your a McLaren Fan, bring a Deck Chair, as you can leave it for the team to us again this season. The car sounds horrible, the smoothest engine was Ferrari.

    The fastest tyre, the Purple Ultra Soft.

    Will be going back next year too, so cheap its a crime not too.

    PS:Was travelling from N Ireland so flights via Ryan Air from Dublin.


    We were there on a non-Alonso day last week, so I can’t comment on crowds, but I agree with Colin (above) that it would be hard to imagine it ever getting crowded. It’s very quiet, with a few people scattered around each grandstand. It’s a great opportunity to work out the sightlines for different seats/grandstands or even for scoping out good places for general admission.

    Even without paddock access you can see familiar faces. Paddy Lowe wandered along the length of the pitlane, and Ted Kravitz seemed to be everywhere :) I had access to paddock passes via JDC (who have a pit box) and saw several drivers and team managers. It would have been easy to get into camera shot with so many interviews going on.

    The weather was glorious so there was plenty of running. The sound of the cars this year is loud enough to make conversation difficult, but I didn’t need earplugs.

    We stayed at the Mercure, just across the valley. Our room had a distant view of the circuit, and you could see and (with the windows open) hear the cars from there. We mainly saw McLaren and Renault team members at the hotel, but I was told there were more. They looked exhausted.

    Trains from the airport to Montmelo and Granollers run every half hour and cost around 4 euros for a single fare. There were plenty of taxis at Montmelo and I imagine a taxi to the circuit (based on the cost to our hotel) would cost less than 15 euros on test days.

    It is a wonderful experience, and a great opportunity to get back up to speed with F1 after the long winter break.

    Greg Kingston

    Great, thanks for the updates Colin and F1antics. Time to catch the flight and join the party!

    Greg Kingston

    A few pictures from yesterday https://www.flickr.com/photos/gregkingston/albums/72157665203772401

    Just about to arrive at the circuit for hopefully another good day.

    Greg Kingston

    A brief video of the different engine sounds here:

    More photos uploaded now too, from Day 3 of testing:
    Valtteri Bottas

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